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  1. Mass Effect Trilogy (That cheating?) Fallout: New Vegas LA Noire Honorable mention to Enslaved, that just missed.
  2. Same. Tex Murphy, Wing Comander III, IV, Prophecy, Ripper, Phantasmagoria, etc etc. Ill buy this based off that nostalgia alone. Also, Maxwell Smart. Nice!
  3. Mopped up the Plat a couple weeks ago, just hadn't made it on here to notch the belt.
  4. If we're talking Sony systems, I probably got over 300 hours in New Vegas & GTA V. If we're talking overall, WoW sucked up more of my mid twenties than I'd like to admit.
  5. Environmentally Unfriendly Kill 50 opponents using the environment (e.g. swamp gas, insects or objects). It involved a nest full of harpies, a telekinetic blast and what I think was a coffee mug.
  6. Well, I have a little girl due March 1st. So my goals went from "Platinum Catherine for your 75th", & reach level 30- To beat Mass Effect in under 3 months and maybe start Persona 5 I actually answered this on this first page and forgot. I think reality is hitting me now though.
  7. Value is in the enjoyment for me. I paid 18 bucks for Her Majesty's Spiffing. I had the platinum in like, 4 hours? Beat it in 2 and a half on my own. But I enjoyed the hell out of it, so fair price. Meanwhile, I can't get into the Division to save my life. If I'd paid 18 bucks for that, something I've dumped close to 15 hours in, I'd of still felt slighted. Sadly I spent even more on it. A price point may determine when I pull the trigger on something, but never the time or the format involved.
  8. Haven't played one of their games since Dragon Warrior on the NES. This'll be the one that brings me back after nearly 30 years. Their eyes weird me out, though. Everything else looks brilliant.
  9. Looks promising! I'd like to pitch in, but, Christmas. Looks like they're well on their way, though. If they make it, I'll probably pick it up. Unless, you know, they release it around Christmas.
  10. Went to give you a sub, and I already was, which is impressive considering I only have like 10 subs. So that's kinda neat. Keep up the good work, apparently!
  11. I used this my second go through. It covers everything except Geology, which is basically just a search pattern until you find them all. Fun and endearing little game. I'm really enjoying these little point and clicks making their way to the PS4 lately.
  12. Red Dead Revolver II as my 75th plat Top 50 on PSN Profiles for ME:4. Neither of those things will happen. I will catch myself up on Kingdom Hearts, though. That will be done.
  13. Joined June 21st, 2013. Got Platinum #8 on June 29th, 2013 HEAVY RAIN™ Master Unlock all trophies
  14. You're the 3rd of "my people" I've run into here in the past couple days. It's like a new bar. Mass Effect is my big one. Persona 5, Red Dead, Danganronpa III, Full Throttle, South Park are Day One. Vampyr, Yakuza 0, Prey & Horizon will be titles I'll be watching closely. There's more, but I'm trying to keep it toned. 2016 was a mild year for new titles as far as my tastes are concerned. 2017 is loaded.
  15. The Adventures of Willy Beamish. Cause I'm old. +10 Motzies if you've even heard of it.