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  1. Not having a job, a girlfriend, or much of a life really helps... Lots of time to motivate yourself for playing games, even bad ones
  2. You can sue anyone you want for whatever you want... that's the beautiful thing in our modern society (read the irony 😒) If you can get away with it, is a totally different question...
  3. If you buy the following do not forget to update the base version savefile as otherwise they will not be compatible when you switch up to enhanced edition (learned this the hard way). Otherwise you can of course buy both versions if you like, it doesn't matter that you have the base game.
  4. So basically just another weekday in a trophy hunter's life?
  5. Cool gesture and both great titles at that 👍 Voted BL3 cause one of the best franchises out there!
  6. You need a few ppl to boost the miscellaneous online trophies but you can rank up on your own. Because of this it is quite easy to plat. Great game though, don't miss out on it if you can!
  7. Wrong site my friend 😉
  8. I would definitely not advise doing shadow ranger and RH in the same playthrough! Enemies hit hard on RH and you will need your ammo. There are sections where you will have to punch dudes and getting there in RH is practically impossible. But as Avatar states here above, glitches and deaths unknown to you are your wordt enemies in SR. I had complete frozen enemies in multiple sections but luckily i just walked through those and still got the trophy 😥
  9. I personally found shadow ranger to be more irritating because of the random deaths and was happy that i did ranger hardcore first as practice in stealth. Seriously, if you just save up on MGR rounds, hardcore is very easy! And i had more than 1000 rounds at the end cause i was super cautious so hardly using them. Would have been even easier. There is just one hard section (no spoilers but a guide will tell you) that you can get through with little effort if you know what to do. Don't be scared of this, you won't get stuck as long as you know your button layouts and are ready to load a couple of checkpoints. Good luck if you go for it!
  10. Ranger hardcore is definitely not so hard so if you are good at fps games you can easily get through it. A few difficult sections but nothing unsurmountable. I went back to this after it being years in my backlog so it was pretty much a blind/new playthrough. Just concentrate on this trophy only (dont try to knock out shadow ranger or the likes) and keep a screenshot of the button layout close. I would say go for it! 👍
  11. It has probably glitched as the difficulties stack. First play through on hardline as it might pop then. Worst case you may have to do an officer run, but you can blast through this in 4 to 5 hours if you have all other trophies
  12. Thanks for the tip, still works on this unfixed bug if theirs in 2019 👍
  13. Well if he don't got the money, he don't got the plat. Simple as that
  14. I actually loved this game and never understood why it got such hate... It was a fun stealth experience in an underused era which made it interesting and new. You can definitely feel a dishonored vibe through its origins but at the same time it has its own charm. It is also just challenging enough so you can enjoy the game without it being a cakewalk, the only thing i disliked were the collectibles and the no-tracking which in fact made it that missing one could make you have to search multiple locations again. Great game, still hoping for a sequel some day!
  15. Yes don't forget to save like that if you by any chance make another mistake, you can once again chapter select. The game saves all paths but overwrites your story with the last choices. You can check this in your progression chart.