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  1. Is Squareboy in the Flash Sale? I don't see it...
  2. It's been really slow lately. I thought the same when I double platted a couple of games, but they did (finally) get counted.
  3. Everything wrong with reviews today is encapsulated right here. There are objective problems with DW9, but they are swept under the rug in favor of subjective taste. It's absurd. I have no issue with someone liking a game. I like Magus. There, I said it. I don't like Red Dead Redemption. There, I said it again. Thus, by simple comparison, I like Magus better than I like Red Dead Redemption. But were I to write a professional review claiming that Magus was a better game than Red Dead Redemption, I should be strung up by my thumbs, like in imperial China. Seriously, do you think that a review is about, "This is how I play the game, so it's great!" Black is white, up is down. Now, Man of Steel is better than The Godfather. After all, I like Superman, and I don't like mobsters! You don't get to hide behind, "This game is good, if you know what you're looking for". This is the anti-thesis of what the critical process is supposed to be. It's amazing that the same guy who's been criticizing people for pointing out objective problems with DW suddenly falls back on this as his panacaea. Christ - I'm done ranting here, but this is ridiculous. If you don't want me to judge you based on your review score... ... ... don't add a review score.
  4. Is that Warriors All Stars? I own that game, but haven't started it. It was really cheap.
  5. PLAT #264 - RIME The end is a new beginning Obtain all trophies Nice aesthetic. Nice story. Nice gameplay. Mediocre control. All of it came together to form a pretty good experience, and another delightful PS+ offering. RIME could have been better, but then again, what game couldn't be better? At least it had the sense to keep its story and game on point, without long, pointless diversions. The paucity of cut scenes really helps the proceedings; this game would have failed with a ton of those things. All in all, I recommend it, though not highly.
  6. I'm with you. EA already betrayed their indie developers back in the late 2000s; their model was so flawed that many investors said it was a fool's errand to buy into EA. I think the seeds for their current "evil empire" were sown then. EA is good at what EA does, which is releasing yearly installments of AAA games with very little change, and then milking the fans of those franchises. I care little for games like Madden, or FIFA, etc., but lots of people do, and EA is great for those people. But indies? Those are my kind of games, and I see very little that benefits me personally in this, and I'm unconvinced that, in any long term setting, the developers will see much profit. Maybe it's a decent idea for studios to publish one-offs with EA, while putting into their contract that they are still their own entity. Certainly, EA should provide a modicum of QC that has been absent in general indie development (I doubt that EA would publish something like Dragon Fin Soup, e.g.) However, I don't know if that model flies anymore. After all, that was the development model for years, prior to the Kickstarter "revolution". Large companies, however, seem to have gone back to the old "control everything" model of Nintendo back in the 80s, and I can't see how indie developers benefit from this in the long term. /rant
  7. I personally liked Hook, but it was savaged by critics, and probably with reason. But the idea of it was sound; I mean, Alan Moore has made a whole career off of the "time to grow up" idea for fairy tales/super heroes. (I suppose someone could cite Bill Willingham, too, but I think his fairy tales still need to grow up some more. )
  8. Sorry. I don't know the answer to that.
  9. There're a bunch of them. The most recent one I did was Truck Racer, but I also finally platted DW:Gundam 2 by self-boosting the MP. I also self-boosted Battle Fantasia's MP back in the day (though I wasn't good enough to get the plat itself). Duke Nukem 3-D had a relatively easy self boost (though it was prone to crashing on PS3, and was a piece of crap all around).
  10. Looking back, it doesn't seem you even played the game!
  11. I've never played Spiro. I remember a couple of people in grad school that really liked it. I might play this.
  12. What are you going on about? Nothing you've written here makes a lick of sense. EDIT: I should have read the rest of the thread. My comment was completely unnecessary. Anyway, good idea. I would guess this would already be implemented, unless something makes it difficult to do so.
  13. It's funny looking back at this, because Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is probably my favorite game from last year. Did Persona 5 come out in 2017? If so, I can't believe I forgot to list it.
  14. To be honest, I think that guy just scored this to get a bunch of traffic there. His review, while long, is pretty vague on the game itself, instead talking about about his experience and whatnot. I don't like to think the worst of people, but looking at some of his other reviews, I can't help but think he's trying to be polar to attract attention. I think I'm going to start ignoring that site.
  15. I don't think that the Sly remasters, or the new title on PS3, were as successful as Ratchet and Clank.