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  1. The hardest (for me at least) would be to go back to gaming without looking at trophies and doing blind runs! That's like the fat kid going to Mcdonalds and 'only eating the fries', or the dopehead that is just gonna shoot up that itty bit... Once you're hooked, you're hooked... Easier just getting a new hobby i think to myself, but i just cant
  2. I believe EA did away with their online passes a few years back. So joining should be fine. Cant guarantee it, but just give it a go and you will see
  3. It took them 4 years to develop the sequel to this? Morons...
  4. There is always an advantage to the pro, whether it be the boost mode or the downscale mode from 4k. I picked one up when i still had 1080p and i never regretted it, as it truely bumps it up a notch. That being said, you will always lose some fidelity by the quality of your tv, and if you are gonna invest 400 bucks in a nice console, maybe think of getting an affordable 4k tv to go with it. There are some good and cheap options out there, like from tcl, roku or philips. If i had only 1 choice, i would rather have standard ps4 + 4k tv than pro + 1080p tv Your tv really does make a difference, so choose wisely where you invest
  5. Well this is good to hear, as i too have been surprised by some hidden gems in the past, and it truely is a great experience when you find a game that went pretty much under the radar but leaves you with a great impression. I was not planning to play this, but the feedback from you guys made me decide to pick this up. Certainly looking forward to it now!
  6. I also had that sick feeling with last of us 2, but i think that's just cause the game sucked so much... Same symptoms though, headache and had to stop every 30 minutes
  7. Sometimes i'm tired of it too, certainly when i see what it does to my backlog and to games i would like to play but just can't get to (dont even get me started on my social life...) But what keeps me going is that i've been doing it for 10 years now, and if i stop now and look back, those years will seem like i was wasting my life away. So i just decided to plough on and waste the rest of my life on this useless pursuit too cause hey, at least i will have been consistent
  8. I have friends of friends join parties and just hang around. They sometimes get pissed off at jokes people can say (nothing over the top, but you know how a party chat with a bunch of drunk guys can get out of hand...) and if one of the little twats wants to report you, they then can. When they weren't even welcome in the first place. And i know what you'll say, set it on invite only, but not everyone does this by reflex. Although i will pay attention to it now.
  9. If not in purchased items, just type the name in the psn store and click on it. You will then see download under the title and from there on you will have it on your console
  10. This is a fucking outrage! (Oops hope i wont get reported for my poor use of language 😑) Not enough you get filmed at every street corner, get screened online by employers and government, get your bank statements and purchases tracked, now they gotta control you while you play a game as yout hobby?! What a sad place the world is becoming... thanks big brother, i'll watch out!...
  11. Personnally i just dont get it. Its just another way of ranking up with another point allocation, which simply means you have to figure where you are rank-wiss compared to other people without any added value whatsoever If they had just unlocked ranks after 100 it would have been fine. Im guessing they just did it to boost people's egos. Cause rank 242 sounds better than rank 12 or 13... everyone thinks bigger is better, which might be right for a lot of things, but this is nog one of them Useless and irritating, thats my idea about it 😒
  12. I too generally only let my friends massage me, and definitely no one that is pissed off at me, that could hurt
  13. I would also like to know this, but concerning Telltale Batman on ps3 (used disc)? As this has been delisted, i am worried that i cant access chapters 2-5 and will be stuck with a 20% completion
  14. Dragon Age Inquisition on ps3. The one for killing 1000 enemies where it didn't register and i had to complete the game 3 times for it to pop. The worst part being no in-game counter which means you have no idea if it is working or if you will be playing the game over and over until your retirement Screw you Bioware for taking 10 years off my life
  15. It's funny how those specific situations in which one should be redeemed, coincidentally fit yours... Just as the next person would have his specific redeeming factors fit his... and so on And in that optic, every request would have to be analyzed because, and let's be honest heee, you f***ed up, not the system. Now i get it, you were a kid, you didn't know better, yata yata... and you learned that now. A line has to be drawn somewhere, and the 3 strike one is already pretty generous imo. So without sounding condescending, take it in the teeth and accept it as it is or make a new profile, and call this experience paid dues. End of the day, fewer people care than you may think...