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  1. It's a shame this probably won't get an English release. I'd buy it day 1.
  2. The gameplay is a huge step down from Zeros mainly down to how cheap the enemies are. Giving Bosses regenerating health and power armour was a horrible idea, combine that with the appalling damage you deal and the Dragon of Dojima style basically unusable for the majority of the game because of how gimped it is it's a big drop from the bar Zero set. I've always found the Yakuza games to be a little too easy, so I'd actually like a challenging Yakuza game but the way it was....'attempted' here was a mess to say the least.
  3. #132 Danganronpa: Trigger happy havoc Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 7/10 From reading a lot of things said about this game I had fairly high expectations going into it. I won't say they were let down, but I didn't find it some masterpiece or anything close to it. It's enjoyable, if a little flawed. It suffers from a lot of redundant dialogue, though I guess that comes with the territory of Visual Novels. Grinding out school mode was a little tedious but all in all it's a very easy plat and something worth playing. I'll definitely play the second game at some point.
  4. Nope, never heard of it How about Rainbow: Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin?
  5. I doubt anyone would want to play it three times though...or even once for that matter
  6. Nope, I do remember considering watching it though. After reading the premises again I might actually try it this time Welcome to the NHK?
  7. The creators (I think it was Dan Houser) have said before that they don't have any interest in going anywhere outside of the US. Part of the spirit of GTA is providing social commentary and parody of American culture.
  8. #131 MGSV (PS3) Legend Enjoyment 5/10 Difficulty 2/10 It was the last MGS trophy set I had to compete so I figured why not do this and have a complete MGS trophy collection lol. The frame rate was painful to get used to, but it's playable....kind of. And the phantom pain is still there. The sheer disappointment I felt with this game. Why did I play it again? Just to suffer. But seriously, MGSV could have been so much more than it was, so much more. It's such a shame Kojimas final sendoff was an unfinished letdown. Oh well, I've completed one of my only trophy goals now. Having every MGS trophy possible. Can't say I feel satisfied though for some reason. RIP MGS </3
  9. So two people have already cheated their way to the plat. It's not possible to plat it yet because the last few stages of the monthly event haven't even been released yet. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to report them.
  10. Now that I've given that image some thought I'd say it happens after mission 51. They were going to cover the whole island in napalm to kill the parasites and all the infected children. It'd explain why everything is a cinder and why Big Medic screams in insanity after seeing the destruction he caused. (assuming he returned afterwards to assess the damage and to make sure it's been contained and cleanup etc) If that's actually what it is it pisses me off even more that it was cut. There is not a single point I don't agree with there. Even down to the questioning of oneself.
  11. Nope. Just example 9000 of cut content from this unfinished disappointment.
  12. I'm not even that against the idea that what happened in GZ is what pushes him over the edge, the main problem I have with the game is the fact there isn't near enough exposition on it. There's a couple of tapes and that's it. Although it does mess with the other games somewhat each one has been retconed so much at this point I expect retcons in a new Kojima game. I like the fact with this new revelation it was in actual fact the real Big Boss who sent Solid Snake to kill Venom. I'm not mad at the ending like most. I don't expect conventional story telling from Kojima so to expect a 'traditional' way of telling it is naive. I do however expect an indepth exploration into it. I'm sure even you cann't deny we didn't get that. Kojima picked a bad time to shelve the story for gameplay.
  13. I don't consider them separate. (Although GZ is a far better game but nevertheless)So you're happy with the explanation that Big Boss had an accident and awakes from his coma an evil sinister man. If you're fine with that explanation, good for you. To me it's a piss poor cop out of possibly the most important part of the Metal Gear saga. Again we didn't get anything new on why he became the way he did as we were told we would. We were told we'd see his slow descent into madness through revenge. According to you he woke up as the evil Big Boss we knew, or that the seeds of that were sown. We knew the seeds were sown long ago, we didn't see why they were sown, we still don't. We don't see why Big Boss changes. If the GZ accident is the reason fine, but why? He's had his men killed countless times before, his life almost taken many times before. Why does he suddenly become the man he is?
  14. Did we though? What did we actually learn as to *WHY* Big Boss goes down the path he does? We don't. All we get is what we already knew, Big Boss turns, we don't see why, we don't see how. (if the body switch was his idea I'd get it but it isn't, and even if it was it still doesn't explain why he suddenly becomes like that)Unless you think him waking up a different person is a satisfactory explanation. If it is then there was no need for TPP in the first place. The notion that he one day says "Fuck it, I'm going to be evil and take over the world today" is just as adept an explanation as the one we got.
  15. Pause the game and go to 'records'.