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  1. I finished this DLC twice and got no trophy for said completion. Maybe you are the lucky one? Maybe you will have less stress because of it? (Ofc good luck!)
  2. The same reason there are a movies available both on Netflix and HBO go. Not everyone pays for everything. In recent months we had Sims 4 and Titanfall 2 from EA Acces, so it's not really a new situation.
  3. "Wait, what?" when I saw this title in here.
  4. Everyone who's in love in souls-borne genre in some point played it's first game of the genre. Just try it!
  5. Dude, you are from Canada. In poland Pizza Delivery Boy earns 1 YEAR WORTH of ps plus in 1 DAY. 24+ games and online, and discounts for one day of work. Seriously it's too expensive?
  6. Dude, you are lying. You have multiplayer trophies all over your profile from many, many months, and years. And yes. Ps plus is fair for me. In promotion, and every few months there is a promotion, YEAR of plus costs less than even pizza delivery boy earns in ONE DAY in Poland. You are probably from Spain, so it's probably even easier get. One year is minimum 24 games, many of them I would never bought, but had fun. It's a good addition even for games meant to play single-player like nioh / bloodborne / dark souls. But hey! Since you lied, I guess you are like 12 or something, so yes. In your case I would invest in books
  7. you have platinum at games that had multiplayer trophies in your second account, ergo you payed for ps+ yourself. This makes your comment quite weird...
  8. For masochists that think about playing this game: We have played this game three times. Three times passed the story which is boring as fuck since we dont have 5 y. o. anymore. First time we had a bug where we couldn't use cauldrons in Hogward. We needed to start again after getting about 150 gold bricks. Second time we did 99% but turns out, one character token was glitched and doesn't appear in its place. Third time save was corrupted at 95% How that many people get this platinum is beyond me. 30%? With that many glitches / bugs? so BEWARE! THIS GAME IS BORDERLINE GLITCHED AND SHOULDN'T BE PLAYED IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SANITY LEVEL HIGH! cheers!
  9. 4 / 10 for platinum 10 / 10 for DLC. I eated Bloodborne for breakfest, and I just can't beat most Nioh WotD missions. I think this is a design flaw when I can beat missions on Way of the Nioh, but have problems beating missions THREE DIFFICULITY LEVELS LOWER (some fights with 2 bosses on WotS). I know a lot people says you can one shot bosses etc with the right bulid but for bulid I need to theorycraft and watch videos and I just want to play, and beat the game with skill but I find it impossible Also: because of the nerfs, a lot bulids works different and even at level 400 switching bulid is like a countless hours investment since it's hard to find every thing it needs. tl;dr: for me this is the hardest game to 100% and I feel that the game is unfair. Too bad, because first 200h, until the wall was quite fun.
  10. Shadow of the colossus. You don't fight monsters - you fight your controller. I was unable to play it.
  11. Probably one of the worst ps+ games for me. PS2 game on PS4 - what a joke. Camera work, movement, mechanics are so dated it's almost unplayable for me.
  12. March 2020 prediction: Assassin's Creed - Syndicate Sniper Elite 3
  13. Actually, nevermind. 5 games, 5 wins. I picked the weird cut guy that look deeply in the players' eyes after win, and was as much aggressive as possible, since in my location is 3AM and every player I played has 1 connection bar, what greatly favores aggressive playstyle. Happy me, and good luck to the next worried!
  14. Damn, this trophy made me not play ladder since I'm sure that I will not win five in a row, but I also I'm afraid I will win enough to get higher in ladder and face stronger opponents where 5 in a row will be even more impossible. Damn impas. I don't get why so many people got it.
  15. Game is bad, trophy is bad. Just forget about it and move on.