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  1. PS4: NBA 2k17 or WWE 2k16 and either Tomb Raider Remastered or The Last Of Us Remastered. PS3: Most likely some arcade game that I have to look up to see what on Earth it even is. PS Vita: Moto GP 14 (nah, lol, that's wishful thinking - it won't be that). Umm, don't know, but I'm guessing something 8-bit. Maybe Rocketbirds 2 as well (since it's on sale now and looks like I'll have to buy it BEFORE the Plus games are announced if I want the sale price. So it'd be my luck we'll get that.).
  2. Excellent
  3. It looks like the first PS4 game I ever played was The Playroom
  4. No problem Good luck with the 100%! It sure took me some dedication to get a few of the trophies they added into some of the updates. The paid DLCs are all pretty quick/easy to complete if I remember rightly though. All in all a super fun game and definitely worth it to go for 100%! Enjoy!
  5. So glad I platinumed this one about a year ago! I missed out on the online of Pacific Rift as I didn't own a PS3 before that got shut down, so I'm glad now that I got onto Apocalypse sooner rather than later. Really awesome game I thought, although I didn't really enjoy the online portion. But for anyone yet to start, it's not too bad to get all trophies done legit - if I can manage then anyone can! Haha. I think it took me a month, maybe 2 of playing a few hours a week. Best to get started now though I'd suggest, if doing it legit
  6. So the DLC you would need to purchase are: Supersonic Fury, Revenge Of The Battle-Cars and Chaos Run. All the rest have been free updates so as long as you have downloaded the latest update you will automatically have those. Hope this helps!
  7. Looks like mine is Travel Bug at 0.72% 🐛🚕
  8. So I have this weird (and somewhat annoying) thing with the date stamps on my trophies Basically I have to get certain trophies all grouped with the same date stamp (so say if there's trophies tied to a particular game mode or something then I have to get those on the same day, or if that's not possible then they have to have consecutive date stamps before I start working on the next bunch of trophies in that game. Also, in a campaign in a game, I have to try get all the trophies in the "correct" order of when they can be done, and the story related trophies have to be evenly spaced apart. So, for example, if there's say 12 missions in a campaign then I have to get either 2 done per day, or it can be 3 or 4, because those also divide into 12. (Yes, I know this is very strange!). And then there's another thing I do where, if I come back to a game at a later date to unlock some trophies I didn't get the first time around, I'll wait until it's exactly a month down the track so the date stamp is the same as maybe my first (or last) trophy in the game (only a month later), or even a full YEAR down the track. And I may do this for 2 or 3 years! This is quite a common occurrence on the games on my profile. Driveclub would be a good example if anyone ever looked at that. But yeah, this is on many of my games. There's more too, where I'll deliberately unlock certain trophies on a significant date or something. Then there's times where things go wrong and I accidentally unlock something I didn't want to on the wrong day which puts things out of "order" in the trophy list, and this really bugs me, sometimes to the point of wanting to start a whole new profile (although I doubt I could ever actually bring myself to do that). But it does really irk me when I go back and look at the "wrong" or "out of order" order. Lol. I have no idea how or why I developed this obsession, but it is rather annoying! It'd be great if trophies/achievements didn't have date stamps so then they would all just show as unlocked but without a time or date and then I wouldn't have to do this
  9. Was considering giving this game a try just recently, so I guess now I won't be bothering!
  10. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I noticed the rarity of most of the trophies was very high and wasn't sure if that was due to the game being an extreme grind, very difficult or if it was just a really bad game that most people didn't play it beyond a few races. I'm still deliberating over it but those figures make it sound like it might be too much effort than it's worth. I might be best to get a copy of Redout instead, as that seems to be closer to Wipeout than this. Ideally, this might be a game that'd be good to get on PS+. I've seen some other games on sale that I want more than this so I will probably end up passing on it in the end. Unless anyone can really recommend it and tell me it's amazing I don't have VR either so might be missing out there..
  12. I can still see it in the Aussie store. $15 each here
  13. I see this is on sale at the moment but hardly anyone has played it. It kind of interests me but would like to know if it's any good first?
  14. I suppose it'd be asking too much for the DLC to go on a heavy discount between now and then...
  15. Does anybody know whether or not the chips you win from the daily High/Low mini-game count towards the Millionaire trophy? Or does only the chips you get from a winning hand count? I'm thinking it's probably only the latter, but just looking for confirmation either way. Thanks!