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  1. I was going to suggest truetrophies because they offer something similar to what you describe, but then I saw that you have already registered there. 😄
  2. PS3 still has my favorite system menu of all consoles, so I enjoy booting it up. Playing some multiplatfrom games need getting used to, simply because the framerate and screen tearing can be noticeably awful. I try to switch between my systems as much as possible, but the Gamecube has top priority for me atm.
  3. Silent Hill 2 & 3 SSX Tricky Dragon Quest VIII
  4. Sorry, haven't used Linux in something like 20 years and no clue about how it works these days. But if you managed to install RetroArch, it can't be that difficult. I expect SNES games in September, when Nintendo wants people to renew their subs. Sooner would be nice, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  5. Yes! I still like to play Descent 1 and 2 through DXX-Rebirth: I've been looking forward to the new Descent ever since I read that it supports VR. Playing Overlord, a similar 6DOF game, feels amazing with the Oculus Rift. The Forsaken remaster is great aswell, but only available on PC and Xbox One. Not sure why they haven't ported it to PS4 yet.
  6. Trophy description says that you only need S ranks on Normal. Do you actually need S+ on HC?
  7. If you look at GOG, a digital distribution platform for classic PC games, most games on there would have disappeared forever if they hadn't made them available digitally. As for console systems, emulation will help preserve the games. With a little effort it's rather easy to find everything from complete ROM sets to untouched isos of Wii, PS3 and 360 games. Even games that were only available as WiiWare or DSiWare.
  8. He's not wrong though. As soon as you reach the sprite village the story seems to get reduced to the bare minimum of go from A to B and kill everything without any meaningful characterization along the way. Makes the game feel more tedious than it is because it started much stronger.
  9. Never really played Ep 1 Racer except for the demo on PC, but Rogue Squadron came out a few months before Ep 1. I think it was the last game of that era of classic Star Wars games.
  10. Maybe it had to to with Star Wars not being as ubiquitous as it is today. To me it feels like the shitty Star Wars games started as soon as A Phantom Menace came out and they released that awful movie game.
  11. But that was when Lucas Arts still existed. They made some amazing Star Wars games. (X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Dark Forces & Jedi Knight)
  12. Vita and PS3 will also get shut down eventually, but not until people stop buying games and keeping the store running makes more money than it costs to maintain the servers. if they manage to include backwards compatibility of these systems with PS5 (no reason why Vita TV compatible games shouldn't also run on it), I think they will live much longer than without it. If Switch had access to and could play Wii purchases, they probably wouldn't end these services either.
  13. As far as I know you will still be able to download everything you have bought, but from January 30th onwards you will not be able to buy anything new and all of your points will become worthless. edit: Fourth question: When will all Wii Shop Channel services (including the ability to re-download) be terminated? Users were able to add Wii Points until March 26, 2018, and they will continue to be able to purchase content on the Wii Shop Channel until January 30, 2019. In the future we will be closing all services related to the Wii Shop Channel, including the ability to redownload WiiWare and Virtual Console games, as well as the Wii System Transfer Tool, which transfers data from Wii to the Wii U system. We will announce specific details as that time approaches. So they are leaving it open. At least the downloads are going to be available a little while longer.
  14. I forgot the spring costume. That really was annoying! But at the same time, talking about it makes me want to play through Galaxy 1 again. Collecting the 121st star with Mario and Luigi felt super satisfying. Reached NSMBU's Superstar Road on the weekend and hot damn is that a step up in difficulty. But also fun. Curious to see how Luigi U will compare to those.
  15. Sorry if it came off like that. English isn't my native language so meaning and intention can get lost in translation. Again, everything I'm saying is only my personal opinion from my own perspective. If people are happy with collecting games good for them! It's great that games, which would have been download-only a couple of years ago, are seeing beautiful physical releases, like Shantae or Sonic Mania. Limited Run is doing a great job with their special editions. But in the same way that some people are happy to have these things on their shelves, I'm happy that I don't have to.