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  1. But still,isn't Champion Edition the complete version with all characters, stages and costumes, except for the character that hasn't been announced yet? 30$ for the complete package is a pretty good deal. The base game plus alle three character passes is currently 60$, but that won't give you Kage, Gill, the unannounced character, stages and costumes.
  2. If this really includes all costumes, stages and characters for 40$, I'll definitely buy it. Isn't Champion Edition just that?
  3. Haven't played Andromeda yet, but if they decide to make a new one I hope they don't reboot it and work with their mistakes. The idea, that humanity is the alien species in a new galaxy is very interesting to me.
  4. Made an Excel file to get an overview of how many games including DLC I have on my backlog per system. 206 PS3 games and 137 Vita games before either system can be retired. 😅
  5. I hope it's between 10-15 hours long, but with different factions and choices, that make it fun to play through 2-3 times.
  6. It seems like Isreali and European stores have the same sales. Pretty sure they'll have the Ratchet & Clank games for cheap at least once more this year.
  7. You could also create an European account. They go on sale relatively often.
  8. Yes, they do. Yes, you can have multiple accounts on your ps3. The first time you download a game from PSN your PS3 will be activated on that account, which means you can play all the games on your Israeli account.
  9. Smart for Sony, but bad for Rockstar, because they want/need to sell more copies in the first week than Sony can ship consoles in the first few months.
  10. Mostly crossgen games that will be on PS4 aswell as PS5 and probably a new Assassin's Creed, Fifa 21 and Call of Duty.
  11. No, because every few matches you'll get the option to complete a challenge and five times you have to pass at least tier 1 of a challenge or your whole clan dies. Check the link below. There are very easy ones for that purpose though, like heal teammates (stick close with the medic skill and hold the button), mark enemies, give crafting items, and so on. Each challenge can only be completed once, so save the easiest ones for that occasion. As long as you have one survivor in your clan at the end you get the trophy. It sounds way more complicated than it is.
  12. If it happens, I'd rather see it on PS5 than PS4, just to get it running at a stable 60fps and a visual quality similar to Dark Souls 3/Bloodborne.
  13. It's not like you'll ever have a 100% perfect completion on your profile anyway, with Uncharted 3 and a handful of fighting games on there. Besides, the multiplayer is the easy part. Getting through Grounded and Grounded+ is what takes most time and effort.
  14. If it's not on a home console it doesn't count!
  15. This! And only this! Blazing Chrome isn't perfect, but a lot closer to what I would expect of a new Contra. Konami seems to play a meta game to see how much they can ruin their franchises. I expect the next Castlevania to be a first person shooter service game, similar to Destiny/Anthem/Hellgate London, but done poorly.