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  1. This is for the physical release of the game on Vita by Limited Run, I don't believe this to be multi-regional.
  2. Just as an answer to getting rid of the deserter penalty in general, it won't just go away if you do one match and then quit, and then do another match later on. You have to do at least two matches continuously in order for the penalty to disappear. The penalty gets applied when you quit before the end of the race, so that's why you got it in the first place.
  3. This is amazing, thank you so much! I was having alot of trouble with Guerro .
  4. I just platted the game tonight after 1 year 7 months, and about 130 hours worth of playtime over 2 playthroughs! And one tip I would like to share with people: Thank you to everyone in this thread for helping with my questions, and for the thread creator in general for spurring me to go back to play this great game again So I guess I'd like to sign up to my first PSNP "Let's play/plat" leaderboard things
  5. Grats to some people that have already finished this beast of a game! You guys are doing so well I've just finished my first playthrough and now I'm on to my second for clean up. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the best way to combine guides for these last couple of trophies: I would be very appreciative if anyone could share any tips of the best way to stream line the walkthrough use for this playthrough? Bearing in mind that I only use my vita while travelling, so ideally I will need something which I can print off and look at on the go rather then having to use the internet and flick between different tabs on my phone, as its hard to read like that, and requires signal which could drop at any moment on a train!
  6. I was having a lot of trouble doing the barspin to ice pick to backflip at the beginning of this level, as I found I just kept crashing over and over on the bar despite any changes I made to when I let go of X to get more height (as you cannot use boost or racer just the normal jump). I then decided to change it so that I pressed X with one finger, while using a different finger to press left on the analogue stick as soon as I let go of X on the jump. I found that doing this made him do the trick just a fraction faster than moving the same finger from X to the stick, and meant I consistently wouldn't crash on the pole each time! Hope this helps some people.
  7. Cheers Edunstar84 Ok, I was trying to go for the true ending yeah! Although I have no idea how close I am to getting max in my stats (I don't even know if there is a way to check), I know I'm missing alot of courage and diligence, so surely if I'm in December then I won't have enough time for maxing that? Also in regards to special fusions I thought that for some you needed to be lvl 91 at least? For Izanagi-no-Okami . I do know some come from social ranks though yeah .
  8. Thanks for including me: soultaker655 . So guys I have a question for all you knowledgeable people: I'm at the end of my first playthrough (I wasn't following a guide so missed all the extra stuff, and never really fused any personas) but I have however been trying to get the Risette Trophy. Can someone clarify what things do carry over to NG+ and what doesn't? And should I keep a save file in the last couple of dungeons so that I can farm out the lines, or should I just let it go if I don't get it first time then go for it next time round? Since I know that next playthrough I need to: - Max all my social ranks - Max my player stats - Get to max level to unlock the ultimate forms? (even though I believe you start the game at lvl 0, and I'm lvl 66 now) - Read all books - Acquire the fishing rod and capture that beast - Register skill cards - Register Personas - Plus some other misc stuff So having this in mind does anyone have any tips as to what I should focus on to help me in my next playthrough, while I'm at the final stages of this first one? Thanks for the help! .
  9. I would like to join in on this, I am almost about to finish my first playthrough (which I did blind without looking at the trophy list), although I was trying to read all the books but I realised I screwed myself over way near the start but not accepting a specific social meeting choice . So some motivation for that second playthrough following a guide all the way would be good, because I got a lot more work to do!
  10. Voted for a bunch myself, as there were some great picks, some of them were a blast from the past! Good luck all who entered
  11. The cake is a lie...

    1. mpampa1


      That's why it tasted weird !!

  12. Need 1 more to do a NFS:MW Superfreak licence plate boost now!

    1. ChickenExotic


      SuperFreak, SuperFreak, oh Superfreakin'...YOW!!!

    2. BinkUncia


      Lol, yeah done it now ;)

  13. Need a couple more people to boost NFS:MW Superfreak licence plate tonight!

  14. Anyone up for boosting 'Super Freak' NFS:MW Licence plate this weekend?

    1. ChickenExotic


      I remember that stupid license plate...

    2. BinkUncia


      Yup, its pretty stupid..especially when people don't have mics TAKES FOREVER!

  15. Want me to get you into the glitch now?

    1. Albani0310


      Hey sorry I saw this just now. I did that a couple of days ago myself, thanks tho ;)