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  1. Again a letdown Like Heat, Maps repeat in an endless circle, music is absolutely hideous, Lack of Cars, cringe Dialouge.
  2. I agree but to each theirs. If having the Same trophy Set again without doing anything for it helps some getting their Ego stroked because nothing and No one Else does, let Them be. Who are we to judge.
  3. PSN ID: Coregblue Country: Germany Language: German, English PS Systems: PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PSP, PSVita Accepts blank friend requests: No, Just Say "psnp" at least please. Love JRPGs, Anime and challenging Plats Sometimes. Always look at what my PSN Friends are playing.
  4. Star ocean 4 800-1000 hours Timeless Game though
  5. I am planning to Play this Game again in ps5 after ps2,ps3,ps4 and in Switch and i have Always maxed Out Luck because you can save nodes of accuracy and evasion Then since These arent needed. Although 230 Luck would be enough apparently. Makes No Sense investing in 2 different stats when you can have both in 1 plus guaranteed crits. Except of course the time sink needed for Fortune spheres. Sorry for my english
  6. Congratz! Done as well. Stadium was almost easier than Canyon and Valley red imo. Need around 30 trackmaster and this sweet plat is Mine.
  7. I started 180 First when i unlocked the dirt Tracks because i have read it is the hardest Track. Took me 3 hours so actually Not that Bad imo. 169 is easily the hardest Tracks and the black Canyon Tracks in General were a pain. 169 Took me 2 days for Just this Track.
  8. So apparently this cyberpsycho mission was glitched for everyone when the Game was released. Well it still is for me. Newest Patch, First time playing. This one Just wouldnt let me Fall Regina AND the cyberpsycho Guy didnt have the Shard needed to complete the Mission. Its called brick and hills or Mills. He Just Had Equipment stuff and now i cant Progress. So i can basically start a New Game now since its needed for Plat. Its one of the earlier Missions in the First Region. Anybody may have a fix?
  9. Some weapons will have a ability to Them, it will be written in yellow If you Look at it above the White written skills every weapon has. Most of the time its purple or orange rarity weapons. If you have one, equip it and you can put the Skill As one of your own skills. For example Put it As: Combo. Then Just use it once and the trophy Pops. Played on hard maybe chances are Higher there but you will get one eventually.
  10. So does More affinity Gear reward you with Higher exp for that Job and Just the affinity Bonuses?
  11. So I Know the Game even tells you that you get better loot when you Change and I even answered that to a question regarding difficulty Differences in another Thread. Now i am at the 7th or 8th Mission, played solely on hard from Start until now, including Sidequests when they become available. Then my Girlfriend wanted to Try the Game and it didnt went Well on hard so i switched to easy and in my eyes she got Same Level, rarity and ability loot i did. I even played the Mission again to Check it and compare my older Gear. Am i Not seeing Something Here or where is the Difference? Cheers.
  12. Playing on PS5, Looks fine for me in Performance mode
  13. Enjoying this Game a Lot so far. Playing in hard from the beginning since Chaos isnt unlocked. Great Combat System imo and reminds me a Lot of nioh which was what i was hoping for. Dont know If its because i am playing on hard but half Into First Mission already got a Job at 15. First playthrough solo and Then Chaos maybe Coop. Also Just got mage. Freaking OP. Yes graphics could be better but they are far from Bad.