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  1. Decided to get Cat Quest from the End of Year sale, I heard great (cat puns) things from it so looking forward to it. Also glad Harvest Moon LoH Complete and Dragon Star Varnir came in the mail today!


    Hope to squeeze in one last platinum before the year ends, Happy Holidays!

    1. Lorajet


      Someone suggested Cat Quest to me and I really enjoy the game.  Congrats on the purchase!

    2. Angel


      Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for this giveaway @ZitMeatloaf, I'm still in disbelief! 😊 Glad to be part of and see a community that is ever so kind and generous, wishing you all my best and Happy Holidays!
  3. Currently for me it's Dragon Quest Heroes 2 I loved the first one and enjoyed going for platinum (I play quite a few RPGs so I do enjoy and don't mind tedious grinds for trophies) but for some reason I feel overwhelmed with this sequel. Maybe it's bad timing on my part, not enjoying it as much, would like to co op or a combination of all but I just dread of continuing where I left off. I do hope to get motivated to continue playing and get platinum one day as I don't want to give up on it that easily. I love that game but it's understandable especially when going for platinum, I was crazy enough to platinum the PS3 version twice due to my love for it.
  4. Nights of Azure Nights of Azure was a bit of a so-so game towards the beginning of my playthrough but ended up growing on me as the story unfolded, especially seeing the relationship between Arnice and Lilysse blossom. The gameplay though felt very empty to me as you are mostly going through small hallway like rooms, not much variety in combat which mostly results in button mashing, and lacking in monster growth potential. I did enjoy a bit more towards the end with gameplay due to having much more variety in equipment, skills and monsters but not enough to make me give it a replay any time soon. Platinum wise, it was a straight forward platinum with no missables but does have these atrocious filler trophies that require you to do a huge amount of kills, summonings, quests and so on that are unnecessary, especially in this game where it's quite restrictive with quests and no in game trackers. Wishing you my best on these last 2019 platinum! Time sure does go by very quick...too quick but as always, thank you for your time, my best wishes and Happy Holidays!
  5. Whew! Finally the 300 quests trophy finally popped in Nights of Azure after what felt like an eternity of tedious quests and loading. This trophy wouldn't be so bad if they allowed you to take on more than 3 quests at a time and if there was a in game tracker.


    I just need to randomly kill monsters until the 1,000 demons killed trophy pops (again no in game tracker) and see an extra ending for the platinum! 😇

    1. Angel


      ...and the *10,000 trophy just popped after two quick arena fights!

  6. I honestly don't like this special edition set, I would have loved something along the "Take your Heart" edition as it was priced the same when it released and felt you get much more collectables(the Morgana and schoolbag were so cute to) . I know most of it is due to the added content to the game but even the standard edition feels a bit overpriced for a re release.
  7. Nights of Azure - I pretty much have the platinum almost done! Now I just need to prepare myself for the long and tedious remaining trophies but I need a break, that last arena match was annoying but I managed to kill her by poison just when I died and the game still gave me the clear results.

  8. I'm only interested in Life is Strange 2 from this sale but I'm not sure if I should wait for a cheaper price? I did get this first full season game for $6. Looking forward to the sales on physical versions of some of these games at retailers though.
  9. I received my physical copies of Death End ReQuest, Crystar and a few early Christmas gifts for my loved ones. I'm just waiting to see if Stranded Sails comes today as well! 😊


    Looking forward to start any of these soon but I need to play more on Nights of Azure first even though so far I haven't been enjoying it as much as I thought. I'm still in chapter 4 and hoping gameplay opens up a bit more? I'm disappointed in the pet monster system as I would have loved to see more variety and potentially evolve them (been playing a lot of Pokemon on the 3DS lately)

  10. Super Neptunia RPG I was super (pun?) excited to start playing Super Neptunia RPG when I finally got my copy only to be found with disappointment. I enjoyed the story; Neptune is hilarious as always, and the new 2D art direction but it all felt too flat (pun? lol I'm sorry) in gameplay. Neptune felt stiff and a bit unresponsive when using her in the world environment stages, especially when jumping, I had moments when the quest markers would disappear and had to reload, most of the HDN cast is not available or playable (I missed Nepgear). The battle gameplay was far too repetitive and easy that most of my battles were just spamming elemental weakness and holding the fast forward button, this includes the boss battles. Overall the game feels unfinished and would have loved to see it get more fleshed as this was an interesting approach to the HDN series. Platinum wise - It was easy, one playthrough and straightforward trophy list with only 3 missable trophies to worry about, tied to events. Best wishes on your next platinum and thank you for your time.
  11. I finished the main story of Super Neptunia RPG and just have a few trophies remaining for my platinum! It's mostly the boring ones like max level, finish all hunt quests, accumulate lots of credits and such so that will be "fun" 😇

  12. Hope everyone signed up on Sony Reward's Trophy Passes managed to get as many trophies for the program as it ends tomorrow November 7.

    I thought I could get one last platinum with Super Neptunia RPG but I'm too busy lately that I don't think I can have it by today.

  13. I just found out about Graveyard Keeper (has a Stardrew Valley charm to it)  by watching on YouTube and I'm really loving it though I wished I knew about it earlier as it would have made a great Halloween platinum too for me!


    There's no physical Ps4 copy available that I'm aware which I would have love even more but I'm still going to get it and hopefully start playing after I'm done with my current games.


  14. Mercy's new angelic design is so beautiful! Looking forward to trying out this new game/expansion as well as knowing more details about it since I'm still confused about a few things.
  15. I got Super Neptunia RPG and YS Memories of Celceta in the mail just now 😊 was hoping to order Atelier Ryza but due to the holiday sales coming, I'm hoping to see a small discount on it plus I still need to play Atelier Lulua!

    1. eigen-space


      Atelier games, unfortunately, almost never get discounts 😭

    2. Angel


      Rarely digital but I do see them go on sale physical quite often, at least here in NA (although they are a bit uncommon to find usually because stores don't have many in stock to begin with). I got Atelier Lulua for $30 about a month ago so I'm really happy with that purchase.

    3. IntroPhenom


      I went to check out your profile, but it's private!  How dare you!  ;)  But seriously, though it happens rarely, I love getting physical editions in the mail.

  16. Platinum #20 - Blue Reflection - PS4 -


    The power of love and friendship transcends all with a touch of magic! Such a beautiful game both in it's visuals and storyline. The gameplay was amazing (although a bit too easy even at the hardest difficulty) with it's turn based JRPG elements that really shine during boss fights. Also the music is so good!!


    This game does have it's flaws but it does have something special (or maybe it's just me reliving those good old Sailor Moon days as a child 😊) I hope to see Hinako, Yuzu, Lime, and all the other girls again someday...

  17. I do hope we see one as lately I have been loving handheld gaming alot (I still don't own a Switch yet but with the holiday sales coming up that will definitely change 😊) and I have been enjoying playing both on the PS Vita and N3DS on the go. I recently bought a few physical games for my Vita too like Person 4 Golden, Hyperdimension Neptunia series, and YS Memories of Celceta along with some N3DS titles. I'm slowly expanding my library and hope to get some recommendations for both these systems as I have missed out alot and trying to catch up,if you would like to by PSN message!
  18. There are free PSN avatars and a Ps theme for the game called Destiny Connect until November 5!

    Here is the link for the theme for those interested. Best wishes and take care!

  19. I just found out about the game called Stranded Sails and it releases digitally today on consoles but physical next month. I'll be waiting for the physical version since I'm really loving from what I've seen. It reminds of that time waiting next month for a physical version of My Time at Portia! :wub:

  20. Ah no wonder I noticed my close friends who use their real life pic or custom avatars are set to their PSN avatar, I thought they personally remove them. Anyways I don't use Facebook so it doesn't affect me but here's hoping they add the features back for those who do use them.
  21. Farm Together - It's currently having it's one year anniversary event and wowzers it's been a year already since I played it!? I try to get on it everyday to work on my little farm/flower garden and it always help me relaxed from daily stress. Glad games like this and it's community are there for you when you are feeling fallen. 😊

  22. Platinum #19 - PS Vita - Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed


    Fun but very repetitive musou-like game. I spent most of the time lily grinding as we all know HDN games is notorious for those maxing out lily ranks. Also seeing the clothes tear up brought back awful memories from Senran Kagura PBS lol

  23. Platinum #18 - PS Vita - Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1


    Cute and funny game as always with Nep Nep but found the bosses tough in the first playthrough. Next up will be Rebirth 2 Sisters Generation!

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Have fun with


      :P But even that didn't bring my enjoyment of Re;Birth 2 down enough to not make it a milestone. Loved that one's story.

    2. ihadalifeb4this
  24. I just need my 100 million credits trophy for my Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 platinum but I'm currently sitting at 15 million credits... time to play my favorite music and begin the long grind! 

    1. lordguwa


      good luck on the goal. having something to listen to while grinding helps alot.

    2. Angel


      Thank you, hope to have the platinum later today or early tomorrow! 😊

    3. NERVergoproxy


      I actual did this awhile ago, and its not as hard or long as some may think. 
      First you dont need 100million credit at a given time.
      So once you accumulated about 50million credit save the game. And head over to the shop, and buy the most expensive clothings or accessoriess. As much as you can.

      Sell them, you get 50% credits back. Buy them again. Sell. Repeat. If you don't hit 100mill after all that. Sell everything in your inventory after and the trophy should pop....

      buy 50million clothing, sell, get back 25million = 75million accumulated at a given time.

      buy 25million clothing, sell, get back 12.5million + 75 million accumulated = 88million.

      buy 12.5million clothing, sell, get back 6.25million + 88 = 94.25

      buy 6.25 million clothing, sell, get back 3.12 + 84.25 = roughly 97million already. Something like that.

  25. There's currently a free The Last of Us 2 Grunge theme for the PS4 for those interested, also looking forward to the game!