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  1. The item kinda sucks though, it only give exp+ bonus til level 10... It does not even change your appearance...
  2. Missed it on my current Duran ran, am I screwed or is there another opportunity in NG+ with other caharacters while doing the 3 run plat.... Also, any Lil Cactus missable?
  3. Lil Cactus!!! Legend of Mana is my first Mana game and it is nice to see this fellow in 3D... Speaking of which, it looks like you need to find Lil Cactus in 50 locations, wonder if it is missable since the previous Mana games have one time dungeons....
  4. #314 Dragon Quest Heroes II Glory Hunter Awarded for successfully acquiring every trophy. It is over... It is finally over T_T I have this game for a while now and I have been stalling it since I have read that this game is very grindy. Weeks ago, I had at itch to play Musou(I am still waiting for Western release date of Persona 5 Scramble Atlus) so I decided to play this game. The gameplay felt the same with the first DQH but it felt less Mosou this time and felt more like YS-like ARPG. Well, I really didn't mind it since I was having fun and I kinda liked the plot... Yes, WAS! Then the real nightmare happened, getting the plat aka Grind/RNG fest. At first glance, it looks not that bad with getting all Puff Puffs of every caharacters(1~ hour gameplay with each character) then it escalated quickly in getting Level 20 of every weapon efficiency. Then when you think it is over, you will realize that it is far from over... Hours of praying to RNGesus to get the rare drop from a monster(I hate you Agoomulator)... Eye rolling to sponges called Wanted Monsters... And then back again to praying to RNGesus to get the Uber weapons(I started to lose my faith in RNGesus at one point, it took me hours just to get Terry's Uber weapon - luckily I love Hiroshi Kamiya)... It felt like it never ends.... Plus, I had to play the game from start to end Solo!!! And the AI of party members are like Donald from KH 1 and 2... On a bright side... I finished 4 Season of Community and 3 seasons of Elite(don't judge and also, Forever FTW) It was so repetitive that before post game, Cesar and Maribel are always in my party and I got so tired of using them hours later in post game. Overall, fun gameplay with lots of combination to choose with many playable characters compared to first game but a very grindy platinum if you are playing solo.
  5. Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou The hardest part on watching this one is trying not to cry while watching it on cinema ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ ) I survived the first part, I thought it is not the same like the series and OVA, I thought I have managed to brace myself... And then the second part happened. I saw it coming like the episode 10, but in the end I failed... Overall, great movie.
  6. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!: Kurenai Densetsu Months of patiently waiting paid off. I have expected that it won't be as funny as the 2 seasons but I think the movie is the best one so far. Nice to see Scum Kazuma and Pervert Kazuma back.
  7. Any news for localize release date? I am more excited on this game than P5R tbh cause.. Musou. List looks pretty straight forward, maybe the missable is only maxing Band skills cause it might require date planning like persona games... The rest seems like the you will get while playing trophies, except to some grind perhaps - Level grind and all skills? One complain though - where is my Futaba trophy icon????
  8. Happy Western Birthday Vita #306 - 313 My PS4 stopped working last December and while it was on repair(for almost a month ), I had to rely on my trusted Vita and Kemco games to satisfy most of my gaming J(?)RPG needs(the other one as Metroidvania, details later) + a tiny bit help from my good ol reliable and still working PS3(1 plat and which was unused rarely once I bought my PS4). Lately, maybe because of joining some events I guess, I am not really popping plats and been holding them off for a while(like atm I have Bloodstained plat ready to plat anytime) so I just decided to hold off on popping my Vita plats for this day *shrug* Anywayyy... For Kemco games above, my heirarchy in terms of enjoyment is: Wizards of Brandel > Illusion of L'Phalcia > Fernz Gate > Asdivine Dios > Frane: Dragons' Odyssey. Thoughts below... I have seen Curse of the Moon from a sale, I bought it as a palette cleanser to back to back Kemco games. After completing it, I still crave for Metroidvania, with my PS4 still in repair (and Ritual of the Night is still at full price), I searched for alternative and found a gem called Chasm. It is like a mini version of Castlevania with RNG. Glad that I found it and I highly recommend it. A certain doctor, which is rhymed to Magus, posted a status that Volumes of Westeria is free for anyone that bought the original Dragon Book(you know that one that has no plat years ago), and well, free plat is always welcome. Also having fun while replaying it is a very sweet icing on the cake. I have been waiting for ages for Ys VIII to go on sale, to the point that I actually forgot about the game. I finally saw it on sale and was reminded again that I want to play it. And it was a fun game and less stressful than Ys Origins. I actually thought that playing on Nightmare will save me some time for only playing it in 1 run but it felt that I spent more time on than 1 run than the estimated plat time for 2 runs. Not a problem for me though, loved the gameplay... One gripe though, and maybe because of less game time issue, it felt that the plot and cutscenes are sooo slow paced. It is also my gripe while playing Trails II.
  9. I have just checked the site and the games are now on sale.... Finally, price drop on Little Witch Academia. Tokyo Xanadu and THE LIAR PRINCESS AND THE BLIND PRINCE are on my Maybe list. Not a huge fan of Trails II so I am skeptical on TX. I have played Hotl and Rose in twilight in Vita so I was hoping that Liar and blind will be on Vita as well.
  10. Dragon Quest: Your Story Boo!!! Where is the Dragon Ball errr I mean real Dragon Quest Characters? /s It is hard to adapt a 40+ hours of game in ~2 hours but tbh, I actually liked it esp the ending. Made me smile since I was playing a game while watching it.
  11. #305 One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition I Will Be Pirate King!Earn all trophies A game that ate the Grind-Grind fruit Bought from a sale last year, been eyeing for it for a while since it is one of the few One Piece game that has no MP trophies. I would say I prefer the PW one tbh in terms of gameplay and trophy hunting experience. PW3 was grindy but this game is worse. Level grind, RNG-based Collectibles + time consuming and the worst is that lame Smoker + Tashigi QTE that requies you 4+ hours doing nothing. Oh well, at least these 3 shone and were the MVP the entire game(unlike the anime/manga)
  12. Only works on EU version though. Few hours in and I already know that this one is going to be grindy.
  13. [Patapon 2] My greatest archnemesis, we meet again!!!



    1. JadedDragos


      I miss playing those games.

  14. Took a while but my first purchase in Play-asia finally arrived!!!
  15. Waited for Juju and it happened... And... As usual, my masochistic self bought this on a whim thanks to the movie...