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  1. there is a glitch on console that makes this game a joke on console found on the xbox version. Start a game on any night you want to beat and press b to close one of the doors and then quickly pause the game after you've pressed it. When you press a to unpause the game you will notice that the door light is green indicating that it is shut, however when you press a to turn on the lights it will appear that the door is open. The good thing is the game acts as if the doors are shut and you don't lose any power either
  2. 1. Native backwards compatibility 2. Native backwards compatibility 3. Native backwards compatibility
  3. has anyone tried to see if they drop?
  4. Dang
  5. are the original versions of the NA and EU delisted? if so are there any places to get codes of the originals?
  6. This whole thread is an opinion piece, which is conjecture of the business practices of EA and the success of single player only games. While I love EA games and hate their business practices this whole thread is pointless since Mickey Mouse disagrees with you and that agreement is going nowhere.
  7. that's littering you don't leave trash laying around public spaces. is it waste when most games are 50% online and when the server goes down it's a glorified coaster.
  8. unpopular opinion I throw them away. unless they have serious trade in value.
  9. this version is Brazilian and the language is Portuguese i believe its physical only.
  10. would this version stack or does it have to be the Japan version since it says Asia?
  11. will this work with us copy of the game though? i though dlc was region locked?
  12. on TrueAchievents they have a guy trying to gain traction by retweeting this to maybe get a temporary restoration of the servers so people can finish since it was abruptly shutdown. maybe someone tweeting out all the psn users like he did with xbox.
  13. how long did it take you?
  14. any update on the status of the return of the servers?
  15. servers are on a programmed timer to reset you would literally be wasting your time should have started last week.