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  1. AMA

    Don't mean to be a dick to OP, but Powerpyx has 4 guides for the game:
  2. At least on Steam the most recent version is 1.0.4 from November 2016. The guide has been written in May 2015, so I guess there's a chance it's been fixed? The last comment on the guide is from August 2016 and mentions that a patch is coming, but I can't really find anything on 1.0.5 or what it contains.
  3. I would argue that the important parts of it are actually so good, that it doesn't matter that everything else is a technical catastrophe.
  4. It will come to other systems.
  5. For those of us that don't understand Japanese.
  6. I doubt this is an exclusive. Mabye timed, but they didn't say anything about that during the Direct.
  7. He has Squall as his avatar. It's only fitting that he should be the fastest achiever as well as the first.
  8. To some trophy hunters the only quality they care about in games is how quickly they can be completed.
  9. No Contrived Finish or 10.000 Kills trophies? What is this? A sensible trophy list for people who don't have 100 hours to waste? The problem with FFVIII is that the enemeis are actually more difficult the higher your level is. To me, that's taking all the fun out of the progression because spending time upgrading your character isn't a reward but punishment.
  10. On PS4: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris DIablo 3 Overcooked 2 No Man's Sky if you just want to spend time exploring Resogun On PS3: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault Ratchet & Clank All For One Syndicate
  11. I too want to add that the new Blade Runner is a fantastic movie. Maybe it won't be what you expect, but it's certainly made with a lot of care and reverence for the original. Besides, it's just beautiful to look at and tells an interesting story in the same world that isn't just a rehash or soft reboot of the original. Matrix 4, whatever. 1 was the coolest fucking thing 1999, but the sequels weren't. It felt like the Wachowskis took years to develop the ideas for the original and then had to make the sequels as fast as possible without any clue what they wanted to do. Maybe now they had enough time to come up with something interesting again.
  12. They are both great choices. Personally I'd prefer Cuphead over Cadence. Similar games that I can recommend to you are The Messenger, Blazing Chrome and Hollow Knight.
  13. Spoiler alert for NG+ I guess. Does it count if you start a new game and pick the candle to carry over from the previous playthrough? Technically you don't finish the quest for the power of true sight to get it.
  14. Came here to say this. Played a bit and it was actually quite good in coop. Has nothing to do with BR. It's more like a PVPvE.
  15. Did this on the 360 on E2M9. It's basically one big room and should take less than 1 hour.