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  1. Nope, it’s a non-issue for me. Only game I played that had the censorship treatment was DMCV and that was undone shortly after it happened.
  2. So, about that boycott...
  3. Most of the Resi plats are pretty easy. This one is just a bit faster. I’m glad it was quick, made it easy to wrap up before FF7.
  4. Dark Cloud Onimusha Asura’s Wrath Tales of the Abyss/Tales of Symphonia Dead Rising: Would probably be an Xbox thing, but the first game with QoL updates and better graphics would be great. FEAR: Remake more like 1/Files instead of 2/3 would be sweet. Darkstalkers Dynasty Tactics Tried to keep it limited to stuff that would benefit more from a remake. I know a few have had remasters but I’d like to see some proper remakes of these games.
  5. Ended up buying the Resi 7 season pass and KLK.
  6. Would be nice but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  7. I'm gonna be honest, you legitimately come off as an angry Kojima fan lashing out at people who don't like Death Stranding. The major misconception here is that you think that these reactions Death Stranding is getting are about it's creativity when it's really about whether or not people consider it a fun video game. If they don't, it doesn't make them anti-creativity and it certainly doesn't mean they don't understand it, they just don't like it and that's 100% okay. You appear to be taking the criticism personally as if you worked on it and feel attacked by anything bad people may say about the game. It's just not worth it to get in that big a huff over what other people think of a video game lol.
  8. I've won the game and it really doesn't make a huge difference iirc. Most people love this mode for what it is after the main story game lol.
  9. You keep saying censored after admitting you have no idea if it’s actually censorship or not lol. You also blame Sony simply because they said a few questionable anime games had to be changed when there’s no proof of that applying in this case either. Especially seeing as it’s the same on the other consoles. There isn’t a game that was censored that everybody went apeshit about. There are a handful of anime games that a very small group of people went apeshit about. Then another handful of situations like this, MK11 and FF7R where people kept saying censorship even though they have nothing to support the claim besides their own feelings. If minor redesigns were never your concern, why are you so active in this thread?
  10. Yes, I'm sure the soccer moms are getting their attention and they're totally not doing it of their own volition. You love talking about snowflakes but you're the one having such a strong reaction to a minor redesign that you're screaming "censorship" when there is little to no proof that is the case. These are the kinds of things that make people scoff at the "censorship" squad. Well said. That last bit especially.
  11. Respectfully disagree. When looking at a remaster I'm really just looking at two things, I want it to be a bit prettier and I want it on my current console. It seems this checks both boxes so as long as it works I'm cool with it. They don't need to reinvent the game like they are with FF7R every single time. I can't see how this is a big problem, honestly. Then again I say the same about the stuff people in these threads consider "censorship" too 😂.
  12. Not gonna lie to you, I probably wouldn't have noticed it if people hadn't pointed it out.
  13. I would say these events are certainly relevant. That said, I love watching the shows at E3 but I don't think it's necessary in this day and age as each of the big 3 could have their own separate events and it'd get the point across all the same on their own time.
  14. I don't really care. It's their profile, they can do what they want with it. That said, if you do it and then brag about your completion I can't really fault people giving you grief about it.
  15. I don't think they're overrated, they're just not for everybody.