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  1. I agree with this, its a fantastic game which I thoroughly enjoyed. Other games I feel are underrated: • Yoku's Island Express • Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night • Slime Rancher • Cat Quest 1 and 2 • 3D Dot Game Heroes • Alice: Madness Returns • Nexomon: Extinction I know there's more, but these are what I can think of currently.
  2. Such a shame as there aren't many games with playable Werewolves. I wish someone would create a Werewolf game that is actually good.
  3. I do not own a PS5 and will not for a long time as I have lots to keep me busy on PS3 and PS4. To this day, I liked the PS3 trophy list the most as the banners for each game were bigger and I liked that it is in alphabetical order.
  4. Yeah I do remember that game, however that was more like Pokemon Stadium and played like the main series games where as this is like Tekken obviously lol. However, I do agree with what you've said. Whilst I do like the Pokken roster, I do believe they could make so much more of it.
  5. I too, agree with this. Both are very good games. I also recommend Slime Rancher.
  6. I enjoyed it personally, had a blast playing it with friends. I can't understand why it was so poorly received by a lot of people tbh.
  7. Its like Sony don't want our money anymore. Whether or not they don't want to support the Vita anymore you'd at least think you could use a card or PayPal for crying out loud 🙄
  8. Dude you've put yourself through playing this trash twice?!!! I finished it on the PS3 years ago and swore to never ever do it again. Your either crazy or CRAZY 🤣
  9. Assassins Creed III FIN Earned on the 5/12/2013
  10. • Any game by Rockstar (all overrated) only one I enjoyed was Red Dead Redemption. • Capcom games like Dead Rising, Street Fighter, etc • Metal Gear series (don't dislike it but it is overrated) • COD • Mortal Kombat • Sports games List could be much longer but these are what I can think of currently.
  11. I had the same issue with the buggy. I felt like the controls changed when racing tbh but that could have just been me lol.
  12. Im sorry to hear this but just like StressEater, I have not experienced any issues whatsoever.
  13. #227 Nexomon Extinction
  14. I can confirm this as it is the exact area I found my Hyphoon.
  15. Loving it so far. Picked Trebly the rock starter as my starter. Some of the Nexomon designs are a bit hit or miss but the game overall has been a blast to play. I love the humour in the game, especially some of the things Coco says. If I could add anything to the game, I would add a move relearner, more moves as a lot of Nexomon learn the exact same moves and I would add dual type Nexomon.