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  1. No problem buddy. All you have to watch out for are the 100 percent wipe missions, keep the easy challenges for those and you're golden. Good luck!
  2. Its not a question of surviving, which indeed is easy, its a question of not having to play the 84 matches, as you can then skip 2-3 matches for every 1 you play. If the mp is not your thing, it is a legit way to decrease the time you need to grind.
  3. He means you can quit rounds to pass days faster without losing your whole population. This is indeed the preferred method to go quicker. Your population will be sick but you will cure them once you do a full rpund again. The less ppl, the less supplies, so the best method is to have minimum survivors. On ps4 i did this with between 1 to 5 or 6 survivors max. This will cut your time considerably
  4. That's so cute... I wish mine would do that 🐦
  5. Bioshock 'Nuff said...
  6. I think its fine the way it is. Tastes diverge per region, and that's fine! Plus, generally US and EU get the same offerings at different times. Personally I really don't give a tiny rat's ass about getting discounts on anime / manga / jrpg stuff like they give in certain regions so i'm good with the current system
  7. The story trophies pop even if you are not there in sp yet, so yes they can be out of order if completed and handed in while you are in session
  8. Metro series Last of us Uncharted Mass effect series Just to name a few... Not really rpgs (except ME) but definitely worth your time
  9. I dunno. Looks like most ps+ games we get nowadays to me...
  10. Think you gotta hump 'em, it's like in real life
  11. I agree for mafia 3, as that was a real easy plat, but mafia 2 and the wanted posters had that randomization that if you picked up even 1 poster, the names would not meet up with the locations, which made picking them an absolute hell, even with a guide at hand. It took me hours getting all the locations again just to pick up those you were missing, so i am sure this can put a lot of people off. My choice : The walking dead series, anywhere between 40 and 75 percent. Seriously, how lazy can you be that you can't even hit a few buttons to finish off a story?
  12. I can confirm, the story is strictly solo. All the rest is mp/coop Fyi, you can do challenges etc 'offline' so against AI, which largely limits your actual pvp time if that's an issue for you
  13. Yes i have that version, all dlcs are included 👍
  14. With bee shield and a good smg this boss is a joke. Takes less than a minute solo even with a rank 53. You can farm the bee at your level in the main game (forgot the name, that radio dj guy in the desert), takes about an hour. Would never use another shield again.
  15. Its called Beyond Touch and you can find it in the playstore (at least on android) DL it and it works fine (though i think this is ps4 inly, not sure)