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  1. Sometimes it won't work, I try a different allay then it works
  2. Fill Fill's Realm: Tnaxceegumu @CookiestMonsterr Realm: yXLLaBBUvos Ultimate Achievement: hYEbyVTi82w
  3. You can earn Expansion Pack 16 in both worlds
  4. My Realm trophy world is online and you can join it anytime You can earn EVERY Minecraft trophy using my world (NOT INCLUDING MINI BATTLES in DLC 2 + 5) Yes, You can also earn Minecraft Set 2 Trophies Just enter Minecraft > Friends World > Join Realm Code: Tnaxceegumu Link: Fix Not Invited Message Just press cancel and the world should appear to join in the friends section If you are unable to join try adding gamertag FillFillooo , If You have a problem in Microsoft account, You can add me in psn and i will open the world from my console, You will not need a Microsoft Account in this case.
  5. Man, The video is not in playstation console, This is achievement, Fast day cycle works for achievement, I have fast day cycling in my world and you can earn it in 3 hours, But it doesnt work for trophy.
  6. The servers are not dead I got the trophy today there are many people playing online, Its cross platform you can join PC players