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  1. Well, I liked Radec, but that's because I'm a huge Killzone fan and might be slightly biased But in terms of which character I used for the online or found the easiest to use I think it was Heihachi. I did not like PaRappa or Toro at all!
  2. July 2020: NieR: Automata Gran Turismo Sport
  3. Yeah I was pretty gutted, but I'll keep trying! They do take a long time to do, but it's not so much that - it's more the intense concentration needed for 10mins, and one tiny mistake can really cost you. I haven't touched the Hillclimb in the single player yet (only a couple of League ones I set up), so I haven't much practise at them really, so I guess to be there abouts in the online ones already is not too bad! Thanks for the tip about the Wagers, I'll do that I'm currently just playing some Custom Championships for the practise and the money, along with the Career. Honestly though, I'm never going to be much good at this game, definitely not good enough to be winning consistently. I'm on a controller and automatic gears so I'll never be fast enough compared to those on wheels and using manual. Just doing the best I can with my skill (or lack of!)! Haha!
  4. Yeah, no worries, thanks. I got the Rallycross trophy but still working on the Hillclimb. I was all set to get it on the last event and literally in the final 10min before it ticked over a few people must have done good times and it dropped the required time by 1 second, so I ended up missing out by like 1 or 2 places 😡 Really annoying. Seems to be the hardest discipline to make the top tier in. Haven't tried the Wager events yet but I assume that'll be worse because probably only the pros do those..
  5. I voted 50/50 yes and no. I would prefer it to only be between consoles, not PC as well. But it's ok as long as there's the option to turn it off so I only get pitted against other PS4 players. When there's no option to turn it off and you're stuck competing against PC players as well it becomes a problem.
  6. It's definitely not something I'd do. Too many hours have gone into this profile and, even though there's things I'm unhappy with about this account, I just don't want to split my history and have things all over the place. As it is I'm already annoyed that it's split between PlayStation and Xbox (I played on 360 for basically all of last gen - thought I'd always stay with Xbox until Microsoft tried to pull the dirty with the Xbox One ). If I could go back in time and had've seen the future I would have gone PS3 instead and only had an Xbox for the exclusives.
  7. They are?! Wow ok, I hadn't looked that deeply into it so never knew any of this. Thanks for the info, that's great to know!
  8. You had me panicking there when I read the title - I was thinking maybe they'd shut the servers off or something and I still have this in the backlog. Was even thinking just last week that what if they stop daily challenges without warning! Glad that's not the case 🙃
  9. I don't use party chat myself, but I hate it when other people come through the TV in the public chat and all I can hear is their damn child screaming or baby crying. I can't stand it and go straight to the mute setting.
  10. Old thread I know, but just wondering if anyone else is still having problems with this trophy unlocking? I've tried the settings listed above and no luck. I've tried doing this in League, Custom Event and Custom Championship. Against the AI and also tried Personal Best. Nothing seems to work. I've also tried a number of different settings (not that it should matter since only being in headcam should matter). I got a chunk of other trophies by doing League but this one didn't pop when it should have. I've even tried with a brand new save file, and also on another PS4. Headcam is not my normal view (and this is not an easy game either) so it isn't easy for me to keep winning or even driving in this view
  11. Well the update doesn't appear to have fixed trophies because today I upgraded my 5 cars to max and guess what? No trophy. Last one I need for the platinum too. Wonderful. I've tried downgrading and then upgrading again multiple times and still nothing. Guess I'll have to get another car to max and then try having 6 upgraded at once
  12. I just completed this game today and I didn't experience that on either of my 2 runs. I actually got paired with great partners who walked side by side with me the entire way. My second run I was paired with a player who had the white robe on, who was either after the companion trophy or was just a really helpful/nice person (thankyou to that player in case they are actually on this site and see this!). So there are definitely players out there who will walk with you to the end Keep trying and preferably look for players wearing the white robe, as they are quite possibly looking for the trophy too. Or at the least are experienced and will play through until you reach the end. Good luck, it can be hit and miss with the kinds of players you're paired with for sure (I had some who just went off doing their own thing during the rest of the game, and others who just seemed to want to dance all around me and then run off while I was trying to signal for the meditation trophy). I'm sure you'll find someone though who'll go with you through those last couple of chapters to the end.
  13. Ok thanks for that I kind of suspected that might be the case, but just thought I might as well ask here anyway. Guess I'll just have to get better then, haha!
  14. Hello, I just started playing this game a couple of days ago after having really enjoyed Dirt Rally 2.0 from PS+. I just have a quick question regarding the Delta Daily events that occasionally come up - are these only ever Rally events, or can they also be Rallycross or Hillclimb? I'm just wondering if I could potentially make the top tier trophies for Rallycross and Hillclimb easier by waiting for a Delta event for these disciplines? Or are Deltas only ever going to be Rally? Would really appreciate if someone could give me an answer, thanks! In the month I've been playing DR 2.0 I don't recall a Delta ever being a Rallycross event, only rally 🤔
  15. I always "purchase" every game that we get on PS+, even if I have zero interest in many of them. I often try them on a dummy account as sometimes ones I think I'll like I actually don't, and some that I don't think I'll like actually end up being worth a play. Lately I've been trying to play more of my Plus games as I've realised that just having them in my backlog isn't actually getting my money's worth. I've been digging back through games I got years ago and making a point of playing the ones I'm interested in. I've realised I really miss getting Vita titles each month I've also found that games I'd originally had no interest in have become some of the ones I've enjoyed lately too, such as Injustice, Lego Harry Potter and Race The Sun. They are games I'd never have looked sideways at without having got them free through Plus, so it's definitely opened my eyes to a lot of genres and different types of games that I'd never had any interest in before. It's broadened my gaming horizons for sure! To to be honest though, I don't have PS+ now for the monthly games - I buy it so I can have online access. I probably wouldn't continue to renew my Plus at the moment if online access was free. So getting the monthly games is sort of a bit of a bonus really. I look forward to the announcement each month (although sometimes I do end up bitterly disappointed like this month, haha!). But yeah, I definitely do play quite a few of the Plus games. Probably around 20% of my profile is made up of them