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  1. I just received my orders for Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re,Birth 1, 2, 3 and Cardcaptor Sakura Clear version Nendoroid!


    I hope to play Nelke soon as I have been looking forward to trying out the management gameplay system but I'm currently playing and enjoying Nights of Azure so I will not try to juggle too many games this time.


    This makes it my third Nendoroid that I own along with Overwatch's Mercy, Totori from Atelier Totori, and now Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura! They are all so cute and hope to add more but they are rather pricey for being so chibi.

    1. Helmet_time
    2. eigen-space


      Nelke is a pretty straightfoward platinum and a good game if you like resource management. Let me know if you need help with anything!

    3. Angel


      Aww Thank you for offering help @eigen-space I will let you know if I'm unsure or need help with Nelke.

  2. That's amazing news to me, I love Yokai Watch and I own every single game on the 3DS that has a western release! (Currently still playing through 3 as these games have so much content) The only thing I find it strange is why have it on PS4 now especially since they are going straight to the 4th main entry and not remastering at least the previous main series games. I'm leaning towards getting it in the future on the Switch Lite as it feels more familiar to me!
  3. There are some game that interest me like Rainbow Skies among others but finally that Episode Ardyn DLC for FFXV is on sale, I can finally work on 100% FFXV! Hope to see surprise additions to these sales when the store updates, also excited for Telltale's The Walking Dead Definitive collection getting released!
  4. Platinum #17 Undertale - Was great revising this game again, I decided to try going for the genocide run this time, I feel horrible for doing that route but it does offerr a different perspective to the game.


    I still love the boss fight with Mettaton EX with Death by Glamour playing in the background!

    Also love this Sailor Moon like transformation animation for Mettaton


  5. I decided to give Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age a small play today to try it out and I'm in awe of how lush, colorful and beautiful the world looks. It rekindles my inner child spirit and honestly haven't had that feeling in a while with a game.

    The battle gameplay I'm still getting used to as it's my first time playing a main entry Dragon Quest game and got used to the Dragon Quest Heroes games. 😊

  6. Yay! Got notifications that my games will be delivered tomorrow.

    The games I finally decided on were Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2 both for the PS4 with the steelbook editions, Harvest Moon LoH Complete, Nights of Azure, and Dragon Quest XI.


    I wanted to get Death end Re'Quest, Dragon Star Varnir, Atelier Lulua, and Nelke too but I know the purchased games will keep me busy for a while.

  7. Added funds to my PSN wallet and pre ordered Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, never got the chance to play it before so I'm excited!

    1. Ackerman_Ievi


      Enjoy man ( ◠‿◠ )

    2. Angel


      Thank you!

  8. There's currently a free Mirror's Edge Catalyst Dynamic Theme for anyone interested!

    Here is the link

    1. PooPooBlast


      Oh my god thank youuyuuu. 

  9. Looking forward to playing Final Fantasy VIII as I never got to play it! It seems the trophy list easy going by other member's replies? Are those the images for the trophies, not really fond of them and the descriptions for them are so uncreative.
  10. I tried Overwatch's Role-Queue system in the competitive Beta going on now. It was actually my first time playing competitive and it was really fun. I did my support role placements with Mercy and won all except my last match. I would like to do the tank and DPS roles next but I'm really not good with those roles mostly because I'm not good in general with FPS.


    With all these tense matches, I haven't been able to give the new character Sigma a try!

    1. No It Was My Cousin

      No It Was My Cousin

      Congrats :)


      Nice, mercy main <3

  11. I watched Kimi no Na wa yesterday and I'm still emotional about what I just experienced. Such beautiful animation, emotional story, and a whole cast of lovable characters. Towards the end I was crying and cheering that Taki and Mitsuha better get their true ending because of the way they leave you with so much suspense!


    I hardly own any physical films but this one is definitely I'll be ordering one so I can show it to friends and family 😊 I'm just a little sad that it took me this long to see it if it wasn't for a friend inviting me to watch the film.

  12. Hope to get back on the PS4 today or tomorrow after a long while away and start working on Ni No Kuni 2's DLCs to try to get it back to 100%.

    I have read from others that the DLCs are not good so let's hope for the best!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Angel


      Wowzers that is really bad, i hated those dungeon levels with the floors and the DLCs is basically more of it?!

      I got the season pass on sale but it looks like it's not even worth that. Thank you so much for all that info, I will keep it in mind and hoping I can complete them all the way through 😅


    3. Redgrave


      What Phoenix said was pretty spot-on. I tried it out and got burned out on it after probably not even a whole week. For me all the DLC's just felt like they kept throwing walls in your way to make you constantly grind for something or another. Most of the boss fights just felt more cheap than actually hard with them having that annoying fake difficulty of "Boss hits you once with a basic attack/multiple projectiles that put you on the brink of death or just outright kill you". It all just sucked out any enjoyment I initially had, which reminded me how FFXV did the same thing with it's DLC's.


      But if you already have the Season Pass then it probably wouldn't hurt to at least attempt it and see.  

    4. Phoenix_argentea


      Yeah, the first DLC is entirely based on the dungeon, while the second has the Coliseum (and 6 dungeons story-related where you have to find 6 higgledies. And they are always the same: cave, forest, etc. But here there are also the collectibles related to the two combat style. So look for chests, usually every dungeon, from the 2nd to the 6th, has 2 books).

      These DLCs are a shame. I had fun with the base game (and the free DLC), but these two DLCs were really poor-designed.

      The first DLC shouldn't be difficult, but the second is long, and some people got stuck by specific bosses (usually the final snake in the 27th challenge). You can read the relative thread, but if you need some help I'm here! :wave:

  13. My life side quest in finding good to perfect authentic main title Pokemon Nintendo DS games is almost complete.

    • Pokemon Pearl - Game with original case and art cover but lost the manual. I bought this when it first release so I'm happy I kept it in great condition all these years.
    • Pokemon Heart Gold - My sister's friend found it in his local flea market for really cheap with everything included except the Poke walker, so really lucky on that.
    • Pokemon Platinum - For around the the 50 price tag with game, original case and the rare "not for resale" art cover, I'm surprised I found this really cheap as normally this is pretty expensive online just for the game cartridge alone.
    • Pokemon Black - I have two copies of this one, one with just the game and the other found later at a flea market with case and art cover for much cheaper.
    • Pokemon Black 2 - Only the game cartridge, having a tough time finding onew with atleast the case for a fair price.
    • Pokemon White 2 - This one I found is like brand new condition, the previous owner really took care of this game and had literary everything included in new state, even those Nintendo ad sheets they use to put in games.

    I'm still missing White version and Diamond version, can't really find fair priced and in good condition. I'm so happy to find these many in little time. I have been playing them because I missed out on all of these except Pearl when they released and in excitement, I have been jumping around from game to game which I shouldn't lol. I will continue my search and hope to own all games, of course all at a reasonable price!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Angel


      The Poke walker is really hard to come by these days,I would have loved to experience that with my games. It also makes an accurate step counter for exercising back in it's days!


      I have lot of love the gen 2 games. The remakes of Gold and Silver are my favorites by far. Pokemon walking beside you is too cute.

    3. BlazikieronUS


      Yep, heartgold/soulsilver is still one of my favourite games. I did pick up heartgold brand new in stores with the pokewalker, it was pretty fun but I barely used it.

    4. Angel


      That's amazing that both of you were able to get the games on release, I missed out alot during the Nintendo DS era so I have been recently trying to play those games that I missed like JRPGs and of course Pokemon.


      Luckily I was gifted a 3DS for my birthday a few months so I'm slowly trying to get my hands on the DS games. I do have all the Pokemon games for this system but when it comes to JRPGs and life simulation games like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory... I still have a lot that I wish to play someday.

  14. OMG OMG OMG!!!! Yaaaaassss someone hold me, I can't breath. *whips out fan* Sorry not sorry for the reaction but those who know me well, know how much I LOVE Poison. I was always hoping that they would add her, never losing hope and here we are! Time to dust off my SFV and start playing when she arrives, also if by any chance Rose makes it in as well in the future, it will be a dream come true for me. 💕
  15. Not really games I will be interested in but it doesn't hurt to try them out and who knows, I might end up liking them.