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  1. Plat #312: Persona 4: Dancing All Night Dancing All Night Obtained all trophies Fun game. I'm a sucker for rhythm games, music games, and Persona games, so this really hits on all cylinders. Just started up P5D, and it feels pretty much the same, so expect more Persona plats by the end of the year!
  2. I'll be 44 this month! I'm right there!
  3. I'm not seeing this in the US store. If it was, I don't remember it, and it's actually a game I would have looked for. Maybe it was on there before I got a Ps4?
  4. Plat #312: Persona 4: Dancing all Night (Vita). I am glad to see this rhythm franchise move to the big screen. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I could hardly see when playing this on Vita.


    Fun game. The story mode is just terrible, but I laugh so much when characters say things like, "I think you communicated your point effectively through your dance!" and other nonsense. Looking forward to starting the new Persona Dancing games now.

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      I'm the opposite when it comes to eyes. I much prefer the Vita because it has a smaller screen and so I can play it for hours, along with the fact I'm short sighted so I can take off my glasses. Playing the PS3 or PS4 strains my eyes after awhile because of big TV screen, luckily I can play PS4 games by remote play so if I can I will. 

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    4. DamagingRob
  5. Tough call. My feeling is, if you aren't already excited about the games, you probably won't get excited after this thread. For me, the Vita was great, because of the large number of Japanese games that came there. But I wouldn't recommend it to someone who doesn't already feel the need to scratch that itch. There's certainly something to this. I personally don't care all that much for VNs, but the trophies on the Vita ultimately sealed the deal. Cross buys with extra plats are nice, too.
  6. Put me in the "this feels easier" column. I'll admit that, prior to P4:DAN on Vita, all of my rhythm game playing had been on console. So, it felt completely right to move this back to console for me. I had loads of trouble with even hard difficulty on the Vita, but I have finishing a large number of All Nighters on the PS4 sightreading only. One of the great things about the console is that I can see the blue scratch rings a LOT more easily. Also, people don't like the analog stick for the rings? I loved it. It was incredibly easy to slide my right thumb from the buttons to the stick to recover when a scratch ring flies by. In any case, it's a new plat for me!
  7. I too get by with the typical 500 GB model. I have run out of space, but only because I have multiple games up that I haven't played (often in years).
  8. Like others here, I feel like Gamestop isn't very good at discounting their used merchandise. Often, I can buy a new copy at Amazon (so, physical copy) for a better price than a used copy at Gamestop. However, unlike a lot of people, I don't think Gamestop can survive as a merchandise store. I just don't think there's enough interest in such specialty items to generate the revenue necessary for a company that has multiple stores in every town. I think we'll start seeing asset sales (or possibly bankruptcy) in 2 years.
  9. Totally moonlighting on this thread, but I think that Final Fantasy X is just a pretty mediocre game all around. The trophy list for X is awful, too, although it did allow me to scratch the itch of beating both the (horrible) chocobo-bird race thing and filling out the sphere grid (which I actually maximized). But why is it that FF games have such crappy minigames? With the exception of the card game in FFVIII (and, I suppose, to lesser extent in IX), they're just so second-rate. I think I'm the only person who enjoyed FFX-2, although the trophy list to that game is a real turd. Now, carry on with the thread!
  10. Ah - I didn't remember that. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. So, I don't know if this will work for you, but I played the Pigsy DLC on PSNow by uploading my save data from my physical version. But, as @BeautifulTorment says, you don't even need to do this. Now, whether the DLC is the same (or even avaliable) for EU PSNow, I have no idea.
  12. Not that anyone gives a shit, but to follow up on this: I feel like the trophy for beating the Jungle is imminently doable. It will be a pain, but from what I read on TrueAchievements, you can re-load any segment and start from there, which should really make things easier. The Cave will be harder, but there are 7 rooms total, and the movements of the hazards are very predictable (more so than on the Jungle or the Bunker). The Bunker will be the worst. 40 separate rooms, 30 of which are quite difficult. Good luck on that. Also, it seems that the Jungle was once glitched, but has been fixed (at least on XBox). Finally, the levels must be done in one sitting, so no save-scumming.
  13. Sure you should. It shouldn't dominate your life or anything, but I think it's really important to care what, e.g., potential hirers, or lenders, etc. think about you. And of course what family and friends think is important as well.
  14. Well, I guess this is why I don't pre-order. They really mailed it in on the Persona Dancing collection. I could have lived with the book being glued into the box for the games (instead of being separate as the picture on Amazon showed). But it's really annoying not to get actual cases for the games themselves.

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      @eigen-spaceIndeed I am! Ph.D. in 2005, and currently teach at Iowa State!

    3. eigen-space


      @starcrunch061, NICE! I tried doing a stats masters at Texas A&M, but doing that while working full time didn't pan out so well... did about 3 classes before deciding it was too much.

    4. starcrunch061


      The higher degree ain't for everyone. To be perfectly honest, while I enjoy math, and love teaching, I also wanted a job where I could still have a lot of time for gaming. That drove me through the rough patches.

  15. Ooh. I didn't know that. I really liked the voice of Solas. It gave a fantastic gravitas to him that's often missing in video games.