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  1. Hi man have you succeded with adhoc party and DW next? Is it possible?

  2. Hi man its cool to find someone else that had the same shit occurs as me ... It did this to me with some of the collectibles trophy. I had the notification letting me know i had unlocked a item for getting all of one kind but no trophie . So i kept on and got some more missing of an another type, No trophie still. Rebooted the game and all my missing collectible trophy popped at once when i entered back the game$ I know that during that day i got kicked out of psn and of the division at same time but i still did not close the program . Psn had issues. Since the game is always onlines my tought it is it may have cause trouble
  3. Yes, my hiddens are games that have multiplayers shut down and that will never have 100 pourcent such as spartacus legend and mag and so on . Or also way tooo hard games to plat like Ninja gaiden and elderscroll online wich i may unhide if i attemp them one day
  4. LeDragonSYNC Killzone 2 HI i made the boosting 1 week before the shut down was announced then when i loggued in something like three weeks later my trophy popped. I was in the hospital i loggued in 3 weeks after or something like this after i had boosted . As long as youve been in the leaderboards during a week you can pick up your trophy any time after the next week or even in months (while servers were active) its not specified to pick up the trophy the monday after the boards have been updated its means nothing
  5. what i'd like to have has a feature is when you hide trophies, you have the option to not see the ones you've hidden when browsing your own trophies.... sorry for being a lil too off topic here
  6. this game is on my backlogs so i texted UBI support to ask them if servers were still open they said NO . then i tryed it and they were still online.... i'm getting trophies atm playing with peaple in the campaing.