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  1. Not much to add here, as @Lorajet and @Deadpool--Rik explained most of it. However, I will mention that codes with expiration dates often still work long after the date. For example, South Park: Fractured But Whole physicals have a code for the Stick of Truth that expired on January 1st, 2018, but they still worked as of early September.
  2. Thanks for the info. I've read online that if you don't fight Nightmare King Grimm, he doesn't show up in the Hallownest Pantheon?
  3. Minit is...a disappointment (I tried my best to find a portmanteau for "disappointment" and "Minit", but no good ones appeared. "Disappointminit?" Yuck.)


    I had high hopes for this game, but with no guides whatsoever, I finished in 1.5 hours. Come on - this is a $10 game! I know I didn't collect everything, but honestly, do I really need a turbo sword, or another heart?).

  4. Late to this party, but I agree with this quite a bit. I'm no slouch at rhythm games, but beating the hardest levels of death mode really required just some lucky appearances.
  5. That's too bad. It looks like a pretty lousy existence once it gets going. The average age of death is 36, but can be prolonged with treatment. However, people with the disease lose their hearing, develop cataracts, and often have tumors pressing against their brain. Good that he got his last wish.
  6. There's no question that QB is the most important position on the field. Look at the AFC. From 2003-2017 (15 years), the AFC was represented in the Super Bowl by Brady (7 times), Manning (4 times), and Roethlisberger (3 times). The one oddity? Flacco's great run which included a hail mary to beat the Broncos, and the game of his life to beat the Patsies. Even scarier is the number of times one of these QBs lost in the AFC title game (Brady has at least 3 of those as well, while Manning has 2 and Roethlisberger has a couple as well). With the rules being as they are, the QB is clearly the most important position on the field, and you cannot win consistently without him. BUT, there's nothing a guy like Brees, Manning, Rodgers, etc. can do if his defense is giving up 600 yards a game, or if his OL is having protection problems (and let's not forget the idiot kicker). I personally think Brees utilized about all of his potential, given his team. He was fortunate to have a good (if slightly erratic) coach, but was cursed by awful defenses. This allowed him to get probably more yards/TDs than he otherwise would, but we're not talking about some Kyle Orton-like stat grinding between the 20s or anything. I feel like this game is an important moment for the Chiefs. While they've often been fast starters and slow finishers, if they win this game, they pretty much put the Pats out of HFA for the playoffs (that would give them a 3 game lead, with the head-to-head advantage). This is the type of game that Andy Reid has always lost in his career. It wouldn't surprise me to see him lose this one, too.
  7. Nah. That has as much to do with playing on the right team. Give Brees to Bill Belichick, and that playoff record improves by leaps and bounds. Does he do as well as Brady? Probably not - I think Brady is the better QB. But the whole, "Gotta win!" mentality is flawed. While the QB is certainly the engine of the offense (more so with rule changes over the years), football is played with 11 on each side, and the coach is vitally important there.
  8. I personally think this could be great, and I really love the sticker book idea floated by someone else (I had always hoped for a PSHome sort of castle where I could hang my trophy tiles on the walls like paintings). But hasn't Nintendo said multiple times that they don't want achievement systems (despite the fact that many of their games, such as Smash Bros., have them internally)?
  9. LOL! You and me both, man! Welcome to the old fogies club!
  10. The games are no good? I'm not going to buy them just for the trophies.
  11. That's too bad for me. I've always liked Obsidian's games. Great concepts, sometimes shoddy development, but still always entertaining. My dreams of Alpha Protocol 2 are dashed. Indeed. Japanese companies always need competition, or they end up killing themselves through excess. Sony's gotten pretty fat and lazy this generation.
  12. God - the snake trophy in Quest of Dungeons is so annoying. Fighting with the DS4's awful d-pad (which is still better than using the analog stick) just makes the whole exercise terrible, and snake isn't exactly fun to begin with.


    Got to 910 last night, before I randomly changed directions. Everything associated with the Necrodancer in that game sucks.

  13. Welcome, @Dessane! Thanks for taking over! And thanks for all of your hard work over the months and years, Sylaris (I'd tag you, but I can't seen to get your name to pop up)!
  14. I might pick up the Jak/Daxter bundle; I've never played any of those games.
  15. They might have picked up the IP on the cheap, and only having to pay for half of the episodes, while reaping the windfall of a physical release as well as the remaining episodes might be enough to make this profitable. Further, while it's true that TellTale clearly wasn't profitable, is it known that each one of their games also failed to turn a profit? I mean, if any of the franchises are going to make money, it would be the one that was built off of a GOTY. It was canceled by TellTale. He didn't lie or anything. The fact that it was picked up by Skybound is a different piece of news.