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  1. Probably, but it would give Sony some much-needed good press, and honestly, I doubt that BC for PS1 and PS2 games is all that taxing nowadays, despite Shuhei Yoshida's previous bellyaching. This is likely Sony's last console, so I'll hold out my dream that they go out with a bang.
  2. Ah - a reminder of my lowest trophy moment! There are certain trophies that the glitch will not unlock. But the glitch certainly unlocks lots of trophies simultaneously, and at random. Further, you can run the glitch multiple times to earn various waves of trophies (or, at least you could circa 2010).
  3. Old thread, lots of good stuff, lots of bad. I wish for one thing: when some starts a dispute thread, there should be an autopost from the site which lists the game, the trophies flagged, and the reason for the flagging. This should be in clear text. The next post can belong to the disputer to add their defense, etc., but too often, dispute threads start with something like, "I didn't cheat this game. I used this idea", with no knowledge of what the game was, or what the trophies were. That should be an easy thing to implement for the site.
  4. The whole reason that first episodes were given for free was to tease someone into buying the full season pass. Further, many people already own large parts of the collection, so the "great sale's [sic] price" of that is hardly a starter. And finally, the fact that 4+ seasons of TWD are on sale doesn't make discussion of the policies for the sale of a single season "redundant". I would guess a lot of people already own large swaths of this collection; I personally own season 1 and 2. Paying $35 for the remaining seasons I don't own is hardly great. And finally, you're free to think that 30% off for a series of mostly old (and in some cases, VERY old) games is a great price. I don't. Honestly, I think the new rights holders really have no idea what they're doing. Certainly, I don't see much interest in their property being generated by these "great" sales. Maybe (MAYBE) if the final season was listed at 30% off, we'd have something, but of course, only the first episode is cheaper. Assuming you can find episodes 2, 3 and 4 individually (I currently can't find them) at the normal $4.99 price, that's a whopping savings of 12.5%. That hardly gets the blood pumping. But anyway, getting back to the thread at hand, I think this sale is lackluster, like many before it. I might pick up the game Daydreamer, though I don't like the graphical style of it.
  5. I just got it again on PS4, and am currently spending many more enjoyable hours here.
  6. Man - it's gonna be tight this month. I really want to finish Skyrim (PS4) for this month, but we'll see.
  7. That was exactly my thinking.
  8. So, I was reading @iXanon's status, and decided to see if anything was up on my account. And sure enough, I got 1500 points yesterday for the store. I haven't earned a plat in quite a while, so I guess Sony is clearing out the hopper before turning off passes altogether.


    1. PermaFox


      I saw the post, too.  Need to look at my account!

    2. MidnightDragon
  9. A lot of people find Bloodborne the easiest, but I'm not one of them. Also, Bloodborne is more fast-paced than any of the Souls games, which is why I don't really like including everything in a "souls-borne" category. The biggest difference is how easy it is to find health restorers in Bloodborne. You have easy access to blood throughout the game. It allows for more mistakes in combat. I would recommend Dark Souls 2 first for a souls game. A lot of people don't like it as much as the others, and there are plenty of good reasons for that, but the combat felt more solid there than elsewhere. Obviously, Dark Souls is a fine place to start, too. I would wait on DS3 until after you've played DS, though, as there are some callouts to the original game there (though, sadly, very few to the second game). DS and DS2 have very little to do with one another, lorewise (other than some loose affiliations between bosses and the like).
  10. Look at those tiles! I might buy the game just for those.
  11. I was having an interesting conversation about ancient Greece, and what do I find? My newly installed computer has NONE of the programs I need to do my work. Is it so much to ask for a math department to install a math editor on a machine?


    Apparently so. After going through the installation of that, I then had to install a program to convert .tex files to .pdf files, only to find that there is nothing on my computer to open .pdf files. Even then, I can't print the files yet.


    I delayed having my old computer replaced for months, and this is exactly why. 

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    2. Copanele


      Imagine how fun it is to work for a software development company, know your things with computers and yet you still have to call the IT department and then explain to them what should they install and how to do it. Even if they have no idea what to even double click on, they have the admin rights while I am not even allowed to install a blasted notepad++ by myself. God forbid i delete my System32 folder xD

    3. Arcesius


      Every single computer in any math department anywhere in the world should be equipped with MikTeX and whatever TeX-Editor by default 😂 I was happy to at least have admin rights in mine, otherwise I would have gone crazy. 

    4. starcrunch061


      @Arcesius I know, right? That's exactly what I said to my wife last night when I got home. I mean, I could have lived if it was a new editor, but to have no way of editing OR converting to .pdf? Give me a break.


      It took me around 10 minutes to write my exam, but another 90 to find an editor and miktex that I could actually download past our security. I'm sure I'll take a beating from tech if/when they find out, but what the hell am I supposed to do?

  12. Hmmm. I thought that Wakka's weapon did a better job of it, since his overdrive was so easy to set up.
  13. Not too many where I was three sheets to the wind. I used to play drunk quite a bit, but as a husband and father, that has died down. That being said, I do drink while playing. The games with which it helps the most are probably rhythm games. I find that I'm looser when I'm a bit buzzed.
  14. Aeterno Blade was one of those games that seemed perpetually on sale. I liked the art style of it - it reminded me quite a bit of Valkyrie Profile. It seemed to get pretty good reviews as well. I hope this one does OK.
  15. Yeah - this wasn't my favorite plat, either. Took a multiyear break before finishing it, though I didn't use Yojimbo (I wanted to max out all characters stats).