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  1. What this dude said:
  2. I nearly played this game on PSNow, but thankfully noticed in the trophy guide that 100% is impossible there.
  3. I haven't played this on the PS4, but I used the party suggested by the old Ozma guide on gamefaqs (Zidane, Eiko, Freya and Steiner), but never got the great damage promised by the Dragon Crest attack.
  4. Surely they don't mean to have all effects concurrently?
  5. @The High Ground
  6. There are a lot. Here are a few: Dark Souls - It's not my favorite game without reason. It took quite some time to plat it, but I enjoyed every minute of it (even grinding out items in SP). Katamari Forever - I picked up and played that game often, and when I got the plat, I pumped my fist. Dark Cloud 2 - On the PS2, I never got all the medals, so it was awesome doing so on the PS4...and getting a trophy for it. Rogue Legacy - Only one thing really sticks out in that game, and that's the battle with Ponce de Freon. Epic! Pier Solar - I had much less trouble with the Eternal Slip minigame than many others, but I still pumped my fist both times when I did it. Rock Band 2 - It was incredibly cool to sit down with the epic set list, and get all of the trophies associated with it in one go-round. I don't think that popped the plat for me, unfortunately (due to waiting for an online challenge that didn't require DLC songs), but I knew it was going to happen at that poin.
  7. I know; it is silly to look at them. But this feels like someone perpetrating a fraud on customers. It literally feels criminal to me.
  8. Literally the only draw for me to purchase this version of FFIX is the trophy set. If the trophies are made trivial, why pay $20.99 for a game that I already own on PS1, and can buy much cheaper on PS3? There's no "debate" as far as my dollar is concerned; I won't be purchasing FFIX for trophies that are mostly made trivial. I tried it before with FFVII, and that game is just rotting on my system. Like I said just a few posts earlier - play the game however you want. For me, that way is not at all.
  9. It's very strange to have 86% of BTs in a Star Ocean game before the 40 hour gameplay mark. Except for the last couple of gameplay hours, I wasn't even trying to get trophies.

    1. AlchemistWer


      wow  before the 40 hour and 86%!? 

    2. starcrunch061


      There's just nothing to it. Obviously, I don't have the hit trophies or anything, but I did get the 1000 Signets one because I was using Miki against the superbosses with Dead Man Walking.


      I think my favorite character is Emmerson, and it makes me sad that I can't really use him that effectively.

  10. I should let this go, I know, but for whatever reason, the existence of this game bothers me (or, at least, its existence on PSN).
  11. So, the troll who made this game has apparently gotten smarter. If you look, there are a whopping 809 reviews of this title, all of which give it 5 stars. I doubt 809 people have ever looked at this game, much less bought it. Know what I think? I think the developer(s) created free game codes and PSN accounts, and put them up themselves.
  12. Jotun has this. You get a big, fat bronze trophy for beating Odin and winning the game. You have to complete to 100% to get a silver. You only get gold by beating the Valhalla difficulty. But yeah - it's pretty lame at the end of the day to get a bronze. Hell, in FFVII, you got a gold trophy just for beating story boss Diamond Weapon.
  13. Indeed! I did not like it.
  14. This. It's not like Vita owners in the West don't buy games. They do. There aren't a ton of them, but I can't believe there aren't enough to make an existing port available.
  15. Congrats on your progress!