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  1. Witcher 3 - CE is cleaning up nicely. Need to knock out miscellaneous trophies in the main game, and then continue playing the DLC. I don't think I played the DLC on Death March before, but you are punished quite a bit more there than in the main game. The (optional) fight against Olgierd might be the best fight in the game; I look forward to the fights in Blood and Wine.

    1. Copanele


      That optional fight vs Olgierd itself raises the quality of the DLC to crazy heights. Story wise, I found Heart of Stone to be way more enjoyable than Blood and Wine.

    2. starcrunch061


      @CopaneleMe too, though I like the “extras” of Blood and Wine (grandmaster armor, your own vineyard) better than those in Heart of Stone. Both are good DLC, though, and I don’t say that often.

  2. Come on, man. For that battle, you can just call on your living weapon. Hell - I did that on WotD difficulty (and this was recently, mind you, so after all patches and "nerfs" and the like). But anyway, I never know if I don't have the skill to get a plat. I mean, I'm sure I don't, but I rarely put that much energy into a game to see (kind of like a gaming Schrodinger's Cat). Among games that I have put a good deal of time into, the ones that come to mind are Super Meat Boy (I get bored, put it down, and pick it up again months or years later, but I don't know that I have the skill and patience to learn the nuances necessary for the no-death runs) Guitar Hero: Metallica (This one makes me sad; back years ago, with a little more work, I think I could have succeeded, but now, my skills have deteriorated, and I don't really care to sharpen them up) There are plenty of others, but those two come to mind in regards to time spent.
  3. Strange as it sounds, I in fact am a "delicious snack cake".
  4. I was going to mention this myself. The one here has definitely gotten worse, but man - it's light years ahead of the one on
  5. I'll tell you one thing: if Sony was hoping to convince me to get another year's subscription to PSNow with their recent additions to the service, they have failed most miserably.


    1. kindajustin


      Thought about getting a year of PSNow 25% off back in January but ultimately passed. I can't remember the last time a new addition to PSNow looked like something I actually wanted to play.

  6. Did I remember to lock the front door?
  7. I ain't gonna lie - I'm pretty stoked for this one.
  8. Building on this, you need to do quite a bit for the Dark Lord ending in this one; it's much more than just walking out on the fire as in DS1, etc. It's better just to run the game again.
  9. I forgot how annoying the "collect all Gwent cards" quest was. It's not enough that you have to play random merchants for cards. You also need to remember who you've played, and potentially save merchants who will play you, or sell other cards.


    Honestly, a lot of this could have been mitigated if it was easier to tell which conversations you've taken part in. The difference between white (have not spoken) and gray (have spoken) is pretty subtle.

    1. Copanele


      Gwent was super fun as a mini game. However finding those cards....ugh. Not to mention that some of them were missable. 

      Not the most fun trophy in the game for sure xD 

  10. How often does a new game come to the Vita? (Yes, it's also coming to the PS4.)
  11. The games listed don't feel terribly "essential". Sword Art Online? LOL.
  12. I'm telling you - it's not difficult. I have one of those plats myself. I considered writing a guide, but there is a lot of variation in playthroughs, and it's hard to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done at any single time. It's better to use the (myriad) steam guides out there, and ask questions. The main thing is to get the constellations, which really requires multiple "players". You can easily do this with a single player, but it's very annoying with a single controller. If you try to get it with one player, however, it's almost impossible, because of the strange randomness of the constellations.
  13. I picked up a game called Hammerwatch in this sale. Never heard of it, but the gauntlet look drew me in.'s kind of boring. It moves really slow, which is too bad, because there is potential here. I might pick up another Johnny Ostad game for $.99. I didn't love Shalnor Legends, but it was OK for the price.
  14. So, making progress on Witcher 3 CE. I had heard there were technical issues with the game, but I've encountered none so far, so that's a plus.


    I am seeing a few of the free DLC missions that I missed the first time around. I think Geralt is solely responsible for the destruction of the Cat school. I liked that one of the Cat School Witchers made a comment about me wearing Cat armor. 

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Never had a problem with the game; probably one of the most stable games out there!  Enjoy!