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  1. As it says on the title, let's share our best screenshots that we took with our Vita while gaming. Here some of mines... Oh, obviously this thread may have spoilers... This one is from Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus: (looks like Ryu is an Assassin) Soul Sacrifice: Rayman Origins: I'll post frequently more, but I'm curious to see yours as well.
  2. The title says it all, in my opinion the trophies of this game are just a joke, they are so easy to get, the hardest must be the international world champion on master league or the BAL's trophies.
  3. I know that Dragon for quite some time and I never wished to fight it
  4. Banned for not having a sig... anymore
  5. Aren't they Sith lords instead?
  6. I personally never saw you but since you have more posts than me, you deserve 8/10
  7. Well, an owl is no big deal, look at me trying to scare you with my big eyes
  8. I blame you for posting more than 100000 posts in this site but only 104 on the games forums
  9. To burst the
  10. 9/10 as you're the one to talk about small sizes
  11. Banned for taking revenge on dmann for a post he made on 04 February 2015 - 09:58 PM
  12. Changes his profile pic so much that I can't remember all of them
  13. Ys: Memories of Celceta
  14. What about the Yes or No part :P Well it's ok: I'd love to play Bully again. That game was crazy but I liked it Do you listen to music while you play?
  15. his big churros
  16. I blame you for making it sound nasty to want a churros...
  17. Yes, but I will keep it secret Would you like Sony to make a new handheld console?
  18. . They met at
  19. Banned for treating me like a child just 'cuz she has bigger boobies #sizedoesntmatter
  20. Ready for RAD Finish any Pro level with every landing, grind and launch perfect (4.32%)
  21. I blame you for making that girl in your sig cry every 2 seconds... It's so sad
  22. Yes, unless it's a really fun game or the grinding isn't too time consuming. In an online game where you have a team with random players, do you care about your team ?
  23. Dragon Quest
  24. his friend that