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  1. Just to note it was a title and pass given for plus, at least in region 1 several years back. So if you have it in your list this is all still obtainable even not having it downloaded. So to be clear for anyone wondering, if on your account you did own the game AND season pass (digital edition obviously) you can still actually fully play this for the trophies and don't need to consider other methods. Just to be clear for those wondering.
  2. tired of those that abuse thier power.

  3. I just got a new laptop, new to steam, and would love some stuff, message me on psn if you still have anything left cause looking at your list it isn't there otherwise enjoy your time with sony
  4. the save corrupt happened to me too, I don't blame the developers, it is a fault of your own, there is a warning during the boot up. also I just want to say I understand why they use autosave, frankly there are several save options I can think of, 1 autosave 2 save from menu and 3 save points but honestly thinking on it if it were one of the other two and you forgot to save you might complain that it didn't have auto save, so they are trying to make your gameplay more convienent, it isn't a developers fault they try to make it so saving isn't an issue you need to worry about, its them trying to help you, so in my advice, suck it up, keep a better eye on your kid, make sure he doesn't eat the disc cause apparently thats a thing with older kids and stupid parents so I read and buy a cheap usb or be a plus member to back those saves up. long live gamers. pie. nuff said. later
  5. yea and is it just me or does it say slender the arrival... I already have that O_O OMG I AM I THE SYSTEM! I CAN PRE BUY THINGS MONTHS IN ADVANCE!...or you just put it there by mistake which is totally not as likely of me proceeding time to buy a game about slenderman....slenderman meets a TIME LORD! it must be fate... how is life is strange btw, have episode one and heard good things but haven't played it yet.
  6. every time they update the store some things get...lost... which dlc are you refering to exactly if I may ask?
  7. thank you for the advice guys, hopefully anyone else having this issue wil see this and it can help them too. I'll give it a shot, do some races and see if I can get it to pop. can't make it easy can they wish it worked like it should, not so much to ask but nope, at least I don't have to get out and try pushing the car while others drive in a race. wouldn't that be fun. heh. thanks again and have a good holidays everyone.
  8. last trophy I need, really ticked atm cause I haven't found any info about this at all, I have the digital version of the game and it appears that when I get in the cobra it registers I've driven it but doesn't add it too the total, tried reinstalling, using an older save and just redriving every car for a sec, tried reinstalling and starting over and redid the cobra race shut it down and it still didn't count to the overall total. does anyone have any information on what I can do so I can be done with this game last trophy is this to get the platinum and already did it all on ps3 version. any help would be appreciated. thanks
  9. wishing I had more people I genuinely have fun with...

  10. didn't know it had a wiki. but wiki doesn't work on my vita. but thank you. might use computer if I get desperate.
  11. yea just found that. thought they could get up to 99 kinda dumb... thanks.
  12. ok so I have a level 35 werewolf i my spirits. he's currently my best and I have a level 1 ready to level break him. however everytime I try to pick my werewolf he loads then is removed from my main merge slot. anyone have an issue like this or know a fix, just message me on playstation and let me know. kinda pissed right now. at the game thanks...
  13. guessing game can SUCK IT! BWA HA HA HA HA

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    2. AzuralStrike


      yea I'm fine luna just hated that trophy and glad its over, hadn't been on since I did it. needed to update my status. wish I knew how to add a tip our method was awesome.

    3. Vacio_Luna


      Oh okay, good! I was concerned for a minute there. What game was it?

    4. AzuralStrike


      screw it I'll post it as a comment, think it cut off anyway. its a payday 2 trophy, the only level where guards respawn -_- purely luck based for cutting the wires and you still need to get out and guards will freak out for no reason... we did it by spliting up, our 4 person group did 3 sessions to get the wires then joied the one that did that to escape. best method of trying with a team IMO so glad I had the guys I did.

  14. I'll be honest, I think it's sad, ok I'm fine with different systems but I've seen people that have 5-6 copies on thier profile, you can write it off how you like but the way I see it, it shows me 2 things, 1 these people have no life, it makes them look sad and desperate for trophies and 2 their over compensating, like the midlife crisis sports car you can't afford. replays more then once each console is just padding your bra or shorts to look bigger. MY FIX a feature, if you plat a game have like a secondary trophy marker so you have the plat but you can 'respec' your trophies if you will... a plus side of a feature like this is you can re-earn your trophies and maybe try for a faster time overall having had the experience. I don't want any opinions on my post so no quoting please. these are just my feelings because looking at these people I only see a waste of money or a possiblity the games may not be legitimate copies and piracy does worry me for current titles I have . not pointing fingers just those are worrys I have seeing it and just all around looks show-offish. I'm proud of where I am but unless the game is not available for me I'll be earning trophies for my region only the way it should be, I don't need to pad my stats. no quotes please, thank you.
  15. thanks, and if anyone is willing to do guessing game on ps3 and has had success with it let me know, I'm kinda ticked at it right now.