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  1. Overall I thought this year was pretty decent for most months. There were some amazing titles given throughout the year, although I personally already had some of the ones I would have been interested in. But in saying that, I've got a fair bit out of it this year - I've got to play Dirt Rally 2.0, NBA 2K20 and Fall Guys, and there are quite a few I've added to the backlog that I want to play as well. I think May was by far the worst month, and April was probably the best lineup (even though I already own Uncharted 4).
  2. Ugh, just went to download a game from PS+ from a while back and got greeted with an error code. Then came here and saw this, so I'm kind of glad it's not just me, but I really hope this gets resolved quickly. I might have the game I was trying to get already downloaded and stored on my laptop though...will have to check... *Edit* Turned out I didn't have the game stored on my PC, so then my partner suggested I download it on my PS3 and then transfer it to my Vita using Content Manager. Well the game downloaded fine to PS3, but I get an error when attempting to do the transfer So can't even do it that way
  3. Ok great, thanks, I'll give that a try at some stage and see if that triggers it. I do have a Tomahawk from memory too.
  4. I drove all of the kms in the same car on the Blue Moon Bay professional GT League race (I think that's what it's called), and I never got the trophy. I haven't tried anything else yet, but would you suggest I delete my save data and start afresh for it? Or would there still be a good chance it would unlock on my current save on maybe that Northern Isle Speedway track in time trial? I definitely did enough kms because I only used the Ford GT on that specific race so I could track the kms on the odometer.
  5. Not the best month for me since I don't really (usually) like multiplayer games. But not the worst either as I'll probably look at JC4. Never played one before and 3 probably appeals more to me than 4, but I'd definitely be willing to give it a try on an alt to see if I would like it enough to play. So, could be worse I suppose!
  6. I've got one controller with a slight R2 problem where it doesn't seem to fully accelerate properly on racing games so I'm usually going slower than I should be. I had another with the same problem but traded it in and got a new one. That new one soon got a problem with the left stick. It not only drifts but it also doesn't register properly when pushing it to the right. So it's useless on Motorbike games and causes issues on side scrolling platform games. I have another controller with no issues so far, but I'm just waiting for something to eventually go wrong with that too I look after my belongings really well too, so these issues aren't from misuse or because I haven't treated them well.
  7. Oh wow, I remember when I did this about 4 years ago and I had all of the above issues too. What a damn nightmare it was! The other thing I'd find they'd generally do when I dropped into their pod was come over and slap me 🙄😡 Such a painful trophy, I was so glad when it was over. Good luck to all of you still going for it - I sure don't envy you!
  8. December 2020: Rage 2 Assassin's Creed Origins
  9. Is this trophy buggy or can you not unlock it in the story or something? I just did this and the trophy didn't unlock for me?
  10. I can't confirm either way with NBA 2k20 specifically, but I know on previous NBA 2K games that it has worked from 2 different consoles on the same Internet connections because my partner and I have done this. It should work though on 2K20 I'd imagine, but like I said, I haven't tried it with that specific entry in the series.
  11. November 2020: Man Of Medan Devil May Cry 5
  12. I was level 36 and now I'm 470. I really don't like this new system. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the original levelling system and platinum value, and all they really needed to do was increase the level cap so people didn't max out at 100. These large numbers that now everybody has just look ridiculous to me.
  13. Thanks everyone for all of the tips and advice I will give all these things a go and see how I get on. If all else fails I will try a new build. I played a match today and I got 7 which is my best so far, but I was probably too conservative in the 1st quarter because I get annoyed when I start getting penalised on my team grade and losing fans for missing so many shots. I put volume shooter badge on the other day and this actually seems to help a bit? I can't alter my badges for now until I max out the bar again though. And I'll try some different jump shots I think too. I think I have Kemba Walker's equipped at the moment so I'll try out Klay Thompson's and maybe Steph Curry. My player tends to generally be all off balance or something when I try shooting 3s and does this stupid thing where he hops on 1 leg and falls backwards into the stands. Even on fast breaks when I try stop at the 3pt line and shoot he seems to be all over the damn place, body weight falling sideways or backwards. And as for it getting harder the more points you score, that's the other issue I do have is my defender is literally always grabbing and holding my arm. And when I try to run away it's like he's actually glued to me or something. It seems really ridiculous in 2k20 because I didn't seem to have this problem in 2k19. I'll try this screen and isolation thing though, because, although I try not to shoot if they're right in my face I tend to find it hard to get much room at all 99% of the time. (Also I'm pretty bad at these NBA games - if you ever have to play with me in the park I am truly sorry for my uselessness ). Thanks again for all these tips, I feel a bit more positive now that I might be able to get these trophies done! *Edit* I just got the trophy today! Thanks so much everyone for the help, I really appreciate it! In the end I used my existing SF and changed my jump shot to Klay Thompson's. I think just this alone made quite a difference, because I was able to green release probably 5 or so, whereas before I couldn't get even 1. It still wasn't pretty, my team grade finished as D and I went 15-55 from 3pt attempts, but oh well, I got it done in the final minute of the match and now I can go back to "playing properly", haha! Now, if only I could just get those 5 blocks...🙄😂
  14. Hi, yes sorry, I forgot to mention all of that. I do have skill boosts on and play on pro with 12min quarters already 👍🏻 Thanks, I'll try corner specialist badge and see how I go with that. Would flexible release be useful maybe also? Uh, in regards to calling for a screen...how do I do that? I just thought the AI was useless and wondered why they never come and screen for me - I did not know I am meant to tell them to If all else fails I guess I'll have to try a new build - I made a 6'6 SF with mostly defence ability, followed by shooting so I could try get most trophies (which I have), but 77 3pt might not be good enough. Or rather, maybe I am not good enough with a stat that low because I can't make many shots from anywhere on the court in this game 🙄
  15. Hi, I'm currently trying to finish up on NBA 2K20 (I'm about 3/4 of the way through the first season) and I've got most of the MyCareer trophies now. However I'm having some major problems with the ones relating to 3pt scoring. My player is an 85 overall and I've maxed out my 3pt shooting stat at 77. And I still just can't seem to hit anything. I also have gold Range Extender badge equipped. Is 77 for 3pt shooting just too low to be able to make 15 in a match? And/or would there be any other badges that might be useful for these trophies. Also, is there a good jump shot animation that I could maybe equip that would make shooting 3s more consistent or easier? I never get green release, even if I'm wide open as in no one even in my half of the court. Would really appreciate some advice/tips that could help me. Thanks in advance!