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  1. Was looking through my email and saw that I forgot about my PSN $20 code from Sony Rewards from 2 weeks ago. (Been busy with the kids being home-school and such) 😊 Looking forward to getting some more games from the Big in Japan sale!

    1. starcrunch061
    2. zizimonster


      Yakuza 6 sure looks enticing. :awesome:

  2. Ooh I feel a bit bad that I haven't been playing much on the PS4 as of late due to Animal Crossing New Horizons. 🤗 I love the game so much, from saying hi to my cute villagers everyday, decorating and re decorating both my island and house, to helping other players through Nookazon.


    I am getting two new PS4 games tomorrow (Death End ReQuest 2 and Kandagawa Jet Girls) hopefully, maybe that will get me back? lol

  3. Platinum #24 - Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 3 - PS Vita


    With that, the ReBirth trilogy is complete once again, yay! 😊

  4. It's been 2 months since I got platinum in Persona 5 Royal and fell in love with the game so knowing that we receive dynamic themes and avatars for unlocking trophies as a bonus got me even more excited in unlocking platinum.


    Sadly I only received the platinum set but not the others and I contacted PS support chat back then and although the person helping me was kind, he just said he will let the specialist team know of this and so I waited.


    Today I decided to contact support again as a random thought and was expecting the same reaction but no, the support chat person helping me was so sweet, posted the codes on the spot, congratulating me on my platinum and thanking me for being part of the PS family for so long, she even offered to give me double codes of all themes but it didn't felt right as I can gain the platinum again if I wanted more codes. I just wanted to have all the sets of themes and avatars that I was missing.


    Anyways, sorry for the long read but I felt like sharing as it made me happy. I still listen to my favorite songs from P5R but I love this song the most.



    Take care and thank you for time. :) 

    1. Yuna4353


      When i was doing P5R the on;y theme set I did not get was the first set so I contacted support and they got me it in like a week in a half. congrats on the plat 

  5. Got the chance to purchase The Last of Us 2 and will be playingit with my sister like when we play the first game together! I think she is far more excited to play it than me lol :) I also decided to surprise her with vynils which are Queen Hits, The Supremes Collection, and Selena #1s!

  6. Another year and another Happy Birthday to me! 😊

    Although it's a bit more of a lonely one this year for obvious reasons, I'm lucky and blessed to have family take their time to give me a call and send messages this early wishing me a Happy Birthday for an old relic like myself! 😂

    I have met many more new friends this past year, mostly from around the world and I'm grateful to have them in my life, although I wish I can share my cake with them.


    My best wishes to my fellow LGBTQ+ members everywhere, wishing you Happy Pride Month! I know these are are difficult times but never lose that light of hope keeping us moving, never forget who you are and know you will always have a special angel watching over you. 🤗

    Thank you and here's to hoping for many more birthdays! 🎂

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy birthday!

    3. Angel


      Thank you all so much for the Happy Birthdays and to many more! 🤗

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Happy belated birthday! 

  7. There is currently a free Tifa dynamic theme for those interested, it's quite pretty and plays her theme music!

    1. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Thanks!  I been looking for something neato to throw into my cycle of various themes.

    2. charxsetsuna


      Thanks, I've been using the persona 5 dancing theme for too long, I should probably change it.

  8. Persona 5 Royal - It's been a while since a game has kept me up all night because of much fun it is! I'm loving everything  so far and I'm currently in the second palace so I can't wait what else this game will surprise me with. 😊


    This is my first time actually playing a main series Persona game as I started playing the rythm games first, also as a tarot reader it made my heart all warm knowing le tarot de marseille plays a role in this game and so far the confidants representing the major arcana are on point!

    1. Deluziion90


      Enjoy! Always nice to see people enjoy my favorite game ^^ Get ready for lots of plottwists and things you wouldnt expect😁

  9. Crystar - I pretty much have the platinum which I just need to hunt down some revenants for the glossary and grind to max level. This game has been a chore to play but has an interesting story.

  10. Platinum #23 -PS Vita- Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies


    Really fun musou genre game and far less tedious to platinum compared to Action Unleashed. The only small problems I ran to was I played alone so bosses took longer to defeat and I had bad RNG luck with some drops but not as bad as other games I have played.

  11. Currently playing 4 games among 3 consoles that it's really messing me up with the contols each time I play the next game lol but I'm really having fun with all these games. (Crystar, Rune Factory 4 Special, Snackworld, and Megatagmension Blanc)

  12. Platinum #22 - PS Vita - Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth2


    After 3 days of little Ms. Stella failing a 13 hour real life time dungeon over and over, I finally have the platinum! I had so much fun with ReBirth2 and looking forward to playing ReBirth3 in the future (not for Stella though) but thinking of catching up on some of my more new games for now.

  13. Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth2 - I just need Stella to return safely from her True Neptral Tower dungeon  (which is 13 hours real time even with the help of DLC) and I have the platinum. Hopefully she doesn't fail and prolong my last trophy, really dumb RNG based trophy.

  14. Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth2 - Currently going for the Holy Sword ending now by doing some lily grinding, although that Conquest ending is still so sad. After that it's pretty much a one way to (yet some more grinding) platinum in my true ending playthrough!

    1. dzeni232


      Welcome to hell. I'm currently also trying to go for Holy Sword Ending after getting Conquest a few days ago! Tbh grinding lily ranks is so exhausting :v 

      Can't play for more than an hour – maybe two – a day or else I'll get too burnt out. 

  15. Platinum #21 -PS3 - Rune Factory Tides of Destiny 


    This game has it's cute charm that all Rune Factory games have, loved the story and gameplay as well but wowzers the controls are quite awful. The camera is also a nuisance but overall I enjoyed the game even.

  16. Finally a happy owner of a Switch that I got as a gift, so excited to start my gaming collection on it. I so far only have Zelda BoTW which I'm loving and been staying up late playing it!

    I'm also really looking forward to Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's so cute!

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Welcome to the family! BoTW is so amazing. I have to play it in spurts or I find myself spending hours on that game without realizing. 😅

    3. Angel


      I'm having a blast with it @Beyondthegrave07 although I'm finding quite challenging due to my curiosity leading me to my demise lol but that's why I'm loving to freely explore in what seems like a never ending world.


      I already got some game recommendations for my Switch and now I feel like I will never catch up at all to my already big PS4 backlog lol but I'm having fun and that's what matters.

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      That happens a lot early, but once you get decent armor and have roughly 10-12 hearts, it gets much easier to explore anywhere. Really, beating your first divine beast will help a lot (a few new abilities are EXTREMELY helpful).

  17. Platinum #147 - Cat Quest 

    I ended up really enjoying it's cute world, lovable characters, funny cat puns, fun yet simplistic gameplay, and overall charm to it!

    My only complaint is that it's way too short, luckily there is a sequel and there's even a puppy too!

    Glad to squeeze in another platinum before the year ends, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

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    2. Angel


      Thank you everyone, hope you managed to get another platinum before the year ends. I would like give another a go but I don't think I can make it with all these JRPGs in the backlog 😊

    3. Jelloycat


      Congrats! The sequel is definitely a fun time as well. :) (Though both definitely feel too short.) 

    4. MaximumOverdrive
  18. Sweet, reached PSN level 33 with Cat Quest. I'm really enjoying this cute game!

    1. Copanele


      Congrats! A perfect game to level up with xD 

  19. Whew! Finally the 300 quests trophy finally popped in Nights of Azure after what felt like an eternity of tedious quests and loading. This trophy wouldn't be so bad if they allowed you to take on more than 3 quests at a time and if there was a in game tracker.


    I just need to randomly kill monsters until the 1,000 demons killed trophy pops (again no in game tracker) and see an extra ending for the platinum! 😇

    1. Angel


      ...and the *10,000 trophy just popped after two quick arena fights!

  20. Nights of Azure - I pretty much have the platinum almost done! Now I just need to prepare myself for the long and tedious remaining trophies but I need a break, that last arena match was annoying but I managed to kill her by poison just when I died and the game still gave me the clear results.

  21. I received my physical copies of Death End ReQuest, Crystar and a few early Christmas gifts for my loved ones. I'm just waiting to see if Stranded Sails comes today as well! 😊


    Looking forward to start any of these soon but I need to play more on Nights of Azure first even though so far I haven't been enjoying it as much as I thought. I'm still in chapter 4 and hoping gameplay opens up a bit more? I'm disappointed in the pet monster system as I would have loved to see more variety and potentially evolve them (been playing a lot of Pokemon on the 3DS lately)

  22. I finished the main story of Super Neptunia RPG and just have a few trophies remaining for my platinum! It's mostly the boring ones like max level, finish all hunt quests, accumulate lots of credits and such so that will be "fun" 😇

  23. Hope everyone signed up on Sony Reward's Trophy Passes managed to get as many trophies for the program as it ends tomorrow November 7.

    I thought I could get one last platinum with Super Neptunia RPG but I'm too busy lately that I don't think I can have it by today.

  24. I just found out about Graveyard Keeper (has a Stardrew Valley charm to it)  by watching on YouTube and I'm really loving it though I wished I knew about it earlier as it would have made a great Halloween platinum too for me!


    There's no physical Ps4 copy available that I'm aware which I would have love even more but I'm still going to get it and hopefully start playing after I'm done with my current games.


  25. I got Super Neptunia RPG and YS Memories of Celceta in the mail just now 😊 was hoping to order Atelier Ryza but due to the holiday sales coming, I'm hoping to see a small discount on it plus I still need to play Atelier Lulua!

    1. eigen-space


      Atelier games, unfortunately, almost never get discounts 😭

    2. Angel


      Rarely digital but I do see them go on sale physical quite often, at least here in NA (although they are a bit uncommon to find usually because stores don't have many in stock to begin with). I got Atelier Lulua for $30 about a month ago so I'm really happy with that purchase.

    3. IntroPhenom


      I went to check out your profile, but it's private!  How dare you!  ;)  But seriously, though it happens rarely, I love getting physical editions in the mail.