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  1. All that aside?
  2. Good to know, thanks for the tip as i was having the same issue. Just did the ATV mission with a ds3 and switched back over after end of mission, but i really don't like the feel of it anymore, so I'll try this
  3. You need a guide to autopop trophies? Seems you have more things to figure out than how to play a game, i suggest you start on that first
  4. Thank God no auto-pop 🙏 Even though I would use it on certain other games, this masterpiece deserves to be played from scratch again, gwent cards and all
  5. Probably? Definitely....
  6. Probably? Let's say hopefully.... What a sad feat that would be if it were the case 😐
  7. I would restart if I were you, 3 plats is not so hard to re-earn, certainly if you like the games you got them on. If you don't restart a new account, you will probably earn more plats and keep on torturing yourself that you should have restarted earlier. Then again, think twice what you're looking for in a new account, a 100% account can be a frustrating and expensive endeavor, and might even suck the enjoyment out of your gaming, as that would become your main goal, and not the games themselves. On top of that, and this is personal, my list is like a history of games that I enjoyed through the years, and is linked to memories and friends, and I started long before I was trophy hunting, so incompor not, I wouldn't dream of starting over. So in short, yes start again as youre not so far in, but figure out what you want for your new list and enjoy the ride. Good luck!
  8. Then again, Assassin's Creed or Call of duty could fall under these stipulations...
  9. Need to cut down on your pornhub time asap my friend...
  10. Copying a Witcher 3 savefile from the cloud to my ps4 instead of the other way round. 10 hours of progress lost That'll teach me to drink and game at the same time...
  11. That could actually bump these games out of the shovelware category... I mean, have you ever tried to pet a jumping hotdog in a drift? Not so easy my friend...
  12. This is the exact problem. Everyone will judge shovelware games differently, and who draws the line where. Now whilst I agree with the principle, and wouldn't touch those (actual) shovelware shite games with a ten foot pole, who is to say what is and isn't? Kind of a judge and jury position... No it isn't. You will always have idiots that think stroking a cat/dog/snake/elephant is challenging enough to count as a respectable plat. Personally, when I see that shit on someone's list, it tells me enough, no need to take away points, profile is worthless to me anyway... but once again, that's my opinion and someone else will disagree. And so it goes on and on. Live and let live I guess...
  13. I don't really care about the rewards so much, although I'll take them, more so the fact that is it allowed? Could you get banned cause you're stacking plats and maybe rewards in the same game whilst buying them in another region?
  14. What's the impact of buying games from another region and playing them on your main i wonder? Still fine? As it rewards you for buying/playing too...
  15. Every time I start a lego game, I realize why they're so rare... the trophies, and the games, tend to be mindnumbingly boring and grindy, so after a few hours of feeling my neurones pop and die in my brain, I give up... Then after a few months I forget (due to a lack of neurones) and I start again... Many years later I get the Plat. I guess it's the same for other people too.