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  1. EA just confirmed that SKATE 4 is in early development. https://twitter.com/EA/status/1273764835080024064?s=20
  2. Glad to know that I'm not the only one watching out for a discount on the DLC's for this game! They are insanely expensive right now, considering that the full game cost me $5 few months after it was released.
  3. Thinking about starting this game soon, but I'm not sure if you can still get the platinum (server related) and 100% on the DLC's (read somewhere that the Limited Edition is no longer redeemable) I would appreciate a complete response to see if it's too late to start or not!
  4. Death Stranding! Looks like a big challenge
  5. Nope. If you 'Save and quit' you will have to start the mission again.
  6. If they release DLC's through a $50 season pass: players complain. If they stop releasing FREE content after almost 2 years, players also complain. This proves that the problem is not the company or the business model that they choose for "X" Battlefield game, instead it's the people that don't even enjoy these games enough to see all the work and development behind them. Real Battlefield fans don't even bother about making comments about EA or whatever executives are behind the financials of these games cause it doesn't matter as long as they keep the franchise alive. Medal of Honor died because of a poorly executed game, Battlefield should not be the case in the future and as a community it would be nice to show some respect to the people behind these games.
  7. Spec Ops 1 never showed up in my account (USA), so I started the game on a second user (Chilean account) and the rest of the DLC's finally were available for download. Please, close this thread.
  8. Hello everyone, Just bought Modern Warfare 2019 (Blu-ray disc) and after installing the game data and updating (99+ GB file) I still need to download "DLC packs" to play Co-op mode. I only have two downloads purchased on my account, Multiplayer Pack 2 and Survival Spec Ops Pack. Seems like I need Spec Ops DLC 1 but I can't find it anywhere, even on the library. Now I wonder if this is an issue that is yet to be solved, or it is something I'm doing wrong. However, I am curious if doing the 4 missions required for the Spec-Ops trophy on PC, with my Activision account obviously linked to PSN, would pop the trophy, as I play shooters mainly in that platform. That would make things easier for me, because I only have to play/download the Campaign and ignore the rest. Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry if I didn't explain my situation in the best way
  9. How I got this trophy in my first try: started the second mission "Team Player" on Recruit difficulty through mission select. Died many times doing stupid mistakes (trying to speedrun), so I would restart in the same mission. I skipped "No Russian" and did the whole campaign in one go. Luckily I got the trophy in the last mission (I was hoping to get it in SS.DD so I can also pop the platinum killing Shepherd). Some say that friendly fire affects the way this trophy works, I would say that you should only restart the mission when you fail because of shooting/killing teammates, during my last playthrough I killed many teammates on accident without failing mission (keep track of them just in case) and still got the trophy.
  10. Hi. I had a really bad time going for this trophy. First, I was repeating missions wasting a lot of time, then I saw this thread and started doing them offline but dealing with the increased difficulty. Finally I got it by repeating a couple more missions until I got the phone call to start the "All you can eat" final chapter. Thanks for the tip!
  11. I really hope that this glitch gets patched.
  12. If you have an EU-copy of the game, any European store should work to access the DLC's
  13. Chill dude, just set up a "boosting" session and get 4 players into a community game. It's really easy and less time consuming as I got it myself, waiting for a weekly playlist with Frontlines mode in it.
  14. Due to the quarantine where I live, I got the platinums for two games that I left uncompleted for months; Need for Speed Payback Need for Speed Rivals Now I'm working on their newest title, Need for Speed Heat, Call of Duty WW2 and hopefully I can finish some other games that I'm too lazy to complete. Somebody suggest me which plats should I go for!
  15. Sadly, you have to keep playing until it pops. Mine took some extra matches above 500K points