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  1. Yeah, after two emails written on their site, I tried twitter today and got served very well
  2. Sent two mails within months, no respond at all. That might be the crapiest developer so far I met in my playstation gaming history.
  3. Just setup flags with circle like on images then hold square to complete puzzle.
  4. Maybe someone could ask on twitter or something, BadDriver's guide has been posted 3 months ago so is it possible that US trophies still are not on Sony servers? That's weird.
  5. @HusKy Sorry for above post, I couldnt write there, dunno why. Thanks for PSNP+, its helpfull a lot And I have a question, is there any chance to write a script to compare trophies with another player? e.g I am on @smashero (he left disc lol) profile, I want to click button and show games that I didnt completed. Compare is not neccesary because I got 100% on all games anyway
  6. And nobody is forcing you to cheat and get plat in 30mins. I am going to rape this game in few minutes. Because I can
  7. Good to know, I have got the same issue in Cat Quest, restarting game fixed some trophy pop problems.
  8. Seems like this is a JP version of this game, anyone can confirm that?
  9. This is EU version of this game, got the plat and bought it in Poland PSS.
  10. Just encountered that on AS stack. The reason it may be - I clicked Skip level, accidentionaly. Then I went through the level select and redo the level with 3 stars. When I finished first world I realized no trophies popped. And then, did one level with 3 stars and 25th level to get finish first world trophy. So if u clicked Skip Level, please restart the game.
  11. This stack is for PH version, exclusively for Play-Asia. Can someone sign this as PH version like Foxyland and Foxyland 2 for vita?
  12. Will this be signed as PH, like Foxyland and Foxyland 2?
  13. Gonna play Miler later tonight and will make a new thread in suitable stack
  14. This is trophies from physical version from Play-Asia, dunno if it can be reached digitally.
  15. Still going down, I feel sorry for ya.