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  1. I still buy Nintendo systems and games despite there being no achievement system. My buying habits wouldn't change, however I will say that I think I would FINISH more games on these systems if there were some kind of achievement system. I tend not to finish many games on Nintendo systems these days and I do think it's because something in my brain keeps telling me I could be earning trophies instead. So I end up hardly ever getting to the end. On the other hand, these are the systems I go to on the occasions when I don't want to be bothered with trophies and just want to play completely stress free, so there's definitely pros and cons with them not having any kind of award system.
  2. I've no idea at all what this game is, but thanks for the heads up and I've grabbed it to have a look at 🙂👍🏻
  3. I usually really enjoy my FPS games, even if they're not the greatest, but I must say I did feel overall somewhat disappointed in the campaign of BFV. It just felt like it was lacking something. It's definitely my least favourite Battelfield game. I'm not a fan of multiplayer in games either, but I would actually say I had more fun playing BFV's multiplayer than the single player campaign! That is NOT normal!!! 🙈
  4. Welcome! Mine is probably a toss up between PS2 and Vita. The Vita was/is so underrated IMO.
  5. I'm confused 🤔 So I'll go with Rey Mysterio's number 619.
  6. This is absolutely fantastic news!! The only thing that could make it any better would be if we could now start seeing sales again on these platforms. I doubt it, but that'd really be the cherry on the top if that happened! 😵 Like others have said though, this has given me the push I need I think to really start prioritising my PS3 and Vita backlog over my offline/single player PS4 library. I'm currently working on some PS+ games we got for Vita, but I really need to get back to my PS3 🙈
  7. I won't mind adding Zombie Army 4 to my collection 😃 I'm not sure about Days Gone though. I mean, in terms of quality it's a great title to put on Plus, but it's probably not really for me is all. A very solid month though overall!
  8. This is the one I'm using at the moment. I also have one from I think Tokyo Jungle which is a giraffe head that I will often use as well. I've never seen anyone else using either of them 🙂 *Edit* Well that didn't work Anyway it's the one you can see on my profile in my signature.
  9. I personally used the race Regera for the toughest road speed runs, however I never tried a drag build so don't know how the two compare. I only used drag cars when I had to, due to the fact they were completely unresponsive and wouldn't turn. I used a race Nissan Skyline for a lot of them as well if I recall, but went to the Regera on the ones I couldn't get with the Nissan. Maybe someone else could advise on which Regera build would be best? For me though, the race build got the job done eventually. As for the traffic issue, I've just remembered a little tip (again I think I may have read it on here somewhere) - if you go into the online free roam you seem to get less traffic than if you're in offline single player. You will still find more than you'd like, but it did definitely seem like there was less online though. I'd recommend trying that and see if that makes any difference. It's really frustrating I know, but you just have to hope for one perfect run...
  10. So I got this plat about 6 months ago - I love racing games and play them a lot and while I'm not spectacular at them, I'd like to think I'm fairly competent and experienced with the hours I've spent on them over the years. Now I was actually surprised how hard I found this game. I would definitely rate it a 7/10 platinum difficulty due to some of the free roam activities and also some of the off-road races in the campaign. I think the guide I was using had it rated at a 3/10. No way in hell would I rate it as that! So don't feel bad that you're having a tough time - some of the speed runs were absolutely brutal IMO. I can't really offer much advice other than to keep trying if you really want the plat, but if it's not that important to you then I would honestly say it isn't worth the effort and rage. I think part of it comes down to luck, but obviously you'll need good car control as well. You just need to keep trying and hope that on just one of your many, many, runs that you'll somehow make the speed required. I think you can try from the other direction as well if you're not having any luck going one way? For some of the off-road ones I think I eventually bought a Porsche that might have been recommended in one of the threads here? That eventually got those ones done for me, although it was still insanely hard and I wouldn't guarantee I'd be able to do them again if I tried. Just keep at it if you really want the plat, if I could do it then I am sure you can too! Good luck, I feel your pain with it and I don't envy you!
  11. I started 2k16 just recently after having enjoyed 17-20 and I'd say it's worth it if you don't care that you can't get half the trophies. This one seems to have a story which is what the later games feel like they're lacking. The gameplay feels a bit more "arcadey" as well, so feels easier at the start than the later ones also. Even though I had this game from PS+ I found a copy with the special Michael Jordan cover for $2 at an EB store, so it was worth it just to put in my collection! So far though I still feel like 2k17 is my favourite, so I would recommend that one as well for a couple of $ if you can find that too 🙂
  12. The PS4 games are not at all my cup of tea, so this is actually probably one of the worst months for me. Farpoint and Maquette would possibly interest me IF I had VR and PS5. Ah well, the positive side is that I won't be adding to my crazy backlog and I can continue to try work through some of the older PS+ games we got 🙂👍🏻
  13. Ok, what Riszcky said makes sense. That's what has just happened with mine. My Frostborn just went up nearly 4 levels after having levelled up on my Battle Pass and getting the 15000xp reward 😃 For anyone wondering what order they go in so they can plan ahead accordingly, from what I've read it looks like it goes like this: Frostborn, Pyromancer, Conduit, Stoneshaper, Tempest and finally Toxicologist. I have also just discovered you can buy Battle Pass levels with gold you've earned which will help immensely as well!
  14. Ooh, nice! Thanks, I'll be sure to check shortly. Fingers crossed! I ended up grabbing the Battle Pass as well with the coins I'd earnt along the way. Might as well use them for something! *Edit* Well, logged in and none of my classes have changed, so I'm hoping that it's just taking a while to register... Decided to maybe work on reaching about rank 10 with each class instead of doing each to 14, just in case it does kick in at some stage for me.
  15. Just booted up mine after not having logged on for a few months and disappointed to see that my existing XP hasn't carried over either I'm still at rank 6 with all my classes which was exactly where I left them, so still probably going to take a while for me to get to 14. But still, thankfully much better than the original ridiculous XP requirements!