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About Me

Well, I've been here since mid 2013 so I guess I end up doing an About Me page finally.(I'll probably add more progressively)


I'm a 22 years old ♂ who lives in the South of France in an appartment 10 minutes away from the beach, I spent nearly my whole life in Paris where my family still lives. I also have a house in Portugal which I gain by inheritance.

I have a master degree in sociology and I'm actually working in a project to help homeless people with the hospital of my town.

I always loved to help everyone around me, even if they don't want my help :shakefist:

I was born and raise in a very religious family but I don't consider myself as one.


I haven't actually favorite games since they are really few games that I dislike and I enjoy all kinds of games.

I am a sensitive person so I cry easily whenever I see a sad movie/series or even mangas (Oh I love mangas and animes btw).


Hope I didn't bother you in the forums :blush: