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  1. I've been considering modifying mine slightly, but if there's going to be issues then it's probably not really worth it for me. I'm happy with mine, but had an awesome idea how to make it even more unique a couple years after already creating this. If there's going to be no issues then I'd more than likely take advantage of it.
  2. This! Some were so slow that I often started assuming I hadn't actually fulfilled the requirement!
  3. I got the heavy gunner trophy in the co-op mission called "Hunting". It was the easy mission yesterday and today I think it is one of the hard missions. There are 2 heavies in that mission so it's a good one to try it on. Obviously it's much easier on easy, so I'd maybe wait until it comes up again hopefully soon. Hope this helps! Thankyou both for the info - I'll be sure to check the co-op missions each day from now on. I think it sounds easier trying to go for it in that than the special operations. I already assumed I'd have to be the one to get the final shot into it because I found that out yesterday while trying for the heavy gunner trophy. Thanks again, appreciate the replies!
  4. Thanks for the tips, I got the trophy yesterday in one of the co-op missions. Much easier than trying again in the multiplayer! I don't suppose anyone knows which mission/s have a helicopter in it? Haven't seen one so far but not even sure which ones I should be even looking in?
  5. Rhasget, were you able to get the trophy to unlock in the end? I got a triple grenade kill this morning in a Storm match and did not get awarded the trophy at the end Really annoyed too because I'm pretty bad at multiplayer so I was so happy when I finally got it. And then it didn't pop
  6. I've been playing this game recently and I have really enjoyed my time with it. The only trophy I don't have is for completing the sticker book (still need 16 stickers) and I haven't spent any money on it. I have been logging in daily since release and stocking up on coins and I only started actually playing the game last week. Glad I did it that way because it meant I was able to buy some of the better suits early on which made completing the levels much easier. So if you're considering playing it at some stage I'd really recommend logging in daily for a few months prior so then you can get through it easily without having to wait for more coins in between Definitely one of the better free to play games I've played though. I recommend it!
  7. I got this trophy this morning using the Bomber, Electric and Ninja suits. I'd actually suggest having maybe 300 coins backup as I found later on the game kept throwing some really annoying sections at me and I lost multiple lives trying to get past the one part Maybe I'm just bad at it but I found if you lose concentration towards the end you can really start blowing through your coins. Anyway, it's a good idea as well if you have PS+ to upload your save to the cloud before attempting it, so that if you fail you can then close the game and redownload your save and you'll have all your coins back to try again. I made use of this after failing at about 45 chests. Good luck!
  8. Mine is for The Treasures Of Montezuma 4 (PS4 version) with 156 achievers, which isn't exactly that impressive.
  9. Typically I don't like to boost as such, so I've only ever joined 3 boosting sessions (one on here, one on TrueTrophies and one on TrueAchievements). In many cases where the lobbies are dead I can often get the trophies with my partner if he also has a copy of the game, so I guess in some cases this may be considered "boosting". But some that I can think of that I can definitely say I did fully legit are: Killzone Mercenary Battlefield 4 Ride LittleBigPlanet (PS3) WRC 5 (PS4) MXGP (Vita) MXGP (PS4) MXGP 2 Rocket League Motorstorm Apocalypse Dirt 4
  10. I unlocked A Whole New (Under)World as soon as paid the 4K gold. I know for sure I didn't have to do anything else to make it unlock, so I'm not sure why it hasn't unlocked for you. It may well be buggy, although I've not read about anyone else having the same problem. If it won't unlock you may have to wait until a new faction is released and see if buying that makes it pop
  11. 33 and counting
  12. I don't mind them all except for the bronze one, but if I were going to get one it'd probably be the Berry Blue. I already preordered the 500 Million edition translucent blue controller though, so I really don't think I need to spend another $100 on top of that. However...if they were to make a lime green and purple controller (lime green casing with purple buttons/sticks)..............I'd preorder without thinking twice! I can't understand why they haven't made this yet - everyone wants those colours, right? RIGHT???!
  13. ^ Will not rest until all monsters are slain.
  14. I finished all of the DLC a couple weeks ago and I managed to get 100% on them all, despite feeling like I was often driving well above my base skill level. I found some packs much, much harder overall than others though. For me I think the Torque DLC was definitely the hardest for me on the whole. AMG was also pretty difficult with a few of the events and requirements. Many had just one or two events that I found harder than the rest of the events in the pack, but all were eventually doable with a lot of persistence and restarts.
  15. Yeah, me too. Mine was the super slim and only 2 years old with very minimal use. I was a 360 gamer for many years and never had the red ring of death on either of my 360s. They both still work just fine. Now I have absolutely no faith in my new PS3 and every time I play it I wonder if it's going to be the day this one dies too