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  1. I have been here for 8 years, I know what this Site is about. If a Trophy list makes or breaks a great Game for people so be it. Just said it Surprises me as my opinion. The devs gave us a chance to replay this gem and thats all I need.
  2. Trophies are shit Yes but people saying their Not paying for this trophylist quite surprise me. You pay for the Game Not the trophies. Gonna get this for sure. Always Wanted to replay it But don not have my ps2 anymore. Only downside is that they added no online coop as far as i can see but my gf loves These games so offline will do. One of the best coop games i have ever played and the nostalgia factor is strong here.
  3. #Plat. 88 Star Ocean the Last Hope international 4k. What a journey again, great once you comit.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sword


      Congrats man! Huge accomplishment, what're you gonna do next? :P

    3. Burek_san


      congrats :yay:

    4. CoregBlue


      Don´t know yet. Maybe going back to atelier series or keep playing Nioh 2 on hardest difficulty until i got all missions. But not another 600 hour plat thats sure. 


      And thanks guys. :)

  4. 155 unearned. Many from Battlefield 4 because i play these games just for fun and MP. Literally put the disc in the first time and straight to Multiplayer. Also Street Fighter 5 because it is complete garbage unlike 4 and i only complete games i actually enjoy. Currently going for Star Ocean 4 4k remaster and will complete this behemoth but also have it on ps3 unfinished from 6 years ago. Stopped because i met my gf lol. Also some later added DLC stuff i maybe get back to.
  5. large variety of games and dedicated to hunt down difficult trophies.
  6. Resident Evil 5 Shame i played it on xbox back then, would love to have the plat in my collection. on my long list. ^^"
  7. Really good taste, likes great storys.
  8. PSN: CoregBlue Systems: PS3, PSVita, PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No (Just add a note that you are from psnp) Trophy hunter, JRPG, Fighting Game, Anime Fan. Not the most talkative tbh but like to play games along with people in my list, checking out what they are playing and so on, i am online pretty frequently if my studies and girlfriend don´t need attention ^^"
  9. Trackmania. Will try it one day myself
  10. Little Big Planet 3
  11. Congratz guys. Just finished nitro processing and this platinum puts toxic Tunnels to shame imo. Took me 5 hours total just to platinim relic. At least i am done with cortex dimension and Animal riding now.
  12. i only did the main path to the end and thought bears repeating was the only bear riding sequence. couldn´t believe my eyes when you guys talked about building bridges. was difficult but not as hard as bears repeating. also done with crashed landing which was only a hassle because of its length, the controls on the little alien are on point.
  13. Finished seeing double and toxic tunnels completely today. Finished with the last world, the colored gem levels and polar bear and so far toxic tunnels is the hardest just because it is such a long level when you want to get all crates. was really nervous when i finally made it to the last section.
  14. I am doing the hardest levels first now that i am finished with my First run. Finished cortex castle, run it bayou and the polar bear level. Polar bear perfect took me over 3 hours but DONE with that lol. Still was a Fun challenge.
  15. This Thread is all about people crying about difficulty and start blaming it on the Game. Or telling us what great things they accomplished as a kid so it is impossible that this one is too hard. Playing the Game right this Moment and there arent any issues, thats it. Guess some are so skilled they got a more difficult Version then. Also your trophy Card Completition Full with boosted and grind heavy plats mean nothing on this topic. Those people are my favourites. If you are Dedicated as a Gamer and Work on yourself instead of praying for a Patch that "fixes" your non existent issues then you will be able to get the plat. I am Outta here because i can Feel myself absorbing the whinery if i Stay to long.