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  1. As someone who did this manually and was an idiot with my xp boosters, I will say having a turbo will seem like a breeze. Put the booster on and make sure you get the most out of it as once you close the game the booster expires. Being a dumbass I didn't notice this, so took me so damn long. Hate to bring up some bad news too, but if I remember right.... Level 99-100 is roughly the same amount of xp as Level 1-95
  2. What was wrong with it?
  3. Currently at 10 games. - Injustice (PS4) <15> - Warframe <6> - Smite < 3> - Brawlhalla <4> - Furi <7> - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 <1> - Gauntlet <6> - Minecraft <6> - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor <1> - Paladins <1>
  4. Anyone else noticed that Oxide seems to make more mistakes on the extra tracks? Been finding them a ton easier than the main campaign tracks. Still can't do some of the main tracks tho. That damn sewer speedway. Can't land that shortcut every time. Doing my head in
  5. I just beat my 1st Oxide race on Crash Cove. These trials suck. You gotta have near perfection. I say near as I messed up a few drifts but manage to win with a few milliseconds. If they are all like this then I'm hoping for an update to change the times or allow the cheats. Hell, I'd even buy a DLC char with max stats. Of course I plan to keep trying and getting the plat. But right now it's looking very uphill. Tiny Tiger got me through Oxide. Almost always wanna be drifting and go for all jumps. Took me a good 3 and a half hours of non stop attempts to finally get this. As others have said, even though this is the first level, it aint the easiest. Apparently that is Coco Park or something.
  6. Asura's Wrath: Borderlands 2 Smite
  7. Liked hearing from all the gamer dads in this topic since I've been a farther for a year and a half now. Having a baby did slow down my trophy hunting as of course my son is more important that my digital cabinet. However, I find I have a good few hours in between naps (unless I drop off with him..lol) /bedtime, daycare and when the wife wants to catch up on her shows in the night. I have found myself though getting to the night and thinking, rather than do "X" game and work on trophies....I'd rather just load up smite for some fun. That is until recently where I have started tackling my backlog before it gets too huge like other people's. I find one of the best things now though is I don't buy any games when they first come out (aside from a select few - KH3) and eventually wait for a deal/price drop and any bugs and DLCs to be all caught up and done. Some games though I have had to avoid as @visighost said, thing's with big multiplayer commitments like say Destiny 2. But on topic: I don't think I will stop unless my account is banned or sony just kinda drops it all with PS6 or something. I look forward to more years of getting my 100%s and branching out into some family games to earn some trophies with my boy
  8. Thrilled to see more content for the game. Need more. Hopefully trophies with the DLC too.
  9. I think it is because the game wasn't too fulfilling. All that time we waited for it and it was over so quickly. I've seen some people with it beaten in like 2 days. Even though i took a lot of time to explore every nook and take my time I beat it pretty quick on proud. Only time I "died" in KH3 was in the Caribbean when you have to catch the pearl and race Luxord. I spent too much time killing stuff than just rushing to the goal. So critical mode would be very welcomed. Especially with more trophies
  10. So Episode Ardyn is 100% the last thing for this game right? I want to finally uninstall this huge 109.6gb ass game. Aside from comrades, I loved all the DLCs......more than the main game. Just happy to be back at 100% and hope that it's all done now?
  11. Never mind I got it. Your tips helped for certain. Thanks so much @sunashigure1 - I turned off sound to cut down the adrenaline - My maze was super easy to navigate - The colour puzzle seemed so easy when you look at the groupings that are impossible where they were on opposite ends. Spent so much less time with them - I zigged the shit out of my pillars and made several mistakes, but got it done. Final time 5:57
  12. Tried a few runs without the music and it's certainly less stressful. However still no luck yet. Thanks. I try to 100% every game I play. I know it won't last as eventually I will be bested by a certain trophy. Right now I feel its this 1. Just didn't think my completion would end with a puzzle game lol
  13. Damn this trophy is frying my head. Im not the best with the tetris ones but I can get them done. I just can't do the pillars. Closest I've got is the last pillar. I dunno if it's the music that makes me fumble or if I been getting harsh rng. I will keep trying and after watching the vid i got a good tip from the colour puzzle and the right pillar and gonna try it without that damn music
  14. For me I would like them to add NG+ either day 1 or within a few days to keep the game going. From a trophy point it can be annoying to go back and do a game....especially if you already sold the damn game. Then again there are some games I wish had more. Take KH3 for example, I beat it on Proud and did everything and took as much time as possible to explore etc due to how long we waited for the game, and it was too easy and 1 of the fastest KH games to beat. So now I'm itching for a Critical Mode with a trophy or more to keep that game going. Suppose in summary it comes down to the game for me. Ideally tho it should be; 1 - Already included 2 - Day 1 Update 3 - Released within a week 4 - Left out
  15. So happy. Can't wait to get my hands on this game. Everything that has been shown of this just keeps getting better. I love hercules, but was not my mist hyped world to see as its been in every game, but that trailer showed some epic scenes for Olympus. Need to make sure whatever i am working on around the release is done as my sole focus will be on KH3.