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  1. I thought this whole thing was made by professionals and serious persons, not amateurs. Bad administration ruins everything. Bye, I won't miss... haha, don't say.. who can't figure out a sarcastic commentary
  2. haha It's true, I was there, I was the shoelace and the apple that fell from the tree.
  3. I'm trying to find where I delete my account from here, can anyone help me? I'd like to remove my account from the site and from the forum, Thanks, don't care, never mind...
  4. Did you even bother to read the reason for all these trophies earned all at the same time? not sure why I'm wasting my time explain this! haha, ok I was working at Sony Playstation Division, I was the first dude to hack the PS4 system back in 2014, after what I discovered I was fired, sad. =/ I don't care if this shit's gonna stay flagged and my profile will not appear in the rank again (oh gosh why?, i'm dying bcause of this). I'M HONESTLY WAITING FOR SONY TO BAN MY ACCOUNT BTW. and I dare you to find some other game in my list with the exact same problem. search and find them 😌
  5. PietroFreitas Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Hello, thanks for letting me explain this. As you may have noticed, these trophies were achieved in 2014, the PS4 was very young. And during this period (November and December 2014) after a firmware update, some users reported problems getting trophies. Some appeared from games they didn't even have on the list yet, as you can see in the links below, Injustice (1), FarCry 4 and other games: - http://ps3imports.org/forum/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F6216-serious-trophy-glitch-on-ps4%2F - https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/general-games-discussion/253667-far-cry-4-possibly-unlocking-trophies-other-games.html What happened to me was exactly like in these cases. I had PS3 AND PS4 turned on at the same time, on PS3 I was syncing SOUND SHAPES to take the platinum in seconds (today no longer possible due to server shutdowns), and on PS4 M.E.: SHADOW OF MORDOR. Then when I performed the sync on PS3, the trophies didn't appeard, but on PS4 all the trophies not yet earned from M.E.: SHADOW OF MORDOR began to show, after the fright and not knowing what the hell had happened, tried the sync again and the trophies from SOUND SHAPES came normally. After some internet searching I found these other players and users who were going through the same situation as mentioned above on the forums. Unfortunately I don't have any recorded material because I didn't expect this to happen, but just compare the time and date of the trophies, as well as the other cases that happened with a group of players, then it will all make sense.
  6. Recorded in LIVE stream, description and trophy timestamps at the video description:
  7. looks easy and even (by the trophies) there's no need to complete an extra/additional chapter after done the main story in expert.
  8. Nice, I love the Artifex's point'n click games, they're the best in the genre. I'm happy to help the community.. thanks!
  9. hahaha yeah I thought about this too as soon as I see this font style in the main name "Persian", looks very familiar to the PoP first game released for PS3. But no, this is a point'n click game by Artifex, originally for PC/steam now ported to consoles. Yep, but now we all have a walkthrough in video done by me, take a look, this is a really fast and easy game compared to the other point'n clicks by Artifex Mundi, very straight in my opinion. The puzzles are a lot easier than in Eventide 3 or Nightmares from the Deep 3 in comparison.
  10. Platinum info: Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 1:30 - 2:30 hours Offline: 30 trophies Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Number of missable trophies: 13 (citizen, faster than light!, small talk, lightning search, eagle-eyed, flawless aim, bright mind, skilled searcher, aristocrat, chatty, master searcher, royal family, puzzle expert) Glitched trophies: none Do cheat codes disable trophies?: no cheats Required accessories: not applicable
  11. I'm editing the time of trophies in the video right now, I think as soon as you see this reply I'll already be done with this.
  12. So it looks like an att was released, when I did in video, I just started the event then paused the game, a couple of seconds and it was done.
  13. Thank you, I'm waiting this platinum in your hall. Hope my video helps if you got stuck. 👍
  14. Sorry I made this video in live so, when a trophy pops, there's a blank in the top left screen, but following this video will net you the shiny platinum trophy without doubts. (No comments) + all collectibles (ornaments and cards) + at least 5 hop without more than 5 mistakes + all puzzles and minigames without skipping + both portal travels without mistakes + all battle runes without mistakes. Another point of interest is: ALL THE SOLUTIONS FOR HIDDEN OBJECT SCENES ARE THE SAME! THE LIST THAT APPEARS FOR ME IS THE SAME FOR YOU, THEY DON'T RANDOMIZE IN THIS TITLE. Enjoy
  15. This one has a trophy for do not get more than 5 mistakes in 3 hidden puzzle objects, this and WARRIOR and TRAVELER maybe could be the ones more missables in the list, even more the collectibles that already have a guide for all of 31. I'll make a vídeo guide as soon as it release...