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  1. So many to chose from that I want! So hard to narrow down, but I think I'm gonna go with God of War. I want to revisit and clean up my missing trophies as it's the only game from the series I lack a platinum in. 😁
  2. Minecraft. Getting to the end and gathering all materials is super time-consuming. And then you gotta fight the dragon. Props.
  3. God of War. Mostly because I need to go back to it and clean up my missing trophies. Then i'll have them all 😎
  4. Marvel got me with that nostalgia. In the beginning of the trailer 😭
  5. Yes. At that point I normally take a break and play something else. Example, I really want to platinum Kingdom Hearts III. But some of the trophies are grindy....when I stop having fun, I put the game down and play something else for awhile.
  6. Any of your Dark Souls games. I only 100% Bloodborne out of the Souls series.
  7. Honestly I played through the game again recently. It's not as RPG as much a shooter, but I enjoyed most of it. I still agree that New Vegas is probably the best Fallout game, but 4 isn't as bad in my opinion as others make it out to be. I have all the DLC and i'm going to tackle that next.
  8. Impressive profile 👍 I'll say Salt and Sanctuary.
  9. Mine would be: God of War Uncharted 4 Bloodborne Shadow of Mordor Dark Souls III Arkham Knight Axiom Verge Still so many others that I have started, but yet to finish. Currently working through Fallout 4 again to finish it and play the DLC so that gets an honorable mention at least.
  10. BioShock Infinite. I absolutely adore the BioShock series, but some of those trophies require a lot more patience than I care to have.
  11. Xcom 2. Heard the hardest difficulty will make you rip your hair out.
  12. Kingdom Hearts 2.
  13. I'm gonna go with your Uncharted 4 plat. Absolutely love Naughty Dog.
  14. I got Ark, The Last Town of Light, and Soul Axiom.
  15. I got chills when I heard this as a child. Vegeta quickly became a favorite character of mine once the Namek saga happened and we learned his tragic backstory.