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  1. World of Final Fantasy True Grymoirian World of Final Fantasy was a very fun game with turned based battles, sweet story, and characters overloading with cuteness. It was a great time seeing a world of Final Fantasy in a very charming and chibi way with characters I have grown with and come to love over the years! Platinum wise, you would obtain about half the trophies just by naturally playing but I highly recommend having along a guide involving treasures locations. There are a few trophies that will test your patience that involve luck and long grinding so be prepared. Thank you for your time and wishing you the best on you next platinum!
  2. I have also been very interested in playing Undertale so this is my chance, would love to get my hands on that collector's edition!
  3. Platinum #102 - Lego Marvel's Avengers - Really fun and cute game, was also able to finish up all the DLC packs! :)

  4. Lego games are so cute and fun, currently enjoying Lego Marvel's Avengers!

  5. Looking forward to play Tekken 7 as it has been such a long time. The trophy list looks like quite a fun one and like previous Tekken trophy lists that I have experienced, very friendly with it's online trophies. I will probably end up most of my time playing in the customization room again lol.
  6. Platinum #101 - Digimon World Next Order - I had such a blast with this game!


    Now the tough decision of which new game to start playing next. :)

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    2. Razza


      Congratulations :) its great to hear that someone else really enjoyed this game :D

    3. Gay_Angel


      Thank you :) wishing you guys the best on your next platinum as well!

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice job!

  7. The new World of Final Fantasy PSN avatars on the NA store are so adorable, will be buying my favorites! This also reminds me that I need to finish my copy of the game.

    1. ChaoticBeauty420


      After seeing your status I went to check how they looked on the store. Omg soooo cute added them to my wishlist <3 

  8. Final Fantasy XV It was a very beautiful and emotional journey for me, It helped me cope through a dark moment in my life... This marks my 100th platinum and here is to hoping for many more to come! Thank you for your time and my best wishes.
  9. I have been playing quite a few games at the moment Final Fantasy 15 - Finished with the main game and working on making it my 100th platinum. Overwatch - Enjoying the current event. Resonance of Fate - Love this game, so I'm currently replaying it from time to time. Skyforge - I have been interested in playing a MMORPG so I gave this game a try and I'm so far enjoying it.
  10. I'm so excited for this addition to the Uncharted series, I already had this pre ordered when I purchased the season pass last year. I am looking forward to seeing Chloe once again and get to experience an adventure with her, the recent trailer was so good.
  11. Only played the Beta as well and was quite fun, it's shame seeing another game get shut down.
  12. Sweet, Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls! I have been waiting for it to go on sale, now it is my chance to buy it
  13. Having the game on sale as well would have made it much better for me since I don't own the game.
  14. Reading this thread reminds me that I should purchase another PS3, so far my PS3 has not had any problems but you never know what may happen. I still have so many PS3 games that I really would love to play.
  15. My personal goal for gaming next year will be to play more games with online. I mostly play offline singlplayer games and as enjoyable as that may be, I feel really left out when I see a bunch of my friends gaming online in co-op. Something so simple to do but I made this same goal last year and well...