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  1. Aww I love your avatar, it’s really cute!! 

    1. Angel


      Oh, thank you! 😊

  2. The Animal Crossing direct was everything to me! Finally more customization options, farming, cooking, new villagers, returning iconic NPCs, QoL features, new Amiibo card set, a Happy Home expansion, and so much more all dropped on November 5th! 😊 I honestly was just expecting the Roost update with a few announcements of future events, so glad it didn't turn out like that. The only thing I'm still not sure about is if our Nook's Cranny will get another store upgrade, that will be the cherry on top for this massive update! Disappointed with the huge price increase in the online service if you want the expansion service as well. Hopefully it will get a discount price in the future as for what it is now, it's not worth it. I don't use the online service as it is and when I did, it was the free trial to visit and exchange items on Nookazon for ACNH.
  3. While cleaning up the garage, I stumbled upon of few of my games that I honestly thought my mom had sold or gave them charity but it was such an amazing surprise seeing them again!🤗


    There are still quite a few games that are missing, mostly on the Gamecube, PS1 and Dreamcast.

    I also found a random VHS tape of Akira lol I do remember having Kite and 2 Sailor Moon movies too.



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    2. Slava


      Nice stuff 👍


      How was Xenosaga? I rarely hear anything about these games.

    3. AK-1138


      Bunch of great games, and Final Fantasy XII too.

    4. Angel


      @Slava It's one of my all time favorite series, definitely recommend them if you are able to get a chance to play them. It made me cry towards the end, I have grown attached to each of the protagonist.

      Sadly, I would love a remastered of all the games or even a remake but last I heard, a remastered collection of all games was scrapped due to feeling like it wouldn't sell well.


       @AK-1138 Thanks, hope to find the rest of my game collection post them!

  4. I have recently been doing some quick rough sketching of some of my favorite game characters like Overwatch's Mercy on the right, Street Fighter's Poison on the left, and although not really game related, Sailor Moon!😊
  5. The Nintendo Direct was pretty good, so hyped for many of the new games and announcements! The games I am looking forward to the most are... Kirby and the Forgotten Land - The last Kirby game I have played was on the 64 so it's been a while since I have played a Kirby game and I feel like this is the best opportunity to get back into the series. Also while watching the stream, my sister couldn't help but joke that it reminded her of TLoU Kirby edition lol. Mario Party Super Stars - Another series I last played on the 64 and also feels it's time to get back on it, plus I noticed I have been playing too many single player games as of late and really miss that quirky fun multiplayer experience Mario Party games offer. Bayonetta 3 - Just seeing her come back made me so hype and acknowledged that I missed her. I decided to order the combo pack Switch game with Bayonetta 1&2 to relieve 1 again as it's been such a long time I played it on the PS3 as well as to finally play 2 and catch up.(honestly, by far the only witch I would let her punish me 😂) There was some hyped for the other announcements but it will still be awhile before we get them like Rune Factory 5 and Splatoon. Another direct I'm excited for is the Animal Crossing ones, I really hope we finally get updates like for the shops, more island project customizations, better crafting and such. I love Brewster but I hope he isn't the only addition as I would like gyroids introduced too! On another note, I expanded my Switch physical collection with Final Fantasy 9, Dragon Quest 11 S, Bayonetta 1&2, and Atelier Dusk Trilogy DX 😊
  6. Got some new games ordered for my Switch and 3DS to add to my gaming collection! Tales of Vesperia I never played this Tales of so I decided to finally try it out, the only difficult choice was wether to get it on the PS4 or Switch as both go for pretty cheap now but I ultimately decided on the Switch for it's portability. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 & Torna I really am enjoying my playthrough with Xenoblade DE (which I'm far from finish even though I got it on release 😅) so I wanted to own 2 and Torna but I didn't realized they are quite pricey to get now. Luckily I was able to find two different sellers that had them for much cheaper used, both in like new condition with everything included. A funny story with Torna, I asked the seller if they may provide me with images and they sent me many pics of the game and one of them had the season pass code fully displayed. Out of curiosity and since I was going to buy it anyway once they told me it included everything (case, artwork cover, inserts, etc.), I checked the code and it was redeemable 😯, now the good in me told them to not post codes when displaying images as they can just easily be redeemed if it was not used before, they laughed and thanked me about the mistake and said they don't normally sale games as they sale house appliances and such so he offered a small $5 discount just for that tip 😊 Disney Magical World 1 & 2 for the 3DS They look so cute and just recently heard about them through my shopping 3DS game recommendations, I saw some gameplay and trailers of and oddly, they remind me of Go Vacation! if anyone remembers that Wii game but with a Disney theme! Super excited to play these games but sadly it's pushing me away from playing; finishing P5 Scramble and my newly received YS Monstrum Nox on the PS4 😅
  7. That's great to hear, I always enjoyed the job/class system in BD (especially when the characters pull off some killer outfits ) and I do love experimenting with main and sub combinations. Currently so far I have my Seth as a Berserker/Beastmaster, Gloria as Freelancer/White Mage, Elvis as Freelancer/Black Mage, and Adelle as Monk/Beastmaster. I'm still experimenting with them with the jobs I currently have so there's not much variety. I have mostly have freelancers to level up the job and get the JP up ability and beastmaster for the Mow Down attack as it really helps me out taking large groups. Hope to give you a future update on how I'm doing on my playthrough with the job combos as I'm excited what other classes are available in this game! Haha that makes the game even more cute, luckily I do take some time to play a few songs to improve my scores so I haven't had that happen to me. I know right! Although I got pretty late into owning one, I have been giving it much more love compared to my other consoles. Such a huge variety in it's library of games I would like to play and this includes the DS titles as well! I will be doing the same in going on a eshop shopping spree hopefully soon as since I got the 3DS pretty late, games have become difficult and pricey, physically to get and there's always the fear of the eshop closing like we experienced that scare with the Ps Vita/PS3 stores 😓. I actually never heard of Attack of the Friday Monsters, it got me interested, thank you for letting know as I watched a video review and it is charming and unique! While seeing the video, I also stumbled upon a rythm game called Harmoknights that's and eshop exclusive so I'm really looking forward to getting that too! I do want to play the Fire Emblem games on the 3DS down the road but I still haven't finished Three Houses so I would like to finish it up, at least my first playthrough before I start a new one!
  8. I have been having more time to play with my Switch and 3DS lately and loving the recent games I have been playing. Bravely Default 2 - I just got to chapter 2 and I'm starting to enjoy the variety on the jobs I have unlocked which leads to some fun gameplay customization. My Time at Portia - I already own this on the PS4 but I loved it so much that I got myself a physical copy on the Switch, it feels great having the comfort to play it anywhere in this life sim RPG with crafting and farming elements. Although I do have to add it is the most buggy out of all the console ports, the developers are in the works to release an improvement patch to not only fix bugs but also add new content that was released on PC. Makes me wonder if we will get new trophies on the PS4 due to this patch. Monster Hunter Stories - Glad to start the series with the first game as I'm really enjoying the monster taming; exploration gameplay with cute aesthetics of the MH series. Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX - This game puts a big smile, it's too cute!! These are a few of the games I'm currently playing on those systems and would like to add more but it will end up as a big post lol, but there are a few games I have pre ordered for my Switch I would like to add which are Spiritfarer ( a physical version has been announced and was planning already to play this game as I heard many great things about it so decided to wait for the physical release) Kitaria Fables, and Monster Harvest, both which have farming, RPG elements with their own unique twist!
  9. PSN - Gay_Angel Country - United States Systems - Mostly on my PS4 and Switch (if you would like to add me there too) Friend Requests - Just let me know you are from here by message! Hi, I haven't done this in a while so I felt it's about time to meet some new friends. Please feel welcomed to add me and although I haven't been trophy hunting much these days (still enjoy it but I'm also enjoying focusing on my art, family, and just life in general) you may still add me for a chat or if you just need someone to talk to about how your gaming/trophy accomplishments are coming along. Happy gaming and take great care! 😊
  10. I just ordered these two Nintendo 3DS games for my 3/DScollection which it's slowly building up but it's really getting pricey getting them physical.


    Seeing the newly release Monster Hunter Stories 2 game got me hyped and interested in these specific titles so I decided to get the first one and wait a bit for the sequel as it's getting free updates in upcoming months so I can enjoy it's full content!



    This is a really interesting game that I had no knowledge of due not many people playing this, I only found out about it from watching a video on obscure 3DS JRPGS. Super excited to play them!

  11. Was excited to see the trailer announcement of the new Switch model but after getting more info from the official site and other gaming sites, it's a bit disappointing but also a relief lol (I'm close to having my Switch for about 2 years). The features are quality of life that should have been on release to be honest and I was really hoping to get more of an upgrade to the Switch's performance as I'm noticing alot of games that I have played, struggling with frame drops and loading times. We will see a "pro" later down the line which I'm looking forward to if it has those needed features most of us have been wanting but I do hope to get OLED model (if scalpers don't ruin everything) for my little boy for Christmas.
  12. I just pre ordered these two games that I'm really looking forward to playing and having them on my growing physical Switch collection! 😊




    1. eigen-space


      I've got Doki Doki ordered for the PS5. That Danganronpa collection seems awesome though.

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      I'm debating Danga on switch. i missed out buying the physical trilogy on ps4 and now its extremely pricey. 

    3. mako-heart


      I ordered them too :>


      @Infected Elite Sadly SW is missing UDG tho :(

  13. I remember getting my PS3 bundled with Street Fighter 4, Uncharted, and a sports game. I believe it was 2009 when I unlocked my first trophy with SF4 as I was also playing Uncharted but at the time it didn't have trophies patched in and I didn't have internet access. Of course I did ended up getting internet, making my first account (diiferent username) and as a result those SF4 trophies were without a timestamp. I remember those fond innocent days where I couldn't believe I was playing with other people online that I would just end up random message everyone I met with hi or how are you? I would get some replies with a hi back, good and you or gg, at that time I thought gg meant gotta go...
  14. Hi everyone, I hope all is well! I know I am really late on wishing all my fellow LGBTQ+ and allies a beautiful Pride month but I have been very busy lately with my personal life but in a positive way! 🤗 I also had such an amazing time celebrating my birthday earlier this month! 🎂


    I did manage a bit of gaming this much but I don't have much time to game like before and catch up. Although I still have a few more games to play I manage to squeeze some gaming with my Switch, 3DS and a bit of Persona 5 Strikers on the PS4, I was really hoping to platinum P5 Strikers by this month but I hope I can by July.(It's been quite a while since I have gotten a plat 😓 lol)

    I have been enjoying these games alot so far like Radiant Historia PC, Bravely Default 2, Stella Glow, God Wars Complete, Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX and of course P5 Strikers!


    As a big thank you for such an amazing community over the time I have spent here, even though I know it isn't much, here is a NA PSN code for $10 NGCT-4TN3-C6LN for that lucky individual reading this. I hope it can make your day and bring a smile as that will make me happy!🤗

    Always remember to be true to yourself, love one another, stay safe and game on.

    Thank you so much for your time and take great care of yourself!

  15. Atelier Ryza 1 & 2 have two free DLC outfits available on the PSN store called "White Lily of Summer" for the first game and "High Summer Formal" for the second game to celebrate 1 million shipped units!