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  1. Or just silently judge them. Or even be unsilent...in your status updates. I have no problem comparing myself to others. Obviously, I always come out on top.
  2. I don't know, but the "Suppository" trophy and description seems...unnerving.
  3. You should probably keep "winning at life", or whatever else it is that you do.
  4. I like to play long games. I've played a ton of 100+ hour games. That doesn't mean I get rewarded for my plats over someone whose plats take 1 hour. No, I assure you I "don't have it backwards". The leaderboard rewards trophy accomplishments. That's it. There is absolutely no need to break it further into "casual trophies" and "hardcore trophies", simply so people who don't play easy games can still be high on the leaderboards. Congrats on your beliefs about "winning in other aspects of life". I like cottage cheese!
  5. Nah. A "hardcore" leaderboard is just another way to make everyone a winner. You don't want easy trophies? Good for you. I admire such principle...right until you expect to be rewarded in some absolute sense for that principle.
  6. The reason you got "a slew of hate" is because many (if not most) Ratalaika games are actually really fun. The problem isn't the game; it's the lousy trophy list. LMAO! What a bunch of fail in this post! On the one hand, you claim that people who don't play Stein;s Gate the way you did "are playing it wrong". But on the other hand, you make some lame trophy collecting comment...to justify not playing a game! Hoo boy. This is the real solution here. Just don't put a plat on these games! Make them 315 points, like all other 100%ers, and I doubt you'll hear a peep of complaint.
  7. No, it isn't. Ham is made from a pork leg. Canadian bacon is not, because it actually is bacon. Lighten up, Francis.
  8. So, got the bestiary trophy in FFX-2...and then lost to Trema. So I decided to use the Adamantortoise set-up from the guide, and the idiot fiend re-learned Tremor during the Paragon fight. 


    The game is running while I'm at work.

  9. I do want to mention that "Where are my friends?" is in a different world from other Sometimes You games in regards to trophy difficulty.
  10. I kind of wish I had saved Spyro (eggs and stuff). It will probably be Final Fantasy X-2.
  11. It's modern and ancient, all rolled into one! Anyway, this doesn't affect me, but I am curious: why is Sony stopping the practice? I have in the past, just because I forgot about them. the Uncharted Collection that i got for buying the PS4 sat around for years before I finally used it.
  12. Even after reading responses, I still don't know what this thread is about. PS3 games don't show up somewhere?
  13. Yeah, the PVP requirements certainly don't fit into this time frame, and there's no way to access PVP before getting your first trophy. This list is impossible.
  14. All right, I'm back. I have the following games in the following categories: Fantasy Lorekeeper (7) Apotheon Dust Guacamelee ( Guacamelee: STCE Rogue Legacy Salt and Sanctuary (three flippin' times) Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Sci-Fi Security Detail (3) Axiom Verge Forma.8 Teslagrad Secret Door Spotter (3) Chronicles of Teddy Outland Shantae: Risky' Revenge Put it all together, and that makes me a Metroid Connoisseur. EDIT: Oops - it looks like you've already done this edit. HOWEVER, not all is lost, as I also recently obtained the platinum for Castlevania.
  15. With this influx of crappy sales, it's been pretty easy not to spend money. I still am sitting on my $20 from points for trophies.