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  1. If only tonight we could sleep is on Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me is what I meant.
  2. Wrong album, but the Platinum could actually have been called "If only tonight we could sleep"
  3. Cool intro, but have they been inspired more by Marvel Studios or Xbox Game Studios? 😂
  4. It's neither forbidden nor banned. Everybody above 18 can own and play it. It's not allowed to advertise games that have been "indexed" or sell it openly where minors can see it.
  5. The Twin Pack is actually a collection of Biohazard 5 and the Biohazard Revival Selection, which is also a twin pack of 2 games and was sold seperately. They should have called this a triple pack. 😄 You can find it on Ebay for around 20$:
  6. Not a native speaker, so my definition of being deceptive might be wrong, but my point was that Nintendo also puts games on other platforms that aren't their own. So if I'm getting you right, you'd rather have a Horizon endless runner on mobile than a high quality port of a very good game? Honest question, not implying anything or trying to decieve people. edit: Ok, after reading a few more posts of you, I realise that you are heavily invested in the brand in some way or another, and either can't or don't want to see the benefits to reaching a broader audience.
  7. This is fantastic news. Not sure why people are against a port of a 3 year old game to another platform. Nobody is taking anything away from the fans. I don't remember this happening when Banjo and Kazooie appeared in Smash Ultimate, or Cuphead and Ori were announced for Switch. Hopefully they'll port Bloodborne next. That game deserves a rock solid 60fps+ framerate. Either way, just don't be like this guy: People seem to argue that Nintendo doesn't put their games on PC, so why should Sony? They are making mobile games though. Super Mario, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Pokemon are all on Mobile in one form or another.
  8. 207 games on PS3 and 138 on Vita. Ever since the rumors started that PS5 could possibly emulate PS3, I haven't played a lot of games in the hopes that it could be true and they also run at least a bit better.
  9. If you get everything else up to 100% completion you could consider it if it really bothers you that much. Otherwise I wouldn't.
  10. True, I always forget about these. Also came to PC.
  11. You could just buy a Switch if you enjoy it that much. That systems has some other great exclusives aswell. It's kind of similar to when Tomb Raider 1 and Resident Evil 1 both would be released on the Saturn, but the sequels were only on PS1.
  12. Interesting that they made two different prints of original GOTY version with the Spider-Man font and later again with the Slim logo.
  13. So the news is that there's no news?
  14. True, but if you replace one of them with a PS5, you'll still end up having one box under your TV. ^^
  15. If it plays all of my PS4 and PS3 games then yes, simply because I can get rid of a box in my living room.