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  1. The last few Flush Sales were really bad.
  2. Does this have something to do with the update I saw on my PS4 this morning? But anyway, like others, I find these Double Discount sales to be misleading. I never feel like the "double discount" is any better than earlier discounts. As a hypothetical that I've seen before, it's like seeing Crypt of the Necrodancer for $8.99, but $2.99 with a double discount. That's great...until you realize that CotN was $2.99 numerous times without any "double discount".
  3. Well, let me downplay it as well. Assuming that "trophy addiction" is even real (and I challenge you to find it in the DSM), what exactly is "destroying" them? If someone buys 1000 plats from churchy devs, at the end of the day, they've spent...$1000. That's hardly a life destroying amount. Were they to spend 30 minutes per plat, that's...500 hours, hardly a life altering event (I spent that amount of time getting ONE plat in Star Ocean). If you don't like "EZPZ plats", there's a very simple solution; don't support them.
  4. Inception. Oh, and to the thread as a whole, you guys are fighting an awful lot among yourselves about this. Reminds me of gamefaqs. Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the people who are defending Sony didn't shut down the servers, and the people who are denigrating Sony didn't hack the servers. Being pissed off at Sony isn't going to matter one iota, and defending Sony isn't winning any brownie points.
  5. Ha! You got me thinking, so I looked at my log, and lo and behold, LBP was the first game for which I got a trophy. Ah, the memories…of a 2nd rate platformer.
  6. I'd play Skyrim again, no question. The Witcher 3 on PS5 is one I'm really looking forward to.
  7. Final Fantasy III (SNES - VI in Japan) Valkyrie Profile Persona 4 Dark Souls Life Force Those are the 5 that drifted into my head.
  8. Truthfully? We can't. It's one thing when the devs of a small game get...asked politely to consider new trophy policies. Disintegration has 798 game owners on this site. By comparison, LBP on the PS3 has 966,115.
  9. That's true, but many of those indie devs posted this before (e.g.) Sometime You dropped the price of every single Vita game it created to $0.99. I would be surprised that Sometimes You got special dispensation to lower its prices, while other devs did not. But anyway, getting back to the thread, This is my issue, too, and the reason that I just won't buy games anymore with heavy online components. I was playing and enjoying DJ Hero 2 quite a lot prior to the server closure; it's a disappointment that it just disappeared out of the blue. I never was a huge fan of LBP (having purchased the first one, I never bothered to get the online trophies, and only played the second 1 a single time), but again - a lot of the content was tied to online levels.
  10. So, I am entering my 2nd week of playing CyPunk on the PS4. I've managed to play for about 5 hours or so (that's a bad sign).


    The (all too) early verdict? It sucks. Honestly, it's one of the most boring games I've played. I had hoped for crazy glitches and the like, but technically, the game has run fine (long load screens are really the only issue, and they feel no longer than The Witcher 3). 


    The game is just boring. Maybe it really shows its ambition later, but at the moment, I don't see it. The city environments are somewhat colorful, but they lack detail. The NPCs have zero interaction; most of them just walk by you with their heads hung low. I guess they're embarrassed to be there, too.


    I've never liked Keanu Reeves, but my lord - could he deliver his lines with less enthusiasm? He's wooden even for Keanu standards. The first 5 hours plays like an interactive movie. There were clear opportunities for cool game delivery; running your little stealth bot in the hotel could have been a blast. But no - you scan for a vent, and the game does the rest. The escape was even worse. Without spoiling anything, there was zero tension in the whole scene. Honestly, when my early death occurred and the Cyberpunk logo appeared on the screen, a part of me really hoped the game was over.


    Let's hope that things get a lot better, but as it stands, the technical issues of this game might have been the least of its worries. Technical issues can be fixed with patches, after all. Story concept and telling, on the other hand...

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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Right how cool, I was thinking the exact same!! 


      The library near where I grew up used to have a very bare bones selection of Nintendo games way back in the day, but IIRC they never had anything good! Your spot sounds like they stock up on some really great options 💪

    3. starcrunch061


      HA! CyPunk was on the ropes, holding on for dear life, but like sone strange, glitchy phoenix, it is beginning to…well, hover at the moment.


      The game is starting to get interesting, I’ll grant. V is taking out the trash all over Night City, and the glitches are coming in fast! The worst is when a destination just won’t let you interact. I needed to speak to a Delamain rep, and the game…just did nothing. The same happened for a gig I was doing.


      Oh, and is there any point in non-lethal takedowns? One of my gigs asked me to deal with an honest cop without killing her, if possible. So, I took her out with non-lethal damage. But the game just acted like I had killed her anyway.


      Still got paid, though…

    4. starcrunch061


      Well, I am nearly converted. I still have had no serious technical issues, and this game has turned quite fun.


      It does lead me to ask: why would you put so much of the beginning of the game on rails, only to open it up later? I wouldn't blame someone if after 5 hours, they said, "This isn't for me". I'm glad I didn't, however; this game is already fun, and I've just started main missions. The gigs are a blast; I particularly like the ones that ask me not to get detected. I like the fact that the gig provider (the "fixer") will grade me a bit on them. 


      "That was expert work, V"

      "We both know that was pretty shoddy, V."


      I am starting to get into the character development (a pox on the trophies, which require you to get one of your attributes to level 20; very lame). The NPCS are...well, embarrassing. But the game is fun.


      However, this game could really use a faction system.

  11. Looking at this game, I'm...not feeling it. Maybe on discount (while Square is bad about discounting its Japanese-developed projects, it tends to lower prices on its other products regularly).
  12. Thanks for the clarification!
  13. Huzzah! I’ve been waiting for weeks (maybe months) for DQ XI definitive Edition to hit a $19.99 price point. Finally, today on Amazon, it happened. 

    I’m interested to see the 2-D version here.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I have the regular version, worth to buy this version too?

    2. starcrunch061


      @NERVergoproxy: Well, I'll let you know in a couple of months or so. I too bought and platted the original version.

  14. LOL! No one who speaks German could be evil!
  15. I realize I might be showing my old man brain, but what does “die mad about” even mean?