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  1. I guess the guide is wrong, trying to shot all rivals in one match now, will boost it later if get no luck.
  2. Finally u have this completed
  3. Hi Husky, I was wondering... Do you think is that possible to add in future an ability to export entire profile (after clicking load all games, and even changing some filter options, like displaying only PS5 games and filtering in ascending by time and export would looks like it is filtered right now) into to csv file?
  4. Michael Jackson had some if i remember correctly. maybe not straight trophies to play adhoc but only to unlock some customes or items and they were needed for trophy
  5. Fighting Force, Tekken 3, Tekken 2, Action Man: Operation Extreme
  6. I still hope some developer will develop some easy game for FREE, hunters gonna play it and then he would add DLC for 10k $ OR free DLC with one bronze trophy which will require you to play this game 10k hours, but some active play, lets say kill final boss million times. Thats my christmas wish.
  7. I just love it.
  8. I am playing it from Poland Store so I believe it is EU, dunno about NA if it is the same list.
  9. They quietly added some challenge trophies, I just wonder how easy or hard they might be, did not touched challenge mode on PSV/PS4 version
  10. This is an asian version (bug priced atm) And this is JP store ver, listed as AS atm NA versions: AS:
  11. Played today and yesterday 2 stacks of Beat Souls, they are listed as NA but actually they are EU:
  12. Astro Bot Rescue Mission was fun too
  13. Ahh sorry, link to whatsapp was not removed, you have to click on facebook icon, then on facebook you dont have chance to write on messenger, there is a link to whatsapp there instead, so calling him is still an option, any brave guys?
  14. Ok, I have tried to be nice, and seems like the patch will not come.
  15. I have contacted developer via whatsapp, he left number on his page. He read that but not responded, maybe someone from spain or someone who speaks spanish may call him and ask about fix?