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  1. Says I can't stick to most things till the end. Story of my life 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Wow! And I thought I was a prime victim of Murphy's law 😑 sorry for you bro...
  3. Pretty much the same thoughts, but a variation of it. Couldn't stop thinking this game is SHIT. Navigation is shit, colors are shit, gameplay is shit, and so forth 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Change your psn id, then just do the glitch. Game does not recognize change so you can do it this way. You can always revert to your old ID by contacting sony, and even when you then start up the game, your old stats will show up
  5. This all seems like alot of work for 10 bucks 😒
  6. Best marketing strategy I've seen in a while! Fear factoring always works in the end, curious how many millions they made off of this 😎 Next episode : we're shutting down ps4 store in 3 months Tching tching 💵💵💵
  7. I'd rather they remake (and by that I mean rewrite) The Last of us 2, now that's a game that could actually use it 😒
  8. I ranked up to 20 doing all weapons but one along the way (should get you to around 19). Then just boost to 20 and do the warlord glitch. Ranking down to 1 (keep 1 diamond spot free) takes 20 matches of around 2 minutes so about 1 hour in total. This is the fastest way imo. You can also do all weapons alternatively, the change your psn id and do the glitch from there
  9. Well.... It's not really looting the ship if you pay for everything you leave with 😉 more like the other way round
  10. You don't know that... Just as one day not so long ago, electric cars were laughed at, someday little robots with built-in shower heads may be the only option to clean our asses! So yes, I will panic-buy toilet paper when the time comes, just cause I love that soft cushiony feel of triple-layer-paper on my ass 🥰 A little more on topic, I'll pick up all the dlc I still need, but no new games, got enough backlog as it is. Still skeptical about the veracity of this though...
  11. Barking up the wrong tree on this site buddy 🙄😁
  12. Dead Space trilogy. On every console till the end of time 🤤
  13. Dragon's Dogma One of the best rpgs out there with great lore and gameplay, and feels equally japanese as european Alot faster than dark souls, and no turn based combat necessary Great game you should definitely play
  14. No, you only have access to in game stats. This system is messed up, I should be able to unlink via psn, as clearly I can manage that account and that my ea is linked to it, but they don't care.