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  1. Doesn’t mean it was the same set of people. Websites and communities don’t have single opinions. Shocking, I know.
  2. Well, since "easy plats" have so many different tiers now, I enjoy a bit easy plats on, say, kid's games like Megamind. 3 hours is a little short, but it's a fun three hours. And yeah - I've got that Hannah Montana plat (it wasn't that fun, though). I enjoy immensely easy plats on Rat games. Often, the game to which they're attached is quite good, though I prefer plats that explore the entire game, as opposed to the first 1 hour. I do not enjoy easy plats on shovelware. I was fooled once by a title that pretended at being a Frogger-type game, but was in fact just a trophy generator. I won't be fooled again. That's not to say I don't have others (I platted all the Mayo games, after all). That's simply to say that, with their current proliferation, they disgust me now.
  3. Know how I know you're lying about being Jim Ryan? He would have said something like: "Console store? Who would use this thing?" Begone, imposter!
  4. I've said before, but I like this idea. People buying Dark Souls, and then asking for help to get past the Capra Demon, or the Four Kings, is perfectly delightful to me, since you can get locked down pretty easily. But then again, I'll never use it. Some people say it's like SharePlay...which I've also never used. In the end, I share the cynicism of others that this will likely be locked to PS+ as another (not necessarily useless, but mostly unused) feature to inflate or justify price.
  5. They turned me into a newt!
  6. LOL double.
  7. You don’t have to buy them at full price, though? I mean, there are good digital deals.
  8. The problem with Jim Ryan is that...he's kind of a dick. Sony has made good moves and bad moves with him, and if he was a quiet director, he likely wouldn't take so much flak. But it's easy to hate a guy who, e.g., makes fun of classic games on the one hand while selling a "Premium" PS+ tier that works because of classic games. Is it fair? No, but...screw him anyway.
  9. They tried! With hammers, no less! When will humanity stop being so cruel? But seriously, I'm looking forward to this to watch with my children.
  10. My hope is that it explores the wrongheadedness of Italian stereotypes, as well as reminds people that many turtles are endangered in the world.
  11. Nothing to do with thread itself, but this trophy is for the birds. I like this game, but I’ve unlocked everything, so it’s just grinding. The worst part is you can’t even really go for high scores, since much of the scoring is from killing zombies, which is easier without using objects. 3500 more to go.
  12. I love that you get a trophy for saving while on the toilet.
  13. A couple of thoughts from this weekend. Kudos to the Bills, and please stop trying to look intellectual, announcers. There were lots of reasons that the Ravens lost the game, but the Bills did one great thing. While the announcers were blathering about the Ravens "letting the Bills score on purpose", the Bills went for a first down at the 1 instead of a touchdown After the poor clock management at the end of the Dolphins game, it was good to see someone on the ball. Kudos to the Jets. I know @acasser has his feet firmly grounded (and with good reason), but the Jets at least are playing 4 quarters of football, and not beating themselves...too much. I think the NE games are winnable, and who knows with Miami? Green Bay, Denver and Buffalo are likely puncher's chances at best, though. Finally, in response to the previous post, I think a lot of the NFL itself is pretty putrid. I think there are some good teams, and some parity up top, but there is a LOT of muck in the middle and at the bottom of the league. The "superdivision" of the AFC West has been a particular disappointment, and if Miami pulls a Miami, the East will become Buffalo. The NFC is also pretty bad. The North is interesting, though - I don't think the Packers are great, though they'll probably win since they always do. But Detroit scores a lot of points, and I think Minnesota is a pretty good team that can be very dangerous at times. The Bears are hapless; I feel like their offense sets football back 100 years...and that's when they win.
  14. I’m not a huge Assassins Creed fan, but it’s hard to ignore getting Assassins Creed Odyssey, with all of its DLC, together with Assassins Creed 3 and Assassins Creed Liberation  for $19.99.


    Speaking of Odyssey, it’s…OK. I feel like these games satisfy an urge not unlike a Kemco RPG. It’s an assembly line production, and I’ll likely forget it quickly, but it doesn’t offend.

    1. AJ_Radio


      If you decide to go thru with Odyssey, just be prepared for a long game. 75 hour platinum give or take, and the DLC adds 25 - 30 additional hours for the 100%.

    2. starcrunch061


      Yep. That’s good by me. It’s one I’ll likely put down a couple of times, and pick up later.

  15. I haven’t played RS3, but the SF remaster is fantastic. Cut content restored, OST available, NG+ improved - it sets the standard for remasters.