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  1. The Gold medal time requirement on the 4th Senna event was really tight for me, I probably spent like 2 hours on it. I’m curious if GT5 offers the same level of difficulty in all of the events. I’ve heard Vettel challenges are very hard, along with some S license events, cause I don’t see myself spending 2 hours on every gold medal. I’m not a “veteran” or “elite” Gran Turismo player, I don’t even use a wheel. I enjoy playing these games because of the challenge that they offer. Is Gran Turismo 5 really that bad? Gran Turismo 7 is definitely the easiest platinum of the series, GT6 should come next and GT Sport could be considered the hardest one before GT5 because of the 91 online wins and 65 pole positions, they are simply impossible to get for some players.
  2. Hey. Sounds like one of the previous updates messed up your game stats (progress in menus). I suggest you filling up this form (click the blue button at the end of the page) in order to get help from Polyphony Digital. Please let us know here if it solved your issue! https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gt7/form/recovery/
  3. Hey! Try tweeting this account letting them know that you lost your progress since the patch came out. No need to tweet them in japanese, just make sure that you include your PSN ID. They will recover your data in a few hours. https://twitter.com/gt7_online_jp @JeffGordon2
  4. Now that they have dropped rewards significantly, this trophy is a real candidate for the most expensive trophy + plat ever released on PS5.
  5. So there's definitely something going on these past couple of days... Thanks for checking it out. In my case Gran Turismo 7 is completely gone from my profile even though I'm playing it right now. It also dissappeared from one of my friends profile.
  6. Thanks for your comment, do you mind opening one of them to see if it goes back to the "Last Played" list on your profile?
  7. My "Games" tab located on my PS5 Profile has been acting weird since yesterday. Two games completely dissappeared from it (Gran Turismo 7 and Gran Turismo Sport) and they won't show up again after opening them or earning a trophy. Also Grand Theft Auto V PS5 Edition won't register as an individual game, and even though I opened the PS4 version today, it says that the last time it was played was 1 month ago. I can't be the only one with this issue... PSN Support says they are looking into it right now.
  8. Story mode and online transferring only works one way. PS4 to PS5 for both story mode and online characters. Keep in mind that once you transfer your Online character to the PS5 version it will be gone on the PS4. My advice is to 100% the online portion first on PS4 and then transfer to the PS5 version. Story Mode is different since you can do everything once again if you don’t mind, or transfer a 100% save.
  9. Hey! I was about to ask you if you could double check that, but you just edited your post. Thanks for the heads up, imagine having Doomsday half-way done and transferring to PS5!
  10. I had hope that Rockstar would add new trophies related to the Casino Heist and the Cayo Perico Heist, but sadly it didn’t happen. Good thing is that you can keep your online progress and auto-pop everything if you want, same thing for the single player portion of the list.
  11. I just installed GT7 (25th Disc) and somehow it’s already updated to 1.06. Apparently the disc starts the download of the game+patch and does not copy data into the system. Is it worth it to start working on licences in its current state? These issues are known by PD and will be fixed in the next update but I can't wait to play this game.
  12. I love seeing these type of threads whenever a new game gets released, along with the Autopop threads 🤣
  13. Are you guys using the Smoke granades? It makes it so much easier, especially when you need to kill the MG soldier, and there’s boxes around to get more of them.
  14. Thank you a lot for the information, I'll probably get this game soon then!