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  1. Considering how you mostly race at a speed above 100mph in these games, it doesn't sound too bad.
  2. Maybe it's finally officially coming to the west aswell. Either way, I'm excited to see what they do with it. As far as I know a lot of people from Street Fighter IV are involved in the development.
  3. There was a teaser in September:
  4. They did and failed. Remember Paragon? Remember the new Unreal Tournament? Remember Fortnite before PUBG? Nobody cared about any of these until they made a PUBG clone.
  5. PSDLE saved my sanity. The browser plugin is perfect to filter the PSN downloadlist and actually find what I want. It's not really an issue with PS4 stuff, but trying to find a specific piece of DLC or unlisted game for PS3 or Vita is a nightmare when you have 3000+ things on there. :D

    1. Evertonian


      yeah its the only way to sift through the pile


      Still cannot understand why PSN wont allow filters in the search on the purchase history


      Not an issue for PS4 as you say, but for old stuff it can be a pain finding anything, especially as it seems to reorder it every time you buy a new plus sub

    2. HusKy


      Just the fact that PSVita download list shows incompatible games from other platforms is completely baffling. Sony should step up their game in this regard.

    3. soniq


      The 360 had the same problem. I can only assume that they planned to solve that issue eventually, which they kind of did with the next generation. :D Thankfully someone created that plugin. Praise the sun! \o/

  6. Too late for me, but cool for everyone who either hasn't bought it yet or doesn't mind double dipping.
  7. I see, thanks! Didn't know about the difficulty and merely assumed they added some more stuff and called it Razor's Edge instead of GOTY Edition.
  8. Thanks, that's what I thought. As you said, the install size is always the full size of the game. Playing through some of my PS3 backlog, I wish the they would have patched an option for full game installs into the system software (similar to how 360 had that) when internal storage got bigger later in the system's life, because that drive is so slow and error-prone some times.
  9. Problem is that the only source for used games I have is Ebay, and I can't really find anything on there. Or at least not for something at an adequate price. Isn't Razor's Edge supposed to be the improved version?
  10. I've had this game on my PSN wishlist for a while to see when it goes on sale. Checked PSPrices to see if there was maybe a sale that I have missed and noticed that they actually increased the price recently: https://psprices.com/region-gb/game/18464/ninja-gaiden-3-razors-edge Since the 21st of February it's £25 instead of £20 on the UK store. Has this ever happened before? A shame that this and NGS2 rarely are on sale as it is and Razor's Edge especially seems to be hard to find on disc at a reasonable price if at all.
  11. The Berserk GIF in your signature is pretty cool!

    1. Dark-Hax-


      Thanks man, glad you like it.

  12. Aren't PS4 games always fully installed to the HDD and only use the disc for verification since the beginning? Can't think of a single physical game I have that would load data from the disc while playing.
  13. At least they can't ruin Sonic any further, no matter how bad the movie is.
  14. For some reason playing PS3 games feels more fun since so many service games have come out. The games also have a different feel to them compared to new releases. Played through the Killzone PS3 games over the weekend and had a lot of fun. Never played them before and was super impressed by how amazing it looks, even by today's standards and the weapons feel fantastic.
  15. There can only be one: I would love to know what they said in those meetings when they decided that Polygon Man was supposed to be THE PlayStation mascot.