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  1. I have no idea, but you sure are lucky. Today was my first day, and it wasn't too bad, only a few friends moved to other schools, most are still in my school. Bad thing is, I only see my friends during luch, in almost all my classes im with strangers, and they don't even look cool, they all look like boring nerds to hang out with.
  2. I'm in California, San Diego. We only got 6 weeks of break -.-
  3. Haha, don't wory, been doing that since 6th grade Yea, it really does. It feels like it was a week ago when I was on my first day of middle school.
  4. Don't worry I won't. No promises during World History class though.
  5. Today's my last day of summer break, tomorrow I'm starting high school.
  6. I'm going to be a freshmen the 24th of this month, this Wednesday x.x Fuck, I'll have to wait til Christmas for another vacation :l