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  1. Is anyone else having this problem with 1.02 or 1.03? I finished the first season and then the calendar went blank and I had no offers to move on
  2. Screw the, and the ghost trophy. Will be the first one I sit out as I refuse to contribute $$ to a developer who hasn't fixed the last game with the same trophy voting with my wallet
  3. I did open a ticket with Milestone..... here is the response Thank you for writing, we are aware of the problem you have reported to us. We have already sent to the DEV team all the information necessary to try and find a solution. All the best The Milestone Team I would say that as many of us as possible should create service tickets until it gets fixed
  4. I can get my friends to show up on the leader board, but it always say corrupt.... I am tired of games that crap is always broken
  5. All let me share some tips to get to the 1M Coins....Don't do it...wait that wasn't it.... 1 - Find people on your friends list that may have played the game 1a - See if they will donate their coins to you....I got about 250k coins this way 1b - partner with them to play partner and I agreed....500k 1/2 the time, half the work 2 - Find the course you are good at and hit those fairways for the extra challenges.... 2a - now you know the ones you can get the easy coins on, play them with multiple accounts....I used 7 accounts to get another 50k coins on courses I know well 2b (I played on my dummy account before I played on the main) 3 - Look for societies that have coins in them....I went through a lot of societies to find them..... 3a - message the society owner and ask if they will setup an event so you can harvest them - got about another 175k coins this way. 3b - Ask them to donate to the cause, if you are nice, they guy alone donated 900k coins to my society! 3c - BE NICE......these guys were awesome to me, but not everyone replied...there are still coins to be harvested out there..... Overall between playing, soliciting people that have the trophy, and societies we got almost 1.5M coins over a 5 week period! I started on my dummy account, so when we knew we had the 1M coins we moved to the mains, thus how we got done so partner will have the trophy tomorrow. We have already promised the coins off to someone else....someone who I met in step he will most likely be the next person who finished after my partner.....thought I would put out there a method...just shows, you only get what you ask for in life. If you want to check it out in the game, check out the "Million Coin Society", so you can see the coins flow through there as winnings... Good Luck All, -Jmac
  6. Here is what the site says: Aww, no trophies here 😟 This profile is probably private However I have checked my settings on my PS4 and also check another website where the trophies I earned yesterday are showing up, so I know it isn't a privacy setting. Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. I have all of my trophies hidden on this site....but other sites see my trophies with no issues. I have already checked my settings and they are fine. Worked fine yesterday and last night just stopped working
  8. we are right there on the trainyard ... over and over and over....
  9. They went down when thq failed
  10. You know I am in for Escalation. If done right, everyone gets a minimum of 20 kills (1 Ribbon) per round. To get the medal (& Trophy), you need to do this 10 times, so no less than 200 kills each and an impossible trophy in the making..... Ohh yeah - max lobby size 96.....
  11. Purekinder - if you sign up for d4d and someone downoads your stuff, you need to return the favor. Also for anyone else, I am 25k short, so I have another couple of weeks. Please feel free to d4d with me just send me the screen shots - jmac92123