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  1. Plat #289 - Save the Ninja Clan.


    Yeah, it's a simple plat, but it's a really fun game. Control could be a bit wonky, but my only real disappointment was the ease of the trophy list. There's so much other content that could have been explored.

  2. Wow - so many Rinoa fans? She was one of my least favorite female characters in FF. Different strokes for different folks.
  3. I've been getting back into the PS3 to play some of the earlier PS+ offerings.
  4. Also, one question about the backpacking theme: if the game doesn't take place on earth, but rather on a fictional locale with multiple locations, does that count?
  5. White Knight Chronicles - It sucks, and it takes hundreds of hours Ico - It sucks
  6. Well, I think the new PS+ title would be a good fit. Zero Escape is a fun game anyway, with digestible puzzles and a save anywhere system (though I haven't started the new one yet).
  7. Greenhorn (Risen 3) Killed 10 monsters I'm in the process of giving my PS3 as final sendoff, and am playing some old PS+ titles.
  8. While I can't speak for others, I found the dash eternal to be pretty simple (although I got a little nervous towards the end). The biggest issue for me was crashing into the walls of the arena, so I just did a method where I went side-to-side. The rhythm was pretty simple to find, although 800 consecutive dashes is pushing the bounds of good taste. The bigger question to me is: how did people stand playing the game in the first place? I absolutely hate it. Total garbage.
  9. I'll be joining this list of bluebloods by the end of the year, but for now, you elitists infuriate me! 😀
  10. I don't have a 100% account, so having unobtainable trophies is no big deal to me.
  11. Answering the OP, no, I don't have my name as my ID, though I don't think it's all THAT risky.
  12. Been a while since I updated, and it may be a while longer since I'll be heading abroad again soon, but Plat #287 - Horizon: Zero Dawn.


    Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. The gameplay was solid (if repetitive), but the story is one of the dumbest that I've ever seen, and the lore was downright deplorable. The only person that had less interest in the world than Aloy were the developers.

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. starcrunch061


      @PooPooBlast My biggest issue was that there was so little lore given to the tribes themselves; most of it centered around the destruction of the world. Further, none of the tribes really had any distinguishing features, outside of outfits and beliefs. They all spoke the same language (and none of them even had dependable accents). Each tribe was heterogeneous, but apparently still only bred with people of their own race (there were white people, black people, some non-descript asian people, but they apparently never got together themselves). The sun tribe had been around for so many generations, but the best we got for their past was a couple of lore entries; food delivery before the crisis got more attention (this is not an exaggeration, BTW - you find as much lore about food delivery as you do for the sun worshippers).


      There are other annoyances, too (I could fill this entire page with them), but I don't want to be accused of spoilers. However, one that really stuck in my craw was Aloy's innate ability to intuit solutions of puzzles. At one point, she talks about circles having 360 degrees. But why would a civilization decide that circles universally have 360 degrees? And why would they call them "degrees" to begin with? Some sort of explanation about how Aloy retains memories of the ancestors might have helped, but it would have been pretty lax.


      There was just no work put into making the world of Aloy's time a living, breathing place. It existed solely as a foil for the old world it replaced.

    4. PooPooBlast


      By the way you can discuss spoilers with spoiler tags :P


      I'm assuming that aloy's ability to decipher puzzles quickly, to distinguish the difference between worshiping an imaginary spirit vs a human-created machine, and being physically capable is because of her being Elizabeth Sobeck's clone created by GAIA which seems plausible to me. 


      Plus, she has Sylens guiding her which if you play the dlc, you will get to learn a little more about him and how smart/ secretive he is.


      And I mean c'mon, there might be some real flaws here and there, but does that automatically render a game as horrible and uninspired? A little harsh/ exaggerated don't you think? 

  13. It's definitely co-op for the Souls games. I haven't played Nioh yet, so I don't know about that one. Regardless of whether you think Souls games are easy or hard (and honestly, folks, let's not quibble over that), those overall plat numbers on PSN are well beyond what you would expect for most any game. With the ability to enter passwords, it's easier than ever to find a friend to carry you on bosses, and it's really easy to be carried on bosses.
  14. Been a long time since I've updated, because I've been abroad, and always have trouble logging on away from work. Water was the June topic? Well, I platted Horizon, which certainly has a decent share of water (swimming and whatnot), but it's fairly loose as a fulfillment. But that's what I'll put forth.
  15. MP doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me in the context of NMS. The design of a large universe is incompatible with it (having billions of planets to explore doesn't work well if you're also hoping to find one of a million players who are also exploring); adding MP seems to close off that universe. I don't see any reason to get super hyped about this, and this is without considering the fiasco that NMS has already endured (or, if you prefer, created).