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  1. Does anyone have a clear solution to get this trophy. I have been trying for awhile and I just can't seem to unlock it. I have looked at the guides online but they have been no help. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. What they pulled in 2k17 pissed me off.
  3. I have another ps3 i just really wanted to get some of my saves off this one. But its fine. Ill make sure to back up my saves up from now on. Thanks for the help though.
  4. So for awhile my ps3 would turn for less than a minute then turn off. I finally decided to open it and try to clear all the dust hoping that fix the problem. I used a air cannister then put it back together but now it wont even show the red light. I hope i didnt just completely fry this system. Any help? Edit- got it to turn on but it still turns off after a minute.
  5. Ill look into it thanks.
  6. Cant seem to activate safe mode
  7. Ill try this out. I will try that right now.
  8. It might be. I dont have the money for that at the moment. it is the slim model. I got it for christmas 2011, the uncharted 3 bundle. It doesn't show up on the tv before it shuts off so i can't reach my saves. I could post a video of what is happening when i turn it on? So it could be one of a multitude of problems. Thanks for the input, Ill look into. Also sorry for the late reply, didn't think anyone was replying.
  9. I am on floor 89 and have an eveny that says "Go to land of the walking dead - 1f with asuna". I have no clue where this is located. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Hello. So long ago my ps vita stop charging but it was because my charger was torn up so I bought a new one. It wasnt the original sony charger but it was a product called lnsten. I think that was back in January or or a little time before that. Now every time I try to charge my ps vita it doesn't charge. I tried to charge it using a pc but it blinks orange for a few minutes and then doesn't charge. I tried it with the ps3, ps4 and phone chargers but still no go. Now I was wondering is there something wrong with the charger itself or is it the vita. I'm starting to the think its the usb cable but I'm not sure. I even bought a ps vita portable charger to see if it would work but nothing happened. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. The platinum is now attainable.
  12. It seems the platinum is unattainable due to the trophy Perfectionist not unlocking when you have won all 10 games in G.O.A.T league. IT actually dumb because 2k always has trophies that are glitched but this the first year where this trophy is glitch. Like how does that happen.
  13. Ok thanks ill try that.
  14. Hello, I bought a $5 pack for fortnite. I conpleted the transaction but after i did so, the pack said that it was unavailable but i was charged the $5. Does anyone know how to solve this.
  15. Final seed of? GOAT?
  16. I would have tried but I wasn't really feeling myteam this year.
  17. This might be a obvious question but how do I check my inventory. I have clicked every button and nothing is coming up. I am trying to mix to items together but don't know how to open the inventory. Edit- NVM I figured it out.
  18. Guess I'll try to get it looked at, thanks.
  19. Hello guys, I need help with a problem I'm having. So a few months ago my ps3 started acting up. When I turn it on, it turns on for like a minute then it shuts off. There is no display on the screen and when it turns off there is no red or green flash. I've been searched the internet and have found some cases like mine but still can't find a solution. Does anyone know what I could do to fix my ps3.
  20. Ps3 slim the bundle that came with uncharted 3.
  21. Thanks for the help. I think I'll just leave it alone. Those guys charge a lot to fix these kinds of issues I am assuming.
  22. What i could i do to fix it?
  23. I can't hear the fan blowing so it means my fans broke?
  24. Ok thanks Ill try both of those. Turns out it is the charger. When I put it in the screen doesn't respond but when I take it out it works fine. That's so weird. Anyway thanks for the help otherwise I would of never known.
  25. Hello again back with another problem with my vita. After not being to charge it my vita for like more than a month I finally got to purchase another charger and now my ps vita is charging. Problem is when i go to unlock the screen, i can slide the wallpaper because my screen is unresponsive to my touch. During the time in which I could not charge my ps vita I just put my vita in a drawer and left it untouched. Now when I go to unlock it, for some reason I can not do so. Does anyone know how to get the screen to respond to my touch or is ps vita screen just dead?