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  1. I can actually enjoy a grind if it adds something, like e.g. levelling up a character to be able to take on a boss, or making it easier to get through certain parts of a game if you lack the skill, making it a choice between long or hard... (Some of this sounds so wrong 😄) But if it's just randomly thrown in to artificially lengthen a game or just because of poor game design, then it is not only a chore, but a sign of how lazy and incompetent a game developer can be. It certainly puts me off (or at least keeps me sceptic) towards further titles they bring out. So in short it all depends on the setting and the reason...
  2. I say remaster it 50 times if you feel like it, any reason to return to rapture is good for me!
  3. Ok cool, i'll do it like that then 👍, thx for the tip
  4. Ok thx, but that means leavd the level and progress, which apparently could bug out the brick?
  5. So how the hell do you avtivate elemental powers in this game?! You need electric to activate this switch but jay only does basic attacks. The game does a poor job of explaining imo
  6. Way overpriced...
  7. Are you playing dlc maps? Main game maps should be well populated, certainly in the weekend, but the dlc maps are pretty much dead, which is strange cause they are the best ones and were given out for free last year...
  8. Absolutely! Ps+ has helped me discover not only some well hidden gems, but also to appreciate smaller developpers and indie titles where i never would have looked twice at them before! It has opened my view on so many types of games since i tried free titles and so just for that it has been well worth the investment, and i regularly try unknown titles you receive, cause you just never know where the next hidden gem might lie...
  9. Well the message itself is quite thought-inspiring, maybe a random stranger just wants to brighten your day with a little mind teaser I could dig that
  10. You can switch freely, and curing vampirism has no effect on the storyline. Do take care though, Aela can turn you into a werewolf only twice, one through their questline, and once after if you ask her. After that it no longer works, so get the werewolf trophy out of the way asap. Vampire doesnt matter, can become as much as you want.
  11. Bioshock 1&2 Those old school tunes just fit the game so well!
  12. So anybody have the issue where you can't connect in coop for the campaign? Tried with several friends over several months and no luck. Had no issue with mp btw. Is there a known fix to this?
  13. Totally agree there is no experience like it, or at least that i have found to this day in video games. But following that train, your Bioshock Infinite plat should be your 1999th, how cool would that be 😉
  14. All the time, money, sweat, swearing, broken contollers and ruined relationships that went into my profile, just to swap it out? Two words: Hell no!!
  15. True, but just like women, if I can't get the beautiful rare ones, I'll settle for all the easy uggo's I can get...