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  1. If they don't hurry, the world will be engulfed by the deep fog. Bluepoint, bring more Souls!
  2. Plat #408: Legend of the Tetrarchs Perfect Completion Obtained all trophies I don't usually mention the Kemco plats that I get here, because who cares? But this one gets its own special treatment. Where do I start? Legend of the Tetrarchs is a Hit-Point-developed Kemco RPG, which means that it has its own unique ideas, but they're so half-baked that no one cares. The localization of this game is one of the worst I've ever seen. I don't know why the translators are in love with the words "gonna" and "wanna", but it reads ridiculously when the king says, "Are you gonna save my daughter?" Instead of saying, "But why?", people generally say, "How come?" which sounds hilarious when an enemy gets blasted by a giant laser from his supposed friend. One of my favorite lines was from the guy in red displayed here: "But you're never always saying that!" And yeah - that's kind of what he means to say. Not so elegant. I was stunned that the game had such a high plat percentage. Battles are quire strategic, and a single mistake can often lead to a disastrous outcome. The AI cheats like hell: if the enemy hits you with a "silence" attack before you cast a spell, your spell just burns out, and you lose your turn. But, if you hit the AI with "silence" before it attacks, it will just change to a standard melee. Yeah, that's fair! I couldn't believe that people were beating the final boss and whatnot so easily, with no online strategies to speak of. I mean, I knew what party members I wanted, but I still had to think through every turn, and even then, I got pretty lucky when I finally beat the (first) final boss... ... ...and then I realized exactly why this game was so easy. While fighting a long-winded enemy, I put the game on auto-battle. And it turns out, the AI always, ALWAYS does the right thing! Remember when I mentioned the cheating with the "silence" attack above? Well, it turns out that if the AI is fighting for you, it will cheat for you as well. One of my characters was scheduled to attack with a spell, but got silenced. She then attacked with a melee attack. Thus, as long as you know what abilities you would like to bring into a battle, the AI will set it up in the best possible way. I probably could have cut 5 hours off of the plat time (which is only 20 hours total) had I known this. Oh well - it was a pretty fun game, but the wordy cut scenes, compounded by the awful translation, makes it one of the lesser Kemco RPGs I've played.
  3. Arms Addict (Star Ocean: The Last Hope) Collect 100% of all weapon data. So, you get a gold trophy for beating the game's superboss, the Ethereal Queen. She also gives you one piece of weapon data. You then have to find, make, or battle against hundreds of other weapons. In addition to weapons carried by optional bosses, many of the weapons can only be found on one or two floors in the Wandering Dungeon, and those are found in RNG chests, for crying out loud. You can't save in the Wandering Dungeon, so if it doesn't show up in a chest on the necessary floor, you have to start over completely. And of course, some weapons have to be made by you, using arcane ingredients that, again, only appear at random. The rarity is currently 1.49%, and it earns its place.
  4. So, I decided to start of KH3 again. It's a messy game, but it's not a total mess. At times, it's quite thrilling to play. But at other times, it's God-awful (and I mean, really awful - the Big Hero 6 stuff is a bunch of crap).


    I really enjoyed PotC , and wish they had built up more that little ship-fighting mini-game, which had a bunch of potential. I really enjoy the Gummi Ship sections; it's the best the Gummi Ship has ever been, and the Gummi Shit in KH2 was a lot of fun.


    But then, you get stuck with clunky wall-climbing controls on buildings with obstacles, and other nonsense. I'll plat it now; I'm finally invested in it. But really, KH3 is everything modern Square is about: they never make bad games, but neither do they make great ones.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      The Pirates level was incredible and one of my favourite KH worlds of all time. I really enjoyed the Toy Story one as well as it just felt big and worthy of a next gen world...everything else was meh to bad (big hero 6 being the worst)


      Also DQ11 was a great game

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I loved this game, 2nd best KH to me

    3. starcrunch061


      @Dr_Mayus "Also DQ11 was a great game"




  5. To be fair, while I know that Doodle games can be finished quickly, that's only if you look up every answer beforehand. It doesn't feel the same as, say, a Ratalaika game that rewards you with a plat simply for playing for 1-2 hours. I would liken this more to a VN where someone skips all of the text. Also... LOL.
  6. Well, I can’t speak to Wal-Mart, but years ago, GameStop charged my card for a supposedly-available PS3, only to be told that it would be two months before I got it. They’re certainly under no legal obligation to ship it immediately. They might refund it later. Lots of places my wife and I buy from do that. Bill, then refund a couple of days later.
  7. Well, I’ll give the same advice here as on the Castlevania game: make sure you have a save at the final boss of each game. I popped through 5 of the games final bosses again, and the trophy popped on Probotector.
  8. So, there are also two Demon's Souls trophy lists mentioned here, but with no dispute attached. Are you just accepting those flags?
  9. Yeah, I don't know what THE first will be, but I know MY first will likely be Demon's Souls.
  10. that's very odd, because I don't remember having any issues with this one (I also platted it on PSNow). I wish I could remember better what to do about that game. Sorry for the trouble. I feel kind of guilty praising the game now. 😞
  11. ...or did they?!? Pierce the dark veil. Don’t be spoon fed the lies. It’s all a conspiracy.
  12. I just finished Contra 3, which was the last of the American games required for trophies, but the trophy for completing all games isn’t popping. Does anyone know a fix?
  13. LOL. You’ve been complaining about this plat, across threads, for a year now.
  14. So now, given that PSNow has so many PS3 games, it will be a while. Next up is (finally) playing Ar Nosurge, an absolutely atrocious RPG that was a sequel of a pretty one. I shouldn't waste my time, but I earned a couple of trophies, and I hate seeing an RPG unfinished.
  15. My man! That is a list to be proud of!