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  1. Platinum #118 - Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force - Fun game and quite funny but I felt I didn't get to enjoy it much due to getting sick during my playthroughs but alas I was finally able to get back on it after feeling better.¬†ūüėá

    1. Jaco


      Nice. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force - Made some progress and I'm down to the last 3 trophies for the platinum; getting 5,000,000 gold, 10,000 kills, and clearing the Evil Goddess route.


    Almost there!¬†ūüėá

  3. Final Fantasy XV has received another version update which is live and brings along two DLC trophy packs; 7 Royal Pack and 3 Multiplayer Comrades trophies for those interested.

  4. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory It was great getting back to playing another Digimon Story game since I had so much fun with the previous one. Getting back my favorite Digimon team and going on a new adventure was so exciting. Platinum wise from my experience; most trophies are straightforward with being story related or will pop as you play the game. It was much less grindy and easier then the previous game as well due to being able to transfer saved data from that game to this one. Thank you for your time and wishing you the best on your next platinum!
  5. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory - I managed to collect all medals, memories, and fix all Navits. Only need two trophies left for the platinum but it seems I need to start a New Game+ to make achieving Master Hacker much quicker then to grind out side investigations.

    1. Death_Ninja


      Congrats! How long did it take to get all of the medals? I have over 80 hours combined with the original game and Hacker's Memory but I only have like 270 medals lol

    2. Gay_Angel


      Thank you, I'm honestly not sure for the exact time since I had over 100 hours from the previous game saved data and I had already collected the 500 medals so I just needed the new 200.


      I wish you the best in collecting the medals as I know they are time consuming.

    3. Death_Ninja


      Thanks, I'll probably have to return to it another time, I got a lot of collecting to do lol 

  6. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory - I have finished all online trophies, they are far more easy compared to the 30 Online wins from the first game.


    A tip for anyone going for the online trophies is to do all event missions, save up 6000 coins, save the game and from here you can buy anything you need then reloading your saved data to get those coins back.


    Now to continue my story with my favorite Digimon team! :)

    1. ExHaseo


      That's good to know for when I eventually pick it up, thanks!

  7. Platinum #115 - Omega Quintet :) My first platinum of the year!

  8. Omega Quintet I really enjoyed this game but it did get a bit overwhelming with all the grinding involved, careful planning of missables, and Order Breaks. This also makes it my first platinum of the year, so here is to hoping for more in the future! Thank you for your time, my best wishes, and Congratulations for your first platinums of the year!
  9. Omega Quintet - whew! I managed to complete all quests, collected all archives, and got the true ending in a single Advance difficulty playthrough. Now all that remains is tedious grinding... yay!?

    1. dermarx


      Go for it :) If you finish it, you'll get an Ultra Rare Platinum :) 

    2. Myu



  10. I am loving Omega Quintet so far and it is fun but it is a bit overwhelming with learning the game mechanics and trying to not miss any missables.

    1. JaM


      make sure to have backup save files... I had 1 subquest that expired and I had to re-do 10~ hours of gameplay :( aside from that... enjoy... it is indeed a fun game 

  11. I honestly thought this Flash sale was going to be amazing with being the last of 2017. Well time to buy the games from the Holiday sale I was holding back for this sale.
  12. Finally completed all of the trophies for the Ignis Episode, that "friendly" match was no easy task but I did it! :)

  13. Blue Reflection Brilliant √Čtoile I fell in love with this game, so many emotions! It reminded of those days growing up watching Sailor Moon. Truly enjoyed the bonding moments you have with the characters as you see them grow and overcome personal problems together. Very fun gameplay; especially during Boss fights (love how your friends join in on the fight even if it's just kicking a soda can at the boss or a Basketball) and a touching heart-warming story. Platinum wise, it's a straightforward platinum with nothing really missable as long as you do most trophies before the end of Chapter 10. It is also not a challenging game even at Hard difficulty but do be prepared for your slight grind trophies that all RPGs have. Well this seems like this will be my last platinum of 2017 since I don't think I can squeeze in another before the year ends. Hope everyone enjoys the Holidays, my best wishes for the upcoming New Year and thank you for your time.
  14. It was an amazing gaming year for me, lots of adventures, stories, and characters I got to experience. I was also able to earn my 100th platinum this year! The only disappointments this year is that I didn't get out of my comfort zone in trying more genres and I did not accomplished my 2017 New Year's Resolution of getting more online games since I always felt left out when my friends were playing online together. Hoping everyone enjoys their new year gaming, best wishes.
  15. The trophies for episode Ignis seem to be showing up on the PSN servers, they are as follow Hidden Power -Bronze- Took down 10 enemies using the spelldaggers Swift Retaliation -Bronze- Took down 10 enemies with counterstrikes Master of the Elements -Bronze- Took down 100 enemies using Total Clarity A Noble Sacrifice -Bronze- Completed Episode Ignis on Normal Altissian Ambassador -Silver- Collected all documents Another Path -Bronze- Defeated Ardyn in Chapter 3, Verse 2 A New Protagonist -Gold- Earned the top ranking in the Friendly Match I was also prompted to download a new patch for the new features/improvements and Ignis DLC compatibility.