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  1. Race Pro is another one that I can think of. It's alright if you like Sim racing. The Forza series is obviously far superior but Race Pro was still pretty good I thought. Basic, but nice to play. Also, Project Gotham Racing 3&4 are 360 exclusives. They're more on the arcade side and were pretty fun racing games too. The Scene It games are also worth looking into if you like trivia games like PlayStation's Buzz series.
  2. Yep, definitely get the OLED Vita if you can - the screen/display I think is much nicer and a crisper picture. I have an OLED and I have been more than happy with it over the last 4 years. I absolutely love it! It's such an underrated system IMO. As for memory cards, I'd recommend at least a 16GB. My Vita came bundled with a 4GB card and a download code for COD: Black Ops Declassified - once I'd downloaded that I couldn't fit anything more on it. My partner also gave me an 8GB card bundled with 10 games and if I recall I couldn't even fit all 10 games on it Then went and bought a 16GB and that's been enough to comfortably shift my games around and back and forth between my laptop as I play and finish them.
  3. So I've been playing some of the online campaign in an effort to try to level up to rank 50 and I've noticed that quite often when I Elite Pass an event the game isn't awarding me my 20000xp and only gives me the XP I actually earn during the event. Has anyone else been having this issue and is there a way to correct it? It's getting really annoying since the requirements are now starting to get quite hard for me and since you cannot replay earlier events that you've already Elite Passed to gain XP again I think I'm now going to struggle to reach rank 50. I've probably been ripped off 140,000xp by now
  4. No worries, I've been playing a bit today and have been only doing the ranked 6 player tournaments. I've got 3 wins so far and am currently in third place in a 4th venue. Haven't seen the Casino venue at all so far though :/ Glad to hear that I may not have to actually win for it to pop! Thanks for the info
  5. Anyone able to confirm either way whether or not Head To Head in ranked matches will count?
  6. Most games I play
  7. So I see with the latest update that dropped today they've fixed these glitched trophies and people have started to earn them. My question is now though, are they retroactive or will we have to play another 50 games per location to unlock them? I've already put probably 250-300hrs into this game already and would have played 50 games in each location by now (aside obviously from the latest diamonds venue), and don't really feel like having to start from scratch. None of them popped for me when I booted up the game to the main menu after downloading the patch, but I didn't have time to test if playing a game would get them to unlock. I'm thinking it probably won't though...??
  8. Some of you will probably very much disagree with me due to the "lack of content", but I am going to say Coconut Dodge and Hungry Giraffe. Coconut Dodge because I found it insanely difficult and I think a platinum for my efforts would have been nice! Hungry Giraffe, well, because it's a game centred around a giraffe and well, it just deserves a platinum for that It did take about 40-50hrs to 100% though, so there's also that... The Walking Dead Season 2 probably should have had one too as it feels a little out of place that it didn't.
  9. I actually managed to FINALLY get the gold cup trophy this morning after having a lucky run with Manta Ray - I actually got the platinum cup as well (just!) on remix 36, thank goodness! Now to attempt platinum on my remaining 21 levels...ugh. Ok, Hoppy Bobby for 46. Right then, I'll give that a try, thanks. I know there's a couple of other remixes that are nightmares for me (not sure what numbers they are until I boot up the game again), but one is the one where you have to collect 80 aubergines (I think it's 80), and also the one later on where you need to get 20 danger close (I think). I think Manta Ray may be best for the aubergines? But just not sure I am skilled enough to get to 80 :/ Like I said, a real nightmare is that level...
  10. I played Clockwork: Of Ink And Glass a couple weeks ago and I believe it was the first Artifex Mundi game I've played. I really enjoyed it as I love HO games and also the point and click genre too. I've now also finished Enigmatis: The Ghosts Of Maple Creek and am also planning to pick up many more of these titles in the future! I have Nightmares From The Deep in the backlog already but I look forward to playing all of them eventually. Great work!
  11. Well, I've tried using Hoppy Bobby for remix 36 and I don't seem to be able to get far using him. I've switched to Ray Manta now and the best I've got is about 27,000. I'm at my wits end trying to just get GOLD, letalone platinum. It's the last remix I need to unlock the trophy for all golds Any further advice for this one, anyone?
  12. Hoppy Bobby you say? Hmm righto then, I'm going to give that a try! I was able to get all silver cups on my first run through and have currently been attempting to get all golds at the very least. I just had a look and sure enough, level 36 is one that I've been struggling with badly. Also level 37 it seems must be giving me trouble as well since they are the only 2 I have left to gold. No idea how on Earth I'm going to get platinums on some of these...
  13. Congrats to everybody who was able to take advantage and get their long awaited diamond cup trophy I'm glad I was able to help many of you and I'm glad to have gotten my own Plat too! To those who missed out this time, sorry you didn't get it but don't give up and keep checking each day is all I can say. It may take months but hopefully you will all be able to get it eventually. Also, as RedRodriguez87 said, communicate with other players looking to earn this and hopefully between the few of you all keeping an eye out you'll not miss another chance if it comes up. Also, no worries for the heads up and couple of PMs I sent out. Just happy to help out some fellow trophy hunters!
  14. yo, thanks for the heads up! Everything went well on my end, and I can finally move on from this game completely!

    1. A_Tennis_Giraffe


      No problem at all! Congrats on the plat! I got mine too and, as much as this game was awesome and amazing, I'm more than happy to be able to put it to rest now forever! Still grinding the finally level of awesome on the PS4 version though...🙄

  15. Hi guys, Just wanted to let people know it looks as though there's a glitched Murfy challenge today (Extreme daily challenge). So far it's looking like the challenge stops on 116m, so this might be a great chance for those who still need the trophy! Hopefully this is it!