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  1. Next time you think the trophy is unobtainable, just check the Last Achievers list for a given trophy.
  2. Not really. You need to start a new character to have a cross progression. You cannot import a character that is not in the cloud, and old saves aren't.
  3. 99 on HC. Holy s%it! I'm a little afraid of cross-progression here. PC+Bot, and you are golden.
  4. 1. RDR2 2. Final Fantasy VII Remake 3. Bloodborne 4. Witcher 3 5. Doom 2016 6. God of War 7. Nioh 8. Beat Saber 9. Binding of Isaac 10. Rock Band 4 Strong contenders that I haven't play yet: Sekiro, Dark Souls 3
  5. Most popular fruit in the world (mangos as a good answer, not bananas) and biggest exporter of rice in 2012 (should be India). In two attempts out of three I had a questions with wrong answer. Shame Edit: and another one! Which animals are omnivores (grab that bag), and Bagers was a wrong answer! FFS this is one od the first info that you get if you google badgers! Everyone knows that! Maybe I will play UK version...
  6. There is no chance that those achievements are legit. edit: I submitted their profiles, and now they are banned. Shame. Not
  7. How long egg boil edit: sorry, I thought we are on google search.
  8. Totally worth it. This is a wacky game like Goat Simulator. Fast platinum, haven't been tired for a minute of my playtime. And I played it same time as Ghost of Tsushima and AC: Valhalla, so the competition for my time is fierce.
  9. You are the one who "have fun playing mayo game" (not just playing for platinum. A truly special kind of a man. (after that sentence I stopped reading. It's just a huge waste of time)
  10. Mind that this game is really fun in co-op. Did a full playthrough with my girlfriend and we had a blast!
  11. Why don't you stay back then? If your team fails 70% of the time, and teams are random, you are most likely the reason your team are losing. No personal attack, just statistics.
  12. I see Free Ball as the best team game in FG. You can play your role, your skill is important for a team (in opposition to team tails for example), and you can be better and better. But hey! That's just me.
  13. Eizo Collection Spyro Trylogy
  14. About 16-17. Hate the game now. I haven't lost single non-team minigame in over 80 games, what makes them abysmal waste of time, and I keep losing team games that I can't help much like team tail, what makes the game sooo frustrating
  15. Had the same. Like 40hours of gameplay without Straub. Saw videos, saw tutorials. No Straub