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  1. I got nothing original, so here's a stock high five photo:
  2. I thought of the exact same thing.
  3. I remember a thread about this game somewhere else. The trailer posted was one of the most awesome things ever created by man. I would totally get this game.
  4. I'm fusing...Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Dragon Quest: Builders. Actually, it seems like a decent fit. We'll call it: Final Fantasy Builders! There are certainly plenty of times in FFXII that I wish I could build bridges across the odd land structures to save myself from backtracking.
  5. So, after the original drama (which I slightly took part in), this OK sale. I'll probably pick up Squareboy vs. Bullies, the $.99 game (doodle kingdom/royal defense bundle, I think), and one more that I haven't decided on (that Lili game looks kind of neat, though). Yeah, I noticed that for many of the games there.
  6. LOL. When I read your first sentence above, I can't help but think of this Simpsons quote: With regards to the second comment, I mostly agree. But I do find it odd to see a reviewer yukking it up with the director of a game that he praised to the skies (as an earlier vid in this thread shows). While I doubt there is all that much money changing hands here, I still think that the lower-grade reviewers are not above a nod and a wink if it means they can get press time with a creator or the like. This was a major problem for music, particularly in the late 90s or so, where every alt band was praised as a second coming of the Talking Heads simply because they agreed to grant interviews with a reviewer.
  7. Congrats! April 25th for me.
  8. Easy there. Sir Bee is a good egg.
  9. This is true, certainly, but it happens on PS(3) as well. In fact, the number of people who have abandoned guides there is significantly higher than here (although I'm not sure the percentages of people who have abandoned are all that different). Could guides be better? Absolutely. My guides certainly could. But it seems like we compare them to this ideal, mythical standard set elsewhere, that simply doesn't exist. This is a good idea for people who have clearly abandoned a guide, but it should be a final step. The author should be given broad leeway to correct his/her own guide first. Further, sometimes people simply think that their idea is better, and since it's their guide, they shouldn't be overruled out of hand. A case in point: there was once a Pier Solar guide up here, but I thought the strategy for one of the trophies was lacking. The author disagreed with me. That is his prerogative; it's his guide. I shouldn't be able to appeal to a higher power to edit his work, even if my strategy is better. There is no way I'm showing respect for a game I deplore. Buying a VN solely for trophies, with the intention of skipping from the beginning? LAME. Skipping a VN with second-rate story that you purchased? DELIGHTFUL.
  10. You forgot the fact that, when presented with the opportunity to turn back time in GoW2, where Kratos could have opted simply to return to the status quo of his family, he instead uses the opportunity to forward his vengeance. But to be fair, I like the fact that old man Kratos is beginning to reflect on that past, wondering, "Should I really have jammed that slave girl just to make my own escape easier? Maybe there was some piece of non-living detritus that would have functioned equally well?" As much as I like 100-hit combos, I was getting pretty tired of the formula by GoW3. I can't promise that the game is going to change Kratos, but all signs point to an older, more mature warrior, in the vein of a Hector, rather than a pouty sociopath consumed only by his own wants, in the vein of an Achilles. Of course, Achilles killed Hector, so there's that...
  11. I surely hope so. The EU double discount sales had a lot more stuff if memory serves.
  12. A lot of people have been citing Breath of the Wild as a bad thing. Is it not as good as advertised?
  13. Am I the only one that sees a blank screen when I click on that link? I'm sure it's the right one, but there's nothing there. Totally ninja'ed me.'re from the future!!!
  14. You have some great taste in games
  15. Work is so boring...