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  1. Mind that this game is really fun in co-op. Did a full playthrough with my girlfriend and we had a blast!
  2. Why don't you stay back then? If your team fails 70% of the time, and teams are random, you are most likely the reason your team are losing. No personal attack, just statistics.
  3. I see Free Ball as the best team game in FG. You can play your role, your skill is important for a team (in opposition to team tails for example), and you can be better and better. But hey! That's just me.
  4. Eizo Collection Spyro Trylogy
  5. About 16-17. Hate the game now. I haven't lost single non-team minigame in over 80 games, what makes them abysmal waste of time, and I keep losing team games that I can't help much like team tail, what makes the game sooo frustrating
  6. Had the same. Like 40hours of gameplay without Straub. Saw videos, saw tutorials. No Straub
  7. How is this level requires luck? If you are able to pass it, you will qualify to another round. You don't even need to be faster than other players - just be faster than the slime. Imho this is the only level that luck is irrelevant.
  8. This game is dividing people due to it's construction. The weaker players have a good time due to team games and luck that helps them win some games, when other multiplayer games gives them no chance, BUT the better players hit frustration wall rather fast. I - for example - have 40 level already. So I can't play for rewards. The last reward of the season should be like +25% to gaining currency. I never lose in single-player games (in opposite to team games), so a lot of them are just boring waste of time. My goal is to win crowns, but before I have a chance, I need to play one boring game after another. Because of what I said before, games like charm, or team tail frustrates me, because I "waste time" in 2-3 mini games I'm always in top 20% just to lose in mini games I can't even really help my team mates. No matter how perfect may I be as a player, I can't help my team in team tail game! It's a coin flip. Normally It would not affect my view on a game. A lot of games start to be repetitive, and I switch them to another ones. That's a circle of life. BUT now we have a trophy that requires you to win 5 in a row. It makes 50% luck games competitive, because you NEED to win as much as possible. For me it ruins the whole experience. I know I can just drop the game, and I probably will. But it could be so pleasant platinum
  9. Right after Imagine Dragons, the better DLC around. Song choice is good, new aesthetics is really please to watch. But if you think this DLC will help you with trophies like the previous ones (Panic at the disco f.e.) you will be surprised. Mapping can be really harsh. Overall: great value, we need more!
  10. Sounds more like your internet connection, mate. The game works more or less just fine.
  11. for the first 30 levels. Than you just die a little inside after another "formality" in solo levels, and unfair lose in team games.
  12. Some people never win whole games with more than one opponent present. As a worse player, team games help you win minigames, and earn more points for a fancy new skin. I - personally - have like-hate relation with this game. I like the idea, I hate that the only one I care is a crowns and streak right now, and it could be taken from me because of the other people in my "team".
  13. Imho the worse you are, the funnier this game gets in a long run. If you are on the good side, you are getting more frustrated after ANOTHER team tail game, when you are unable to help your team. If you are bad, team games with 66% or flat 50% win rates are a blessing comparing to other multiplayer games.
  14. And today servers are working but it found me... 3 games. For the whole day! Im falling, faling then "unable to find opponents" and fall again. Maybe matchmaking is up amd it tries to find me my level of opponents (lvl25+)? Still: as usual, shame of you Devolver.
  15. We just won as a 4ppl team but trophy doesn't pop. I'm not surprised since Devolver made few games with unearnable trophies and refused to patch them but since a lot people got it, it's still quite curious.