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  1. Superbeat: Xonic - At this point, I have already accepted the fact that I will never get the plat on this game. Getting 95% Judgement for Stargazer 6 Buttons is impossible for me. Will still play it casually though, I really liked some of the songs like Stargazer.
  2. Bump? PSN Name: JeieeM Cleaned up some of the Kemco games I have on PS4 - I already miss playing Kemco games on VIta Marenian Tavern Story is probably the toughest and grindiest Kemco game I've played so far... Don't be deceived by that cutesy design. Legend of the Tetrarchs is actually interesting, it gives me early Dragon Quest games vibe. But overall, it is pretty average I guess, I might probably forget the plot of it by December 20. Ara Fell might be repetitive at some point but I dunno, I really enjoyed it so much, maybe because I just miss the good old turn base RPG.
  3. Hmmm... I am quite interested to join but I have few questions: -How "scary" the game is? I am not a huge fan of horror games to the point that I got scared/spooked while playing Until Dawn even after I watched lots of runs beforehand. -Currently too lazy to analyze the trophy guide, but how missable are the missable trophies? I mean, do I need to follow a step by step guide to avoid missing stuffs?
  4. I have started the game (and just finished it) few days ago and I used a guide to avoid missing the missable stuff. and I noticed that there were somethings that disappeared. I have checked and apparently, there was a patch last 08/04 that added Stir of Dawn DLC which added the following: I found these changes in terms of getting the trophies and Beads: For Cvstodia's Pilgrim - you now need to access the new added area in the DLC - Echoes of Salt, Ferrous Tree, Hall of the Dawning and Petrous - aside from Petrous(hidden area in Holy Line), you will most likely come across the new maps. You also don't need to get inside the tomb in Petrous - you just need to enter the area. For Power Unleashed - you now need to press timed when your character hits the enemy 5 times, you can use it on same type of enemy - you will know you got it right when a red lightning flashes when your character counter. Not sure if bugged but for Bestiary - if you fight every enemy you come across, you will get this trophy after defeating Quirce You will still get the Fountain of Life if you sacrificed all 5 Bile Flasks on Nacimiento's Bile Flask Upgrade With regards to the Prayer Beads, the DLC added the following - Token of Appreciation, Cloistered Ruby, Bead of Gold Thread, Cloistered Sapphire, and Fire Enclosed in Enamel. I am unsure if you need them for the Mysteria Lucis and Witness of The Miracle - I didn't get the Brilliant Heart of Dawn and Aubade of the Nameless Guardian Prayer (requires NG+) but I still got the respective trophies for the complete Hearts, Prayers and 100% on my first run. The changes in Prayer Beads: The Blue Candle found in the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow is now gone. For The Desire of the Corrupted - the locations of Dried Flowers bathed in Tears has been moved. It is now on hands of a statue in a grave near Gemino's spot That's all I found, feel free to share others that I missed and corrections are always welcome.
  5. Can confirm, no missable trophies. For easier life, have Erika on your team always and make sure to steal every new enemy you see especially the bosses. I am few trophies away from the Plat and I must say, this is probably the most grindy and hardest Kemco game I have played so far. The 1k each type of dish sold is pretty tedious and I am still need to gather 900 times
  6. I wasn't actually going to make this thread yet but I just had an offspring from Akeboshi no Oji (50K+ devotion God) so I want to share it here before I boost her level. Dancer: Bow: Medium Armor: *To get these, you have to go to Contact > Register QR Codes > *point Vita Rear Camera to QR code* **For weapons and armor - you have to purchase it in store once the QR code is scanned. Then to make your clan member equip them, go to Clan > Bequeath > Find the purchased Heirloom in inventory > Select Clan Member to Inherit the heirloom **For Characters QR - I just found out that you have to Betrhot, Hire or Adopt the character scanned, it will be gone in Contact List in next month if you didn't do anything. >_< ***might post more if I earned 50k+ Devotion again... Note: -I've read somewhere that if you scanned the QR codes but didn't purchase it in the store after months, the registered item(s) will disappears and appear (randomly) on the roulette when fighting any Onigami on your land. (needs confirmation though) CONFIRMED!! Just got one heirloom earlier during Onigami fight as a reward in roulette.
  7. Gravity Rush and Tearaway are the first ones that came to mind... Aside from touch screen stuffs, Gravity Rush is a great game to test Vita's gyro and Tearaway is great game for the rear touchpad. DJ Max Technika Tune is great to test the touchscreen and rear touchscreen as well.
  8. An update.. PSN Name: JeieeM Probably unpopular opinion... I enjoyed playing I am Setsuna and when I learned that Lost Sphear was from the same one that make I am Setsuna, I bought it when I saw it on sale... and well... I was underwhelmed. The story was so predictable and maybe that is just that I have seen a lot of JRPG plots at this point(I even have to skip some of the plot points and I didn't missed much). The gameplay is... well, became repetitive fast too... Also wrapped up Asdivine Menace. I actually enjoyed it, maybe because it has lowered the harem part on this one. and with that, moving to PS4 Kemco games Not sure what to play next though... I have started some games but nothing is making me want to play them(if that makes sense) - time to look at my backlog I guess.
  9. Oh wow, they localized this one... *checks Store* yikes, I thought it will be around $20-30... I guess it is straightforward trophy list with a bit of grind... I love Doraemon but I think it is too pricey.
  10. There should not be a change for the Witness of the Miracle. Comparing to my file to the trophy guide, the only additional things I did are: Get Token of Appreciation, Cloistered Ruby, Bead of Gold Thread, Cloistered Sapphire, and Fire Enclosed in Enamel. - they are not hard to get and I used this method in farming ToA Get all Quicksilvers and Sacrificed 5 Flasks to Namiciento Have you tried doing these stuffs as well?
  11. Out of Nowhere Update... PSN Name: JeieeM I have been wanting to buy Earthlock after seeing some positive feedback on it but I keep forgetting to purchase it when I have the funds. And of course, when I bought it at full price, it goes on sale(WTF, it is on 80% off??????) days later It is fun game I guess, I just don't love it maybe I am used to JRPGs that can get have 1 hit kill while going for grindy trophies...For Revenant Dogma... I have been wanting to play all of the Kemco games available on PSN and it is one of the last ones that I haven't played on VIta... It is not bad I guess, but ngl, I am kinda more having fun playing Chronus Arc atm.. and off topic... aside from Chronus Arc, what's left for me is Asdivine Menace on Vita... yay, more Harem Also, I guess I'll stick with 12 games on planned... I still need to pop some plats on Vita's Birthday so I might remove some in my current list.
  12. The real question is, how many version of Simple and Clean will be on this game? *sees KH1 Sora on trophy icons* Is this going to be like re;coded??? Didn't they say that this game will have 140+ songs? Assuming that the clearing all songs on *insert difficulty* is not stackalble...*Project Diva Future Tone Flashbacks*
  13. Zero Escape ofc... oh wait.. it was mentioned already... I highly recommend Utawarerumono Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth. Unlike the others though, it has no routes.. but trust me -Very Solid Plot.
  14. probably off topic.. have you seen the sequel to DP? York whistling this song on DP2 anyway... I don't know about fishing as main game, but I do enjoy the Fishing Mini game in YS VIII... if you don't mind PS1 games, I suggest Breath of FIre 3 or 4 and ofc, Suikoden II.
  15. Yay~ another spinoff wonder what will the gameplay be this time, Racing? Fighting?
  16. *cross fingers* Please don't be another spin-off. On a side note: Is there any news for localization of Rebirth games for PS4 and VVV?
  17. #322 Blasphemous *woohoo* barely hanging at 46th Fastest The Penitent One Unlock all of the Trophies. Well, the name of the game says it all. Bloods. Bloods. Bloods everywhere. A very gory Metroidvania imo, but I dunno... I am not huge fan of gore but I find some battles satisfying (I blame God of War) and there are also some parts that made me uncomfortable *cough* Warm and Soft *cough*. The Plot Well, in one word - Blasphemous. Interesting lore. Those side quests though...why does this game hate happy ending? Gameplay Well, it is Metroidvania so if you are familiar with the genre, you probably know how to play most of the game's mechanics. The parry mechanics was quite nice addition - especially punishing those pesky and bulky monsters. No Double Jump though... and I think this was the first time that there are no vampires, no dogs/wolf, no snakes and no spiders were harm during this game. Trophies I might agree with the 7/10. The game itself is not that hard though, what makes it tougher is that trophy that not allow you to use your potions during boss battles. I also didn't had fun with the speedrun trophy, the battle with Esdras with not much upgrades got to my nerves. Having that much missable trophies worried me at first but most of them are hard to miss, also the additional stuffs on Patch/DLC helped me at some point. Overall, aside from blasphemy/too much gore in the game I had fun playing it from start to end. The road to plat lessen the fun at some point but very satisfying. Would recommend to anyone that enjoy playing Metroidvania - that is if you don't mind the gore. Anyway, I need to playing something fluffy and happy right away. BTW, my favorite part in the game Time to find My Happy Place again.
  18. hmmm.. I'd say.. I will give it 5/10... I wished they just adapted until the Grand Magic Arc - Tartaros Arc deserved better. The adaptation is kinda nice for fans of the series but I kinda find it not friendly on newcomers - did they even bother explaining who is Asuka and Deliora? The gameplay. Well, as soon as I have seen the trailer I knew it will be repetitive. And yep, I was right. And don't start me with those never ending requests Overall, nice anime game. Not the best one but not that bad - at least I have a Fairy Tail plat and Juvia avatar now
  19. Thoughts on One Piece World Seeker? The 67% discount for Deluxe Edition is very tempting.

  20. sooo.. Do I need to watch Aiz' spinoff to fully enjoy this game's story?
  21. Probably not trophy-wise question: What story did the game covered? I have watched both Danmachi Seasons but I skipped Aiz Whatchamacallit Spin off.- cause Team Hestia is Bestia.
  22. Overall, no missables... Just expect to spend at ~5 hours doing level grind for characters you will never use and searching resources for facilities you will never use. Is it a fun game? NO.
  23. I am so glad I bought this game from a sale. I feel so bad to those who bought this game at full price. The areas looked like unused/rejected Hyperdimension Neptunia games map/levels. The enemies looked like they are from a different game and were just lent/given on this one or something. Bizarre combat. It is either mash one button to win (most of the time) and then there's BS bosses that could kill you on 1 hit even you are over leveled. Unnecessary, Grindy Trophies No missable, there's that... not hard game overall... it was just... boring. My favorite (or bearable) thing on this game is that there are free DLC that make you use HDN inspired costumes and weapons.
  24. Update again... PSN Name: JeieeM Well, looked like I was pretty much done with Asdivine Hearts II when I stalled it... I guess I was too impatient with mashing to get through the harem. Wrapped up Arc of Alchemist as well - a game I bought along with Dragon Star Vernir on sale. The frame rate issue is not a huge deal to me tbh... It was weird game though, is the game a sequel to something? felt that I miss lots of stuff backstory and relationship-wise with these characters.- but the worst is, as usual, unnecessary grindy trophy
  25. #321 Fairy Tail More like Errand Tail... amirite? *nervous laugh* Fairy Tail Acquired all trophies. I do read lots of Shonen manga but it is very rare for me to finish them. The only ones I could say I finished til now were Assassination Classroom and Fairy Tail. I am kinda updated with Gintama but I think I will wait until it is finished(Updated on anime and movies though). As much as I love One Piece, I had to stall it on the 100th Backstory arc(Wado)... Stalled Naruto and Bleach when they kept on introducing new characters on final arc that made me confuse who is who... and Conan... oh boy... Anyway, Fairy Tail is that one that I could say... my guilty pleasure. After seeing the trailer, I expected it to be the Atelier game with repetitive stuffs... but, I do love Fairy Tail so I had to Pre-order the game as soon as I can. Did I got what I expected? Unfortunately, yes. Story The game started on the end of Tenrou Island Arc (Chapter 210ish | Episode 110ish) leading to the Time Skip. Which I get why they started on it... it was the point where you can build your guild from scratch. My issue though, as much as they tried to... I find it not friendly to unfamiliar with the series...They do try to explain the previous arcs in one page of their own but obviously, most of the details will be left out (I know, kinda nitpicking) Also, basically, if your image is not in the game... you don't exist in this game and most likely will not be mentioned *cough* half of FT members *cough*. And the Tartaros arc.. you poor arc. I get it why they had to adapt it, it was the point where Lucy and Gray will have new moves. I just wished they just adapted the TimeSkip (X791 Arc) to Grand Magic Games arc and maybe make a sequel to adapt the rest of the series. Gameplay How to explain the gameplay in one word? Atelier. If you have played any Atelier game then you will most likely know most of the gameplay in this game. Less the Deadlines *woo hoo*. It is a Turn Base RPG, where you will use Magics 99% of the time. Later on, as you fight more powerful Sponges.. I mean more powerful Mages and Monsters...it will be basically build Friendship Meter... press + mash to win. The most bizarre thing though is your enemies are on 3 x 3 area... where they can move, each magic you can use have their moves have pattern where they can hit... but your party... Nooooooo, they will just stand there in one line where the enemies can either hit one or all of your party... how fun, did I mentioned that later on these monsters evolved to sponges? Trophies No Missable. YAY! And it is straight forward tbh. There's a trophy that is basically a collectible but it is not that hard to get if you check every part of maps.There is a bit of RNG needed to see a specific skill but with how long the road to plat is, you will get it along the way.... So, looks easy right? yes and no... It basically depends on your tolerance in repetitive quests... yes, your mortal enemy for the plat is Boredom. It feels that the requests never ends. So, in every Guild Rank (D to S) there are 10 kill these monsters quests. 50 of them and there's the obligatory member related ones and boss re-fights. And of course, the game loves fun so you are forced to only take one request at a time. You'd better start thinking of what show to binge if you are planning to plat the game. You're welcome. So, in the end of the day, do I regret pre-ordering the game? Not really, I expected it to be tedious as soon as I saw the trailer but what can I say, I love Fairy Tail. Was it worth full price? NO. I would say buy it if you are a huge fan of the series and if it is on sale... like huge price drop sale.