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  1. You can do it on easy as well, with a standard molded with two normal arms. The only thing to keep in mind is that the molded have two different kinds of grab. To trigger the one that you need for this trophy, you have to stand far way and let me run and grab you. Only then you will get a prompt to place the bomb.
  2. W3Z3 4HP9. Skeleton Key Seed for Vita, should you still need it. Start as Isaac, don't kill enemies yet. The secret room is 1 room down from the start and then on the left side. Without killing the enemies there, destroy the left wall and reroll the item. That gave me a 99 Bombs item. Then kill enemies in all rooms so you have another full thingy and reroll into Skeleton Key.

  3. It's easier than it sounds! Basically, find a long rail in the level (there's one with spikes above which is quite long), do a nosegrind (joystick right), then you have all the time in the world to rotate the joystick to left position to prepare for the laserflip. Once you are holding left, wait a bit (so it doesn't register the previous rotation) and then do a laserflip. Practice this in the skatepark. It's really easy once you figure out the timing and you do it on a long enough rail.