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  1. I can also confirm a new patch.. Very strange after 3 years Maybe the bug with a missing scavenging point will be fixed
  2. Have the same problem. I also thought that it was because of using the EU account, but after trying on US it didnt change anything at all. Maybe somebody has a solution?
  3. I'm just starting to platinum the game so feel free to add me psnid: kevcio1
  4. I dont think EA will care. Fifa football for vita (2012) has a glitched trophy and unobtainable platinum from the begining and they haven't done anything.
  5. Bloodborne. But still waiting because of huge backlog, and witcher 3 coming soon
  6. Hey, this game is now for 15$ on us store. I wanted to know if it's worth buying to play online sometimes. I know that this is not the best basketball game but i enjoyed the demo
  7. This game just launched in Europe, for me it looks interesting but the price is a bit too high. Maybe someone who bought it could say something ?
  8. Maybe you have some finished games that you wont play anymore, remember that every disc game you play, installs whole data to hdd. Deleting game from menu shouldn't delete save, because they are placed in another location.
  9. Nba 2K14 and Watch Dogs (Still Playing)
  10. All Grand Theft Auto games with trophies Including GTA 1 and GTA 2 (No trilogy, sorry )
  11. Here are first reviews: CeX: 5/5 Gameblog: 4/5 Jeux Video Magazine: 19/20 T4Mag:4.5/5
  12. Maybe easy but i think it will be much longer than I:SS
  13. Hey, i want to join too if i can Please, delete the post above me, it was me from my brother account, he didnt logged out
  14. Fake.
  15. My is averaging 22 pts 3 assists and almost 0 rebs. When you pick 3 point specialist it is very easy