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  1. You don't have to unlock the dlc buildings, at least I didn't have to when playing on normal map.
  2. I didn't realise that you have to put all the cards in the top 4 spots..for the missing king trophy.
  3. I won several times, but I didn't get the trophy. No cards left.
  4. Missing King won't unlock for me.. completed it multiple times. Reinstalling didn't work.
  5. If you say so. I can't remember since the last episode released in August.
  6. You can draw right at the start of the episode..
  7. Their twitter says when it releases. Of Life is Strange. Right now it is available for me.
  8. Game froze a lot for me. Maybe it's my ps4.
  9. I used it for the safe in the first house (first area near police station) where there is also a painting I mean.
  10. it's 3990 for anyone wondering.
  11. These two trophies won't unlock for me. Reinstalling didn't work.. 20 fut unlocked after 22 games.
  12. These three trophies won't unlock for me. Reinstalling didn't work.. I mean 20 fut games. delete this one please
  13. Bag of fine adamantine.
  14. I tried to backup my save for the cocktail trophy, but I can't load my game. Do you have to save manually?
  15. don't use too much saves on ps4. 15 was the max for me. use more and the game crashes.