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  1. Thoughts on One Piece World Seeker? The 67% discount for Deluxe Edition is very tempting.

  2. :shakefist:


    1. xZoneHunter


      Definitely a guilty pleasure game :giggle:

  3. OH... A TWEWY anime? Wonder how they are going to adapt those boss battles...

    1. RedRodriguez87


      Somethin' tells me that, one or two moments aside, it's mostly gonna be of cashgrab quality, with no real surprises or changes. And should any of those two slip in somehow, there's a 90% it's just going to infuriate preexisting fans.

    2. JaM


      *Ace Attorney Anime flashbacks*

  4. [Patapon 2] My greatest archnemesis, we meet again!!!



    1. JadedDragos


      I miss playing those games.

  5. After years of waiting. It's finally here!!!

    Been a while since I used my 3DS xD

    1. Thrintus


      That's canon, right? I've always wanted them to come to the PSVita. :(

    2. JaM


      If the Dancing ones were canon = Long Nose Song is Canon = Persona Q universe is canon xD I think the Q ones are spin off with the youll forget these stuffs when this is over plot.


      Same, been wanting for the game to be ported on Vita or even on PS4. Well, Ace Attorney and 999 made it in PSN so there is a glimmer of hope.


      At least I don't fully regret getting 3DS for now.

  6. :shakefist:


    Does anyone has spare discount code for US PSN? xD

    1. damon8r351


      You will never know why, but your status about your PSN purchase makes me the happiest I will be this morning. And not for the reasons you think it might.

  7. [Dissidia NT]Seriously? Snow?? Yikes. Time to finally delete this game I guess.

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    2. KaiserVendrix


      Caius is the most emo? Are we all forgetting Seymour? Destroy the world and kill everyone so he can end all they’re suffering. Then we have everyone’s favourite Sephiroth! Find out he was credited so he wants to blow up the world! Then there is that fact where he wants to be with he’s mother every 5 seconds  Nothing emo about them at all...


    3. Dr_Mayus


      Oh Sephiroth is pretty bad but I just found Caius whining to be the worst...well maybe tied with Shuyin.


      Give me Kefka any day of the week. He just wanted to see the world burn because the colours would be fun :)



      Seymour was just to pathetic of a boss to be taken seriously. I mean he just kept trying and failing over and over and over I put him alongside Ultros as an effective antagonist 



    4. DamagingRob


      @LucianaRosethorn I really need to get around to playing it. :lol: Figured I'd play it sometime last year, after highly enjoying 13-2. But never did..

  8. [Operation Abyss] Huh... I think I hate this game xD I think this is the first Dungeon Crawler I've played where I need to google every mission because the game's clues are very vague. Need the power of Rant in PSNP atm. I dunno what the heck I am doing wrong in Kagura District. I am stuck for hours now in this area.

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Yeah OA is not the best dungeon crawler to play. I recommend Demon Gaze, Demon Gaze II, and Mary Skelter Nightmares. Those are by far my fav 1st-person dungeon crawlers.

    2. JaM


      Here's the thing, I really thought that I've bought Demon Gaze II, turns out, it is Operation Abyss xD Loved Demon Gaze, I have a bit of different opinion I guess with Mary Skelter and I am excited to play DGII, I want to get over with OA asap xD


      And of course the ranting in PSNP worked. xD

    3. Dragon-Archon


      Ranting on PSNP usually does the trick :D . Sucks about DGII, I hope you still buy it one day.

  9. Been seeing it in sale couple of times... Guess time to ask: Yooka-Laylee, buy or pass?


  10. Finally.Pooh!!! It is just all I've been waiting. Guess I am now on hype train...


    1. LuciaRosethorn


      Oh god, one of the worst things about the games. 

    2. RedRodriguez87
  11. [Dissidia NT] I'll admit, this is pretty tempting...


    1. Myu


      It's always tempting to beat Kefka's ass :D

  12. 1 year, 2 months? o.O Not fun post game?

    1. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      the epilogue was quite good. I took 2 giant breaks when getting all the trophies. First was because I got burned out from playing it too soon CS1. The second was because I beat the game on normal and didn'

      ... and didn't want to jump immediately into nightmare new game plus

  13. [Dissidia NT] I love FFXII but really? Vayne? wished that Gabranth returned instead... :|

    1. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      They're eventually going to bring back everyone who was playable in the previous games, just not for now apparently.

    2. JaM


      Really? thought they will only have 6 DLC characters...

  14. Make this happen.. or else...:shakefist:



  15. Hmmm.. Obviously a noob q... NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Trilogy really have the first three UNS game right??? Also, Is there even a con in getting the Trilogy than buying the games separately?

    The pricing in the PS store is a bit weird for me. O.o


    P.s. The game doesn't contain fillers right???

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    2. JaM


      Thanks... Will get the bundle then...^_^

    3. Dragon-Archon


      The first game is different compared to Storm 2 and 3. The games also have side quests that can be seen as filler content, but overall it follows the story. UNS Generations and Revolution are pure filler and recap games, avoid those.

    4. JaM


      Thanks Draggy.


      ooh... that's not really surprising... I think most of anime-based games have those even Arslan and Gintama.


      so they even managed to have 2 games that are pure filler... heh... never change Naruto.. never change... 

  16. 2 Dissidia in 1 month? Yes pls...



  17. [Disgaea4 Vita] Noob q... What is a decent/good enough base stat for a Legendary R0 Trap? I currently have this atm


    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      While I haven't gotten the pleasure of playing this game yet (still trying to find a copy), you may find this topic on GameFAQs covering pretty much the same thing.

  18. Despair... Pragmatism... Harmony... what do they have in common? that's right... RNG... errr... I mean Last Reward... Dangan Reload + Another Episode + Killing Harmony platted. Can I have 3rd Virtue's Last Reward as well?

  19. [Danganronpa V3] looks like RNG has a lil bro that brings despair-kuma.. It's called Board Game-kuma. 19/53 done. Hang in there-kuma


    Kinda loving the OST tho-kuma



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    2. JaM


      Hmmm.. Do i even need to reach the goal on year 3 to consider it as completed? The guide here says you don't have to but. Org's guide says you have to. :|

    3. xZoneHunter


      I don't remember having to complete any year. I used a turbo, so i almost paid 0 attention to where i ended.

    4. JaM


      Thanks.. It seems like it counts as completed even when you don't reached the goal in yr 3... Oh well.. Time to marathon an anime I guess...

  20. *SE used Elixir on my dying hype*


    1. skateak


      A Phoenix Down for me.

    2. ruffedgz


      yea, Im excited it coming to PS4... Im hyperventilating



  21. JaM

    well... not really sure what to feel about this...


    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Moar Ten-chan? :awesome: 

  22. eh? Flash Sale?




    thought it will be tomorrow...

    1. DistantFox


      It's ok, a lot of pinball for some reason

    2. JaM


      it does o.O


      also nice to see Lego and TWD on sale again ^_^

    3. Deceptrox


      Let's hope PS+ subscribers get an additional discount.

  23. Oh..  I finally caught up with Appli Universe ^_^ marathon'd it cause I got hyped with Globemon..  Now I am super excited to see their God Forms...


    Btw.. Did you knew???

    the L in L Corp stands for Leviathan??? I was shocked



    1. Hadeshii


      Yeah, i knew, i'm amazed the characters didn't. 😱

      Both L Corps logo and Leviathan's mark look the same.


    2. JaM


      I actually thought that they will noticed it on L OS episode but ofc thet didn't... I was like... "really, is this going to be like Team Rocket thingy? <_<"


      Explosive punch still your fave character? Can you guess who is mine? :awesome:

    3. Hadeshii


      On-mon ?? :awesome:



      Yes, Eri is my favorite!!

  24. [FFXV] So I started this earlier and I remembered that Kingslaive and the anime exist... should I watch those stuffs before I resume playing the game?

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami


      > is back in having "good" story 

      In western game? Come on.

    3. JaM


      hey... let me have a little faith with FF sometimes xD

    4. Satoshi Ookami