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  1. At this point, it just means: thank f*ck for that, i can finally scratch that one off my backlog... And then I remember the dlc...
  2. If you have to resort to this, you are already a sad person by definition in my book, and so I couldn't care less if you stroke your ego this way... It's like posting a photoshopped picture of you and Emma Stone and telling the world she's your girlfriend... You wanna be a loser? Go right ahead, I'll sit back and laugh with a bucket of popcorn
  3. The Riches Deadwood Damn those were some good shows... shame they didn't keep going, most shows these days are overacted badly scripted Ally Mcbeal / CSI clone bullshit... oh well, I guess we need to go with the times
  4. Just turn on the cheats by chapter select then reload into your grounded playthrough. Easy as pie... Unless you are hell bent on doing it legit of course...
  5. Stops me pondering on how shite the rest of my life is
  6. One of the best games of last generation! If you like great atmosphere and fun action, you owe it to yourself to play this, even now in 2022. It's so good imo that the graphics don't even matter, and that's saying alot. If only we could have a remaster of this... 😤
  7. If your trophies are not important to anyone but you, the H should also not be important to anyone but you. So either your claim is untrue, or you wish to boost your completion artificially whilst not taking responsibility for incomplete games, for whatever reason they are so. Since the stats reflect the hidden percentage, it is more than fair that fellow hunters see that you wish to hide some of these. We all (or most) have such games /lists, and you always have the choice to show them or boost your stats in, what I think, is a cheap way. So sorry for being harsh, but man up, and show it for what it is. Then again, you don't care as you said, so what does it even matter...
  8. Crushing is not that hard once you get the hang of the ai. Just do not use the cover mechanic (which I suppose you are doing?), just stay free from cover while aiming and peeking around corners (if this is clear). Always keep your head on a swivel though, enemies like to flank. Also always swap out your guns for those with rounds on them dropped by enemies (pick up), no such thing as a favorite gun, and prioritize weapons with a high ammo count. Also you can go back on easy and pick up collectibles through chapter select, no need to have all on one playthrough. You'll be fine, good luck 💪
  9. Yes
  10. I agree, although I truly experienced that wow experience going from ps2 to ps3, much more than the transition to the generation after that. Although we see how the games have evolved over the years, the end generation ps3 games (tlou, gow etc.) felt like less of a world apart than when I first picked up a ps3 and booted up the original assassin's creed. I guess it's just the law of diminishing returns that's taking effect, but I'm honestly not even in a rush to pick up a ps5. Then again, good for me, or I'd be standing in line outside my local store for the better part of a year 😅
  11. If you are releasing a patch day 1 to fix a thousand bugs, you shouldn't be releasing at all. Tired of these publishers pushing for quick profits and rushing devs just to ruin the experience for their customers! The ones that support them by buying day one are the ones that get shafted, typical these days... 😒 Anyway, I'll be waiting before I start this...
  12. Are servers still up for tier 1? I can't get it to start, endless search loop 😫 Can it be played offline by any chance?
  13. So can anyone confirm for sure that all the trophies in the 2 separate Bioshock 1&2 remasters (EU) can be earned again if you already platted the Collection version that came out in 2016? Would like to do them again but only if the lists are separate.
  14. Auto-popping trophies devalues one's trophy list imo, and demotes it to a numbers game without worth. And even though I have been guilty of this myself (i.e. borderlands), I do regret this now, and hope devs as much as possible do not follow this practice. If u want'em, earn'em...