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  1. People in this thread are responding as if reviews are supposed to tell them how they'll respond to a game as an individual. Reviews are just one person giving their take on a game, nothing more. Reviewers aren't telling you this is how you'll feel about a game (for the most part), they're simply stating their experience and it's up to the readers to find out which reviewers more or less share similar views to their own.
  2. Platinum #117: Last Words (NieR: Automata) I had heard a ton of good things going in to this game and I certainly wasn't disappointed. There were a few times the lack of auto-save and a spontaneous "Bad end" cost me a bit of time and that was irksome, however the story beats and solid hack n' slash gameplay more than made up for it. The gameplay can be as simple or deep as you'd like given the auto-chips are available for players who are struggling and the game can pose a decent challenge on higher difficulties if you're playing manually. There are some solid customization options with the skill chips and the different pod abilities/weapon types. It's also a good game for people who want a "freebie" plat as you can essentially purchase any of the longer trophies after you complete the third playthrough, which doesn't take all that long. Also, the music is pretty great as well. Strongly recommend this one. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8/10
  3. I mean, OP basically said they're done going for trophies and will instead play what they want so I'm not sure what you're trying to do here. I've always felt this way about achievements and trophies, personally. It's just becoming easier with more Ratalaika games on PS and the ACA games over on X1. Doesn't deter me any from going for trophies but if people think score is important I can see how it puts them off. It kinda sounds like you weren't too crazy about going for trophies anyway so it's probably for the best.
  4. Depends on the game for me. The only game I've had add a NG+ trophy was Spider-Man and that was pretty bad considering that game isn't very fun a second time around. Gears of War 4 on Xbox added multiple achievements for extra campaign runs and that got old fast.
  5. They aren't important to me but I find the stats neat from time to time. It's similar to score in the sense that people can bolster the number with a variety of quick/bad games and I just can't be bothered to do that so I'm not all that invested.
  6. The only person being mindless here is you. I'm not "dickriding" them at all, I've had my fair share of criticism about the Switch as well. I just think you're going too far in the other direction in a thread that isn't even about Nintendo and I'm not entirely sure why. Kind of makes you come off like the mindless fanboy who dickrides Sony to the point you'll ree about other consoles just because the OP said something bad about them. At least he had a well-constructed thought behind it.
  7. Portability isn't a dumb gimmick tho. I'm fine with it not running 4K if the trade off is I can take it with me as I go. You're trying way too hard to be a downer to the point I have to ask, did Nintendo hurt you?
  8. Handhelds aren't their lane, Nintendo has a lock on that market. Even if they supported it a bit more things wouldn't have changed all that much after the initial damage was done. It was the smarter move to shift to something like VR where the other main consoles aren't doing it. Your theory did give me a chuckle, though. That's a pretty dumb take tbh. A lot of people, myself included, use their Switch in portable mode more often than not. Even in portable mode the games look good to me. Your comment seems like you're being dismissive just for the sake of it.
  9. The person above says I hope not and you guys pick on the guy agreeing with him saying he's not a fan of BR lmao. You're more off topic than he is.
  10. #114: Vesperia Master (Tales of Vesperia) This is hands down my favorite game in the "Tales of" franchise that I've played so far. Even after having played it already back on the 360, the definitive version was a blast to play through. Some of the titles were a bit of a pain to go for and the game has quite a few missables but the walkthrough made things pretty easy to keep tabs on. This paired with the fact that there are a few titles that can be earned with the free DLC makes for an easier completion than the version back on the PS3. Even if you haven't tried out a Tales Of game yet, I'd say this one is definitely worth checking out! Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  11. I'm trying to do it less now that I'm finding it tough to keep up with new games but I've definitely done my fair share of double plats. I think a lot of people only make a fuss about it in regards to the rankings and when comparing rare trophies. I always found it a bit odd if someone boasts about their # of rare trophies but a good portion of them are from the same games but I don't get mad about it. Trophies mean something different to each person going for them and sometimes we forget that our perception of trophies isn't the "right" way, just our way. It's when people try making their way out to be the right way that causes problems, like with Spaz's recent thread on the rankings. 😂
  12. "Real players from the fakes" 😂 Dude, settle down. I know people like hyping up the Souls games for being hard or whatever but this whole thing comes off as a little cheesy.
  13. I don't think it's a nostalgia thing as I didn't really play 2 but loved the Remake. I think the fresh feeling that Asvinia touched on is 100% accurate though. Despite being much like a game that came out ages ago it felt "new" to me. I like the action-oriented games but this felt like a fun change of pace and I'm looking forward to what they do next, be it 8 or another remake.
  14. I had been playing the 4 primarily for a while and it was tough to get back to my PS3 stuff with so many good games available on PS4 but once I got started it wasn't too bad. If you aren't having fun with it there's no harm in stopping for a while.
  15. If there's stuff you want to play on it, chances are you won't regret the purchase. I bought one and mostly played stacks of certain games I liked plus a small group of exclusives so if I hadn't bought one already chances are I personally wouldn't buy one now, especially with my Switch. But that's just me, other people seem to really like it.