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  1. Yes, its back and not centered. But why? Its the newest version for this phone and i have no registered problems with hundrets of sites. I have tried in the past some other browsers like dolphin, chrome and firefox for mobile and none of them runs like the standard android browser without problems. Can it have something to do with the ads that are new? (Since these stats for the games like average completition, how many players,... was gone, i really registered how much i used them. Thanks for bringing back to "retro" Browsers)
  2. Last week my Android Browser was up to date (shows the stats) and now its old (show not)??
  3. Not you, it´s the site. Some Browsers are not showing this bar. On my Android 4.1.2 Samsung Note it´s not showing since some days, with Firefox on my Netbook it shows the bar. Hope this will be fixed soon, i use my Phone 95% of the time i´m on this site. Average Completition on all Game Sites are not showing too.
  4. On my Android Samsung Note 1 this bar is missing too since last night.
  5. I give up. Read my posts on the other thread and you know how i think about the site and his work. And yes, i know some forums where the admin answers and discuss with the "normal crowd", and most forums are bigger than this one. I'm out, there are too much fans of the King out there.
  6. Uh, sorry. Negative feedback is Spam? I dont know. I will never do it again.
  7. I dont want to have trouble with a fan so will say nothing about your writing. Only explain you why its useless as all others. Did we know if hes working on this? No! Did we know if its never come? No! But we know how YOU think about his answer politics. Would anyone know this? No!! And this is not a single request for a friend list. Its asked many times since shutdown. I think i can live without. If i would become an answer it would be easier. ;-)
  8. Thats is a wrong way. Sometimes i think he is a little God who sents several users out to say something useless. There are many big things happened like this. Two design changes, trophy advisor, trophy cabinet and what ever. But a feature which is here and only needs a change from auto update to self editable is a so big thing? And why he cant speak for himself? I forgott hes a god who has a crowd who always said "i guess he", "i think he" and so on. Completly useless!!! But i said this before. So its open for the next "guess" from whoever.
  9. I wait for this since the auto scan is disabled and asked many times for a self editable friendlist. But never i or others get a answer. If someone cant update his profile sly answers in about a hour. This here goes for years and many threads now but not a single word. Sorry, but this is *piep*.
  10. I think the Percents of this Site says more about difficulty and rarity for Trophyhunters. But it would be nice to see both. PSNProfiles 22,5% Common Sony 3,6% Something like this. So we have the Trophyhunter Stats and the Worldwide.
  11. Äähh, why hiding?? I want to SEE unplayed Games!!! But in an extra List to check for game stats and to decide which one i download or play next. There are many reasons to have a list like this. For me its only for games that i own, but havent played, to compare them. Others would use it as a wishlist or something else.
  12. There are tons of Gb only for downloading all of them. And then i have them all on my profile with 0% . That looks bad. And the games are from the whole year, if i install them they will shown between the last 100 played games and not sorted. This is not an option for me.
  13. Thanks to Gta V i haven´t started any other Game this Month. And now are 4 Games more on my List of unplayed owned Games, total of 41 now. So a max of 5 is realy not enough. I think a max of 100 is better. It needs hours to check all or most of the 41 Games sometimes through the Games section. (it could be playtime)
  14. I would like to see something similar to a wishlist on other sites, were i can put game trophy lists from the games section. At the moment i have more than 35 unplayed Games from PsPlus, Disc or Vita Cards. And its very unconfortable to look for their lists multiple times until i play one of them. And i look often for some. Everytime i became a new Game or think of buying one my first visit is here. So my idea is a new button, something like "To do List", on the Profile Page which leads to a second site with same information , but only the self added Games, and a Button on each Game List "Add to...". So we can switch between played and unplayed Games to decide what to play next and don't have the need to install them at 0% to see them easy. With all the Download Games its impossible too to install all of them. When a Game is started it comes on the real profile page and if its possible it will be deleted automaticaly from the "To do List" with the first Trophy earned.
  15. And the next Friendlist Request!! You should think about it Sly. ;-) I loved this Feature.