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  1. Go to gameplay settings & switch the airborne throttle to user input. Its annoying & you'll probably switch back after a few backflips.
  2. My Name Is Mayo Mr. Massagy Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Wheels of Aurelia Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator
  3. I built up a massive city and stacked a chunk of cash and let it run itself while I slept at night, after 3 weeks passed I felt like I was burning out my PS4 for no reason so I moved on.(with my sanity still intact)The worst part is like you said as soon as you get hit with your first disaster, the time changes back to default real time, so by morning I would only get like a handful of disasters. Its one of them trophies that was designed for people who love the game and spend 500+ hours playing it, not for trophy hunters who are eager to start the next game... Still UR's are always desirable.
  4. I did "straight copy/pasting the list" from mksecrets but it did not have the KP2 characters, I found 1 on Youtube so I made this list and samunrizthym found the last 2. I posted this for people who needed the KP2 moves (like myself) but since your so hurt and bothered I will delete this thread today.
  5. X(Square) = 1 Y(Triangle) = 2 A(Cross) = 3 B(Circle) = 4
  6. Alien: D, D, D, 3 Bo' Rai Cho : B, F, B, F, 2 Cassie Cage: D, D, B, F, 2 D'Vorah: F, F, BL Ermac: D, U, D, D, 3 Erron Black: D, D, D, 4 Ferra/Torr: B, F, B, 4 Goro: D, D, D, D, 1 Jacqui Briggs: D, F, D, 4 Jason: D, B, F, F Jax: D, F, D, 1 Johnny Cage: D, B, F, BL Kano: U, U, B, 3 Kenshi: D, F, D, 3 Kitana: F, D, D, 3 Kotal Khan: F, D, B, 1 Kung Jin: U, D, F, 4 Kung Lao: D, F, D, 3 Leatherface: F, B, D, U Liu Kang: D, F, B, 3 Mileena: D, D, D, 1 Predator: F, D, B, U Quan Chi: B, F, D, 2 Raiden: D, D, D, 2 Reptile: F, D, D, BL Scorpion: D, D, 1 Shinnok: D, B, F, F Sonya Blade: B, F, D, 2 Sub-Zero: F, D, B, 2 Takeda: U, U, U, D Tanya: U, D, U, D, 4 Tremor: D, D, D, 3 Triborg: D, U, BL
  7. Keep trying, everything was great the first day and since all modes haven't been available at some point. Im sure it will improve over the next couple of weeks... I hope so.
  8. Last Thursday was the only day that was available, idk maybe this Thursday again.
  9. anyone who likes MK9 will enjoy this as well... 9.5/10.
  10. old school gamer, favorite game(s) is (are) Borderlands(series) Fallout(series) Mortal Kombat(series).

  11. after No Loyalty ... Lin Kuei.
  12. lol, its funny how brave people are when it comes to online comments.
  13. biased footage ? it was posted by one of the bikers, its biased because they cut off the felony assault? when and where is it wrong to defend yourself?
  14. Seriously? Pre-owned at GS for $9.99, "all good, but nothing new"... smh.
  15. Some people like me play just for the huge passion for videogame and not to get trophies. I hate that kind of people who judge a gamer just for his number of plats or trophies. Being a gamer DOESN'T mean to get 100% in every game, those are HARDCORE GAMERS. So just shut the fuck up, don't judge and enjoy the game. Great post, STFU!