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  1. So how many more single player COD games we have left for PS Plus lol. Not complaining but funny how they all keep coming. Fall Guys looks interesting to try, definitely need to try it when comes out bc Sony's track record of ps plus mp only games isn't good and won't last long.
  2. An alright lineup this month with Tomb Raider but think they go all out for the 10th anniversary. But anymore with Sony they don't seem to care much anymore with their PS Plus games or Plus sales. At least we didn't get two of the same genre this month.
  3. I know your being funny, but that game would have been better than any of these two games. Heck if you have PS Now you already have these games.
  4. Not sure but was looking at past ps plus games and in my opinion this is the worse lineup in over a year. Could be in nomination for worse ever especially since they cant get variety this month at all.
  5. I agree 100% with you, not worth the frustration at the end. Classic example of a game that starts out good than get cheap with all the enemies and near impossible battles when you have dozens of enemies coming at you and takes about 3 hits for you to die.
  6. Not bad overall. That is the way Now should be going forward. Only negative is that alot of the titles are very similar in genre and style like Warrior All Stars, Azure, and Toukiden. Hope next month we can get forever titles from a variety of genres.
  7. I have to say a pretty weak lineup. Goat Simulator is ok if it is the third or fourth free game like Sony use to have not the second one. Seems with PS Plus+ and now PS Now selection of time limited games instead of forever games, Sony is really going downhill and making me think within a year or two I may move on if they don't step up the game a little bit,
  8. Thank you very much.
  9. Cant find anywhere if it is or not. Does anyone know.
  10. While still good, for me the value isnt as much as it use to be. I was getting double or triple the value of the free games and discounts in the past and now for me i just about break even and semi get close to double. I dont really care about cloud saves and auto updates those should be included for free not behind a paywall. Microsoft still does 360 games so there was no excuse for Sony to drop the PS3 games until the PS5 came out, it just makes every month that much more reliant on good ps4 games. Do you really think they would have dumped PES if we had PS3 or Vita games to that month, I feel most likely not. People were mad like myself because you were paying for "free" games on ps3, vita, and ps4 then all of a sudden drop two of them while also dropping two games. The quality really hasnt picked up overall and the cost of service is the same. How would you like to pay for something that you always get a set amount each month then they decided to take some of it away without given a discount or more quality, I think you would be pretty mad.
  11. Sony needs to do what Xbox is doing and offer an Ultimate package with PS Now along with having a better Sony Rewards now that they are discontinuing the trophy passes. Just doing Game Pass Quests and bing searches each day I was able to get Ultimate for three years without ever having to spend a dime.
  12. Tried and no luck bc it was more than 14 days ago. Oo well that is why I buy digital most of the time under $10 for this reason so I dont feel totally ripped off at least dont have the other game.
  13. True but I am going to see if they will refund it bc they only announced this game today so no one knew about it being replaced as the free game for the month. Bc if we knew last Wednesday i would have been within the 14 days and gotten a refund.
  14. Or can look at like I am and wanting a refund for this bc this was not announced as a free game and was on sale just weeks ago so I wasted money on something that I could have gotten free.
  15. I am happy for Horizon, been looking at that one so will be nice to try out. Having a soccer game when you only give 2 free games is not much of a value. Overall an ok month for me with Horizon saving it. They really need to offer a third game or do like Xbox and offer an ultimate package w Now.