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  1. I came up with a strat after failing the polar section multiple times. Pretty much just wiggle the analog stick left and right to get the stack of 2x2 boxes. Some people have said using the d-pad worked for them but for me it didn't work so I thought what if I just wiggle back and fourth and it worked lol. Hopefully it'll help out someone struggling with it
  2. I was able to download it for free. I bought the game 6 years ago. I'm in the US btw.
  3. I feel as if though I've done these 2 trophies about 10 times already and they're not unlocking. For the "A Little Push" trophy you have to Use an Impulse Shot to Eliminate an Opponent Racer. I've shoot at opponent racers while they're far away and they just stand still. I've shot them when somebody else hits them and they still remain still, hit them in mid-air and shoot them out of the track and the trophy doesn't unlock. For "Shut Down" you have Use a Crash Missile to Eliminate an Opponent Racer. I've shot them while they're far away and really close but all it does it make them stop moving. I've also shot them while somebody else hit them and while they're in mid-air and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?? All I know is that to get these 2 power-ups you have to be in 4th place. On one of the maps where the start is a big fall followed by a right turn, i've shot opponents out of the track with an inpulse shot and it didn't count. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. If anybody has and tips for me, please respond.
  4. This happened to me too. I had about 550 kills with Johnny, 51 with Cyborgula, and only got 2 kills with Diabla before the trophy popped up for me.
  5. #68 Gal*Gun Double Peace The game is pretty fun and easy. There's only 1 trophy that's a grind to get and but other than that, I'd say this game is pretty easy to platinum.
  6. Project Diva F2nd/Rhythm games. But then I saw Project Diva F2nd was gonna be available on PS3 and bought the PS3 version. Then I saw a trailer for IA/VT Colorful in the summer of 2015 and saw that it was coming to the PS Vita and since I got into Vocaloids in late 2014 and listened to IA, I wanted that game. I started working in the summer and ended up saving money to but a Vita 2000 new for $150, a 64GB memory card, IA/VT Colorful Crystal Box, and Project Diva F2nd. I've been having my Vita for about 8 months and love it! Aside from the rhythm games, I got to try out some cool games like Senran Kagura, Persona 4 Dancing All Night, Velocity 2X and Gravity Rush. Right now I have 9 rhythm games and I plan on getting Miracle Girls Festival & Taiko No Tatsujin V version. I have both a Vita & N3DS XL and I play my Vita a lot more than my 3ds. The Vita has more games that interest me. If it wasn't for Project Mirai DX I don't think I would've gotten a 3DS
  7. I have 8 Dyad (1.56%) Velocity 2X (1.58%) Oddworld Munch's Oddyssey HD (2.07%) GTA V (2.33%) CATHERINE (2.45%) Vanquish (2.68%) Battlefield 3 (3.81%) Dead Nation (4.53%)
  8. After about a total of 7hours trying to beat minesweeper and failing, I tried something out of curiosity and it actually worked!! Simply restart/start up Velocity Ultra then go to the Minesweeper game and click the first 2 boxes in the upper left corner until you hit a bomb. Now, instead of resetting it and starting a new game, take a picture of it or screenshot it. Then press the PS button and close the game. Start the game up and go to Minesweeper and click on the first box you clicked on the first time. The pattern will literally be exactly the same as the one you played last time before exiting the game and the exact same one in the picture you took. All you gotta do now is match the Minesweeper game with the picture/screenshot you took and the trophy is all yours
  9. King & Armor King But since the Tekken Revolution event where you got 5 times the XP for using woman, I started to get more intermediate with Kunimitsu and am training with King & Kunimitsu