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  1. 1- enter your world 2- open the chat 3- enter /[email protected] ~~~ gamemode c you just gave your self creative mode and if you want command block /[email protected] command_block DONT TURN ON CHEATS IT WILL DISABLE TROPHIES I have a world where i created trophies station, You can earn every trophy in the game except for the mini battles, If you need help add me Fill_Fill
  2. Yes, this is creative glitch it works for everything, But people say the nether armor is buggy so you need to drop the armor and equip it again, or use commands block to wear the armor
  3. Fill_Fill Super Meat Boy Reason for the flag: 100% golden boy shouldn’t be the last trophy earned, it should have been earned earlier or at least alongside another trophy related to a dark world.<br /> <br /> <br /> There are more requirements for the golden god trophy, including collecting all bandages. The person who started the flag is correct regarding the fact that the dark world completions are necessary for the 100%, but seems to be unaware of the fact that you can do that before meeting every single other requirement.<br /> <br /> I went through the game completing every other trophy, and left out a few bandages to pick up at the end and finish the 100% trophy. I'm sure anyone who has seriously played the game can confirm this is completely possible.
  4. Nope, they’re similar, I have games that on PS3 & PS4 with the same situation, You choose BO2 because it commonly cheated? So you’ll include me in every common cheated games because I have hidden trophies? Don’t you say you have access to Sony Data or whatever, Then you can see my time play in that game, or leaderboard, And for SMB for still not removing my flag, isn’t that breaking the rules?
  5. well if that’s the case then use this method on my PS4 game for example: walking dead PS4 I’ve complete episode 2 while playing offline, but didn’t sync, then from the other PS4 I’ve completed episode 3 while I’m online so it got synced here also in the website without the trophies of episode 2 until I had to sync them from the previous PS4, so maybe I timestamp that also? GTA V PS4 also And many other ps4 games but why did you choose BO2? Is it because it’s in PS3? Black ops 2 was here from 2013, No I don’t remember me playing on 2 PS3 because it was years ago, but I’m sure that the trophies were the same, is it because I came back to the game to finish the last trophy ? Also is there any rule in the site that says user can’t hide non flagged games? The false flag for SMB is still in my profile regarding the trophy which people said that it can be done like that
  6. Ok, thanks for reopening the thread. I talked to birvine, and the reason he gave me for approving this flag was that he has access to some supposed sony data and "sophisticated tools", that gave him info that he can't reveal, which proves this is done with CFW. Again, I'm not trying to start any fights here, but we both know that's not true. I get you have a thing against me because I have hidden games, and you want me off the LBS for it, but you can't false flag me on this just to accomplish that. Even if such a tool existed and you had access to it, it wouldn't flag this. I'm 110% confident on it. It would be better for me if it existed, as it would give absolute confirmation of what I'm saying. Either someone will have to offer proof this is cheated, which no one will, or let me know what evidence I need to provide to have it cleared.
  7. That's subjective. Whenever it was a choice in ironman runs, I went for fairly safe strategies rather than the quickest ones. Placing high on LBs wasn't a goal for me, but of course there are also a lot of levels that leave no room for safe play, and you have to run them fast. I only really checked LBs in detail after seeing your first post, but based on that, I was expecting to see more top 2000 placings than I did. So, I don't think they're generally that easy. I think it's stranger that you rely on these arbitrary standards to help decide what's likely legit or not. It's the first time I see someone mention this "certain specific levels should have a top 2000 time" argument, so it seems to be your thing. But regardless, I played mostly offline as I said already, so if anyone thinks that's important, you can give me a list of all these levels that you believe any ironman achiever should have top 2000 on by default, and I'll screenshot my times. I'm sure they'll fit the criteria if it's really that clear cut. Either that, or I can quickly do them all again while playing online to make sure they're recorded. I know you're not on my side, but you're the one giving constructive criticism here, so you also acknowledge it's just speculation. You have your opinion on some more trivial aspects of this, based on your personal experience with the game. Then everyone is accusing me based on the logic of: "he cheated a game years ago, so from that point onward, he's unable to legitimately complete or be decent at any difficult game". And all of it was started by a false flag made by people who don't know how the trophy they wanted to flag me for actually works. None of this holds up. There's no facts to prove what people are accusing me of. My SMB is legit, and no one can offer anything besides speculation to argue otherwise. That's all that should matter for this dispute.
  8. I'll just reply to machaesthetic's post to see if I can adress the issues here. A - I played the game mostly offline, and you can get all trophies that way, so LBs are optional. I see myself on some worlds' LBs like light cotton alley, but not necessarily top 2000 as you say (like here, for example: ) Besides, top 2000s are pretty hard to break in this game. The levels are so short that being just a split second off of the threshold for some LB spot can put you 100s or even 1000s of places away from that spot. B - It's a common strategy to do levels from hardest to easiest rather than 1-20 in order. I just did them that way, and any time I'd fail, I'd start back at the tougher ones. Level 8 in light cotton alley is very simple, so I left that for last in my personal order, and the very first time I got an ironman run to that point, I completed the lvl for the first time and popped the 2 trophies at once. ( ) C - I already admitted in my previous dispute infamous was cheated. I never tried to dispute that because it was cheated. In this case, it is not. There's a 3 strike rule for that reason. I know I made a mistake by cheating it about 10 years ago when I was around 13, but I haven't repeated it. D - Team accounts / playing different games at once aren't against leaderboard rules, just look at some of the highest ranked accounts on here for evidence of that. Sure, my brother was playing toy story while I got those trophies, but neither game is cheated, so I don't see the issue And I'm sorry PSXtreme, I'm not trying to start any fights here, but let's not err on the side of anything. If this flag was real, there would be a real objective reason behind it, but every argument used to accuse me of cheating SMB has been false / speculation. There's no reason why that should stick.
  9. Haha what 😂
  10. P4P Comment P4P and i will play yours
  11. The servers are not dead I got the trophy today there are many people playing online, Its cross platform you can join PC players
  12. I Have No Problem With That
  13. Yes, You Can Add Me Fill_Fill
  14. i used VPN and did it, if anyone need the trophy i can help
  15. Fill_Fill inFamous I removed the game from my list and I earned a trophy in a game, but I’m still flagged