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  1. I just don't get it. Trophies are such a wonderful way to enrich and prolong (?) your playtime. Micro challenges that make you look at the aspects of the game you will probably miss otherwise. And I believe it's about 1 Man Day max to prepare a good trophy list. Why do we got shit like this? also I HATE AI battles in Justice2. I've lost my interest in playing when I saw they gain XP quicker than I am, and then I lost my interest in game when I didn't play - just watches my AI bots play. And now I see AI battles are back, and the grindiest trophy (250 towers) can be probably done that way. Tha'ts whack 100% of MKX was one of my favorite 100%.
  2. No. If you ask questions like that, you are probably like 5, and this game is 18+.
  3. Too bad. That's you is a superb party game. Played it with over 10 different friends, and everyone wanted more.
  4. But! You can use 4 of the same.
  5. Holy fcuk! I wasted soo much time on this! Good job for achievers, even if the reward will be collected in weeks.
  6. But what about 100% trophy?
  7. Got the same problem with legendary fox
  8. I've got the different issue. I've tracked and killed a legendary fox, got a confirmation on the map (fox is crossed out), BUT my compendium say I killed 0. So, there goes my 100%. I will not do a redo from the scratch because of the 8th level of gambler challange I've just did after few hours of clicking x. (SHIIT! I tried so hard to get everything missable on time and not getting any spoilers! FFS :(((()
  9. Holy fuck, so much stuff to think about if you want the sweet 100%
  10. Haha. I just walked here to post exactly the same post as yours, OP. 2h and I won... 0 rounds of BlackJack with 3 or more cards taken. Funny thing is I met the requirements twice (19 and 20 points), but lost and had a draw. SUPER FUN, rockstar! What a waste of time. 7 years of development, and still so many low blows.
  11. No if you are spoiled by modern 120fps 4K games. Yes if you accept the fact that FO3 is an older game and you are ok with it. I rebought it like 3 weeks ago, and have a blast!
  12. True. Fun gameplay, with quite terrible setting (hate all that sand), and story that after 1/3 of the game you just skip. BUT ofc it is because we played a lot of games before. I can see that for someone less experienced it will be a interesting game to play.
  13. MeKrika I see you did your Astrarium trophy. How did you menage that? I have the same problem... edit: found my problem. With dlc, I had 15 astrariums finished and in my menu it shows only those 15. But I haven't start the whole area with 3 astrarium that are needed for the trophy. Case closed.
  14. Would buy this after my first 90% of time with Anniversary. Had a blast. House of cards trophy made me hate this developer though, so I will pass.