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  1. Blink from dishonored. I'd never miss my bus again!
  2. The bee plasmid from bioshock to... well, piss everyone off!
  3. Totally worth it. Used to play on a 1080p display before i had my 4k tv, and yes there is a difference. Games like the latest tomb raider where you have the option to switch between modes (hd 60fps, 4k 30) to compare will show you this, and it is impressive. Ofc a 4k display is much nicer, and indeed no longer that expensive, but i was much more impressed by hdr than by the upgrade to 4k (AC Origins for example) so invest in that if you upgrade (at least hdr10, preferably hdr10+) and don't focus so much on resolution imo. So to summarise, boost mode + supersampling make enough of a difference that i dont regret getting one earlier. Plus those shorter load times... 👍
  4. Well since you absolutely hate fallout but still played F3, FNV... and F4, it would seem that it doesn't really matter if you like it or not, you'll probably play it anyway in the end, so just go in knowing that you'll get much of the same atmosphere/mechanics and try to enjoy the parts you like (space setting i would think). Luckily for you it should take a lot less time to plat.
  5. You are not missing anything, this is a glitch. I had it several times before realising there is no way around it except restart the chapter. Its a bummer i know, but it will eventually work. Good luck!
  6. Double discount just means they halved standard discount... No rush for me
  7. 102 matches
  8. EA released an unpolished game and didn't fix all the issues??? Nooooooooooooooo?!
  9. I am one of those 3 and I am psyched indeed!
  10. Well that sounds like fun 😂
  11. I have this issue with my ps4 pro. What i did is : put it on its side and bitch slap it every time i boot it up. You know, the old-fashioned way of repairing stuff Works like a charm, so might do wonders for your ps3?...
  12. Upgrades do alot in far cry games. You have to take it slow for the first few hours, keep your distance, use stealth, rack up kills for exp. After a while it will get extremely easy due to your character becoming OP. Also blood dragon has weird (read ugly imo) neon graphics that does not help the gameplay. So you probably aldo have yo get used to it. Give it some time...
  13. Nice gesture, and good luck to all 👍
  14. I have a friend that can't log in to square enix servers since last week friday, does anyone else have this issue? So leaderboards and challenges are not registering (basically playing offline) Is there a fix to this if this is on the user side? (Digital version of the game) Thanks!
  15. Yes of course you can recuperate your files once you renew your subscription... Imagine the backlash if all those players lost their saves cause they let a day or two between renewals