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  1. Are you saying to use the 100% completion times of players? Because a lot of games can be speed-ran after much practice, but it doesn't mean that the average player can do this.
  2. Gotcha. I was looking in the wrong place for it. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. So, I wanted to write a quick guide to Chronicles of Teddy, because I enjoyed the game and want more people to play it. The problem is, I don't know how. Most of the time, there is a "guide" tag on the trophies page for a game, which will give you the opportunity to write a guide for the game if none exists. But there doesn't seem to be such a tag on this game?
  4. A Winner is Me! (Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus) Finish the game in NG+ mode. Chronicles of Teddy is Zelda II done right, with a sprinkling of Metroid backtracking. I wish the game had been more evenly difficult (for the most part, it is quite easy, but some portions, like the triangle door in the Star World, are just brutal), but all in all, the game managed to bring back both the good and bad of the 8-bit era, which is fine by me. Will the "A winner is you!" meme ever die? I hope not.
  5. Thanks for the answers!
  6. Was this sold as a Cross-Buy initially? If not, so be it, but if so, they should offer some compensation for people who bought the game under the impression that they would get a Vita version.
  7. So, I haven't gotten a single trophy in this game. I am currently in the chapel, with Mike. I've been playing without a guide, but decided to check up on some trophies. And it seems some of them aren't unlocking. For example,
  8. How much is it? The Order isn't a good game for $49.99, but I think it would be well worth it for cheaper. I enjoyed my 6-8 hours of gameplay. Consumer insanity.
  9. I am cautiously optimistic for this, but Square has screwed up so often over the last decade that I can't really get that excited. Amen, brother.
  10. 100% - Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus.


    If you liked Zelda II, buy this game. If you didn't, don't. It's a great game (although I did buy it cheap).

  11. Definitely the black notifications. Huh. I didn't know about that.
  12. SO, I'm playing blind, but I'm feeling like Super-Fly in the early going. The acting is awful (perhaps intentionally?), the writing is cringe-inducing (perhaps intentional?), and the horror has currently amounted to a couple of jump moments, which has felt a bit lazy. As as much as I like Peter Stormare, his interludes have been grating. I'm only in the opening, but my current feeling to others is that they might be better served by following a guide. If I change my mind, I'll edit this post. EDIT: Hmmm. Chapter 5, and despite all of the complaints, I find myself enjoying this game. I have re-thought my position, and am glad that I am playing without a guide.
  13. Is there a Flash Sale coming? I guess I'll hold off until then, although I'm pretty pleased with the prices listed. I'm a lot happier with this sale now. At first, I didn't realize that PS+ would have deeper discounts. They are quite a bit deeper on some of the games.
  14. I love the trophies in this game. They look great. It's particularly amazing, given how little Square has cared for trophy art in the past (with the bland images of the FFXIII trilogy, as well as the boring, repeated images of WoFF. By the way, if you haven't played this game, definitely buy it. I'm avoiding it due to the high sticker, but were I a newbie to the game, I would buy it in a flash if future me told present me about it.
  15. I'm gonna go with the half-empty glass of laziness here.