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  1. I have exactly one myself. They're just too pricey. I guess I've been spoiled by those great arcade collections that ran for $19.99 each.
  2. Yup. Remember when people told us that digital sales meant cheaper games?
  3. Probably answered this before, since it's an old thread, but no, I wouldn't delete any trophies. Why would I? So I could say, "I have a 100% profile!" when in fact I don't have a 100% profile?
  4. Dammit. I completely forgot that I have that one, unopened, in my collection. Volume 2 kicked me pretty hard, but I should have added that one. I will if I finish the 10 I have listed. Good luck!
  5. ...and proper English grammar in their trophy descriptions continues to evade them.
  6. Lunch of Kings (Warriors All-Stars) Ate 10 or more meat buns in a single battle Cat's gotta eat, too, ya know.
  7. While I didn't like this game at all, I am extremely happy for the number of people who did, and hope it lives up to your expectations!
  8. That is interesting to me. I always complain that sometimes cleaning up a game messes up its aesthetic, and SotC is certainly a candidate for that. As you probably could tell, I haven't played the PS4 version. I simply saw its rave reviews and remembered my own nightmares with the PS3 controls. <slaps self on wrist>
  9. I don't watch much wrestling anymore, but my all-time favorite is a toss-up between Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. I was positively delighted when they were on an episode of Wife Swap together.
  10. No time soon. I just finished Rainbow Moon, and in the UR 2020 event, I have quite a few PS3 titles.
  11. Supreme Speed (Warriors All-Stars) Cleared any battle in 2 minutes or less Just moving right along (or, moving insofar as you can in a game with an 80 hours or so plat). Still enjoying the game, and I really enjoy hearing remixes of old favorites (NES Ninja Gaiden themes!). But I'm a little disappointed that there is no difference in the battle structure for, say, a thieves hideout battle, or a monster nest battle, or a treasure room battle. But then again, if I'm looking for super variety in a musou game, I've probably lost the battle already. That is one heck of an accomplishment!
  12. All the time. Back in the day, that wouldn't matter; I would just re-play the awesome game I just played. But in the age of trophies, I usually just go back to my old, incomplete games to remind me of a bad game, so I can start up a new one. Some examples: Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan, this is the SNES NA version) Valkyrie Profile (PS1 NA version) Persona 4 (PS2 version) Oblivion Persona 5 God of War (PS4) A couple of notes here: SotC is better on PS4 than on PS3, because it has to be. The control on PS3 is a nightmare. And yet, the game is still so good that I would recommend playing it on PS3 if you have no other choice Chrono Trigger was great on SNES. However, the various ports have often been lackluster (though the GBA, or maybe it was DS, version is an exception) Bloodborne is a bit different than Dark Souls. Both are excellent, though, so I hope you try it.
  13. I could not have given you better advice if I had tried. All of these games have lured me in (and, in the case of Skyrim and Inquisition, lured me in multiple times). I will likely play Persona 5: Royal when it is released, and Dragon's Dogma lured me into so many playthroughs on the PS3 that I feel like I've played it twice and then some. Enjoy!
  14. Dunno, but if you do that thing that requires 3 players, count me in... ... ...sorry - I shouldn't make this a boosting thread. Anyway, as for my update, I started Warriors All-Stars. It's actually pretty fun, but the plat looks like a real annoyance.
  15. Given that we're posting on a message board about video games, I'd say we have an abundance of free time.