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  1. I got Super Neptunia RPG and YS Memories of Celceta in the mail just now 😊 was hoping to order Atelier Ryza but due to the holiday sales coming, I'm hoping to see a small discount on it plus I still need to play Atelier Lulua!

    1. eigen-space


      Atelier games, unfortunately, almost never get discounts 😭

    2. Angel


      Rarely digital but I do see them go on sale physical quite often, at least here in NA (although they are a bit uncommon to find usually because stores don't have many in stock to begin with). I got Atelier Lulua for $30 about a month ago so I'm really happy with that purchase.

    3. IntroPhenom


      I went to check out your profile, but it's private!  How dare you!  ;)  But seriously, though it happens rarely, I love getting physical editions in the mail.