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  1. I'll probably take RDR2. I'll never play it, so that's the only way I'll get the plat.
  2. That's a big "Meh" for me, but I've still got plenty from the previous two months to play.
  3. This Summer Sale massively blows.
  4. All right. I want to get my July info here now. Here are the games: Castlevania Adventure Collection (100%) - should be hardcore; most of the time, you're indoors. Borderlands 2 - I already mentioned this one before, but I wanted to mention it for the 4 games deal. I completed all DLC. Sephirotic Stories - The great thing about RPGs is that you're indoors a lot. There's a lot of outdoor play, too, so I don't know if it's hardcore. Also, I started and ended the game in July. Star Ocean: The Last Hope - While this game is certainly hardcore (the amount of gameplay indoors is legendary), it's Star Ocean, so it should automatically qualify for ANY hardcore setting. Also, I got my first trophy over a year ago. Actually, I got my first trophy almost 10 years ago. Plats: 346 Completed Games: 426 Completion %: 83.16% Companions this month, huh? Well, RPGs are the bomb for that.
  5. 10 years in the making... Plat #346: Star Ocean: The Last Hope STAR OCEAN THE LAST HOPE -INTERNATIONAL- Platinum trophy Congratulations! You've collected every last STAR OCEAN THE LAST HOPE -INTERNATIONAL- trophy! I'm gonna rant here a bit. Star Ocean 4 is a pretty good game. It's not the best Star Ocean, but it's more than playable. But the platinum is a joke. And worse, the plat really magnifies the myriad design flaws in the game. While killing Gabriel Celeste 14 times for a single BT, you begin to wonder why the shortcuts you open in the Seven Star Dungeon don't stay open. While defeating the Ethereal Queen 5 times to make every item, you start to wonder why you have to climb the same 20 floors of the Wandering Dungeon again and again. Was it really that much of a betrayal of their difficulty/integrity to allow some shortcuts to persist? How many of you missed a treasure chest? I did. What about a quest? Yep, that's me, too. How many times did the game crash while you were grinding out 30000 kills for Arumat? Or Edge? Or looking for 255 anthropology drops for Bacchus, Meracle, Myuria? Did you get blindsided by a crash...while grinding out 1000 blindsides for Edge, or Arumat, or Meracle? What about a crash while you were jumping 10000 or so times for Sarah? Or getting Lymle to die, over and over? What a pile of crap this quest was. Am I happy that I got the plat? Yeah, sure, but more than anything, it's a (rather lackluster) reminder of the hours I spent wasted on this game. The only positive for some of the BTs was that I exercised a TON while doing them. God bless my stationary bike. And finally, I don't know how to create a copyright symbol on the site, but the plat name and description actually have 4(!) of them embedded in the text. Further, for the PS4, all of those copyrights turned to trademarks. I don't understand how Square can trademark the phrase "The Last Hope" anyway.
  6. I should have answered this some time ago, but just missed it. All the trophies can be obtained with one player. Honestly, you could do it with one controller, but the re-assignments would probably drive you insane. I did it with two, but I would recommend three; you'll have to play through the game many times playing as three characters, so it saves trouble. The plat itself is not that hard, as crazy at that sounds given the percentage. But it is VERY annoying. I had considered writing a trophy guide, but it's hard to put the info down clearly. I will try to answer questions, though, if anyone asks.
  7. Billion, dude! Also, plats are noted on the first page (currently 18.5 million), but I would like to know who hit the community milestones (first trophy, millionth trophy, billionth trophy, etc.).
  8. Wow - did the PS Mini bomb, or did it bomb? I just picked one up at a clearance at Target for $9.99. And there were still 5 machines there!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DaivRules


      Best Buy had them for $20 last week, Target.con has it for $20 right now. I'm pretty sure they bombed. I will say that RetroArch runs amazingly out there so for a little emulator with no internet connection that I can let my son play without worrying about internet creepers, it's a great deal for $10-20.


      It's a good thing this cost Sony practically nothing and they're probably still making a profit at $20 on these things.

    3. hugglebunn-e


      It is a shame really. I have a lot of good memories playing my PlayStation back in high school. The lineup just seemed like a missed opportunity.

    4. starcrunch061


      The mini is actually pretty fun to play. Yeah, the selection sucks, but for the price I got it, who can complain?

  9. Does the list need to be completed? If not, it's gotta be a tie between White Knight Chronicles and Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Star Ocean is probably worse - at least with WKC, your grinding works towards something. But killing 30000 enemies, TWICE, doesn't do anything other than get you a battle trophy, the rewards of which are...lackluster, to say the least. If we're talking about short games, Alone With You is a great candidate. The game requires you to play it 5 separate times. It pretends to have choices, but outside of earned trophies, nothing changes in the game. I mean, you might get a few different words of text, but nothing else. The whole thing takes about 10 hours to plat with the excellent PSNP guide, but it's one of the most horrible 10 hours of gaming ever. And yes - I am aware of the irony of bitching about this horrible experience, as I plat it for a second time. My kitchen remodel has removed all but my Vita, and that's the simplest game to keep trophies popping.
  10. No. It's very easy. With no guides, I finished it in about 10 play hours.
  11. Not all good endings.
  12. Late to the party, but if anyone is reading this, there is no easy mode. There is a normal mode and a hard mode.
  13. In no particular order: Axiom Verge Guacamelee Salt and Sanctuary All earned a double plat from me (and, in the case of S&S, a triple plat). All were great games, and great trophy experiences as well. Take my wife...please!
  14. Glitched for me, too. Best to keep a save state before the defeat of each boss in each game. Also, for info's sake, I finished Kd Dracula last, and the trophy didn't pop. It popped when I finished Castlevania Bloodlines (which was actually my 3rd finish of that game).
  15. I might get Demon Gaze on Vita, but honestly, I'm disappointed in this sale. I mean, a lot of these prices are worse than previous iterations.