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  1. I was reading stuff online, and…Actraiser?!? That is one of my favorite games of all time!!!

    1. Icebrand1270


      I never got to do it in my SNES days. Time to accept a grueling challenge... yes I've heard that the challenge was brutal even by SNES standards. Still going to try!

    2. MidnightDragon


      It's on the PS store now.

    3. starcrunch061


      @Icebrand1270: Actually, the first ActRaiser was pretty easy. You just had to remember to kill all of your people when they evolved, so they would build better houses, holding more people, and giving you more power.


      The second one was impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. But it also sucked; it just wasn't fun at all. 

  2. God - I have to sit through a diversity and inclusivity workshop in about 5 minutes. These things are absolute hell, and while I have nothing against diversity and inclusion, this is the 4th straight year I've had to sit through this thing.


    I think I'm going to blow money on the Big in Japan sale when I get home.

    1. Gommes_


      Is it some mandatory thing in the US?

    2. starcrunch061


      It’s mandatory at most universities, though I think private companies are doing them more and more.


      The sad thing is, many of the questions they ask are legit, but the stock answers we choose from are so hamfisted as to beggar belief.

    3. Gommes_


      Okay that does sound like hell.

      Okay that does sound like hell.

  3. Huh. Just checked the email associated to my Sony account, and apparently I could order a ps5 yesterday. 😞


    I really hate the way this is rolling out.

    1. funboy1246


      i hear ya. ive decided im just gonna wait until i can walk into any store and just grab one. it may be a year or more but im tired of trying to find it any other way

    2. Rick_Sanchez


      oof :( sorry to hear. They should send more e-mails when stock is restored. My Friend has a PS5 yet has gotten several of those e-mails.

    3. MomentsInTime


      A friend got his email yesterday, and then managed to get one today, earlier. He was telling me he was in a queue and then when he got it. Sucks if you missed your chance tho. I was very happy when I got mine, though I was up at 6am checking for an Argos restock and got lucky I guess xD

  4. Oh, also, please stop posting shit in threads.


    Because even when I answer that shit very, very kindly, I still get my own very, very kind posts deleted, and this damages my fragile psyche.

    1. Stevieboy


      Yeah, your post was fine. It was just collateral damage in the clean up of the thread. I hope your psyche recovers quickly.

    2. MidnightDragon


      We just can't have nice things!

  5. All right - let's talk CyPunk!


    So, my last update had me questioning the game. I can say now that I'm fully aboard; this game is a blast. I mean, it's really good. I'm progressing steadily, beating people down with my trusty wrench (non-lethally!), shooting them with my tech rifle that sets them on fire (again, somehow, non-lethally!).


    Sometimes I talk my way out of things. I was exceedingly impressed by one early interaction. In it, I wanted to get information from a tough-guy club owner. He wasn't selling, so I intoned a minor thread. Then, I was able to cite an optional side mission I had done, and it turns out that this was the stick I needed to break out. Very impressive the attention to detail there...


    ...which is why it's so frustrating when I get hit by a glitch. I'm playing as a Nomad, and one unique mission to that storyline is getting back your old car. I went to get it,'s not there. There's a marker on the map. Hell, there's a marker on the screen, but no car whatsoever. 


    I was helping my best bud Panam save her leader, but for whatever reason, my truck would inexplicably blow up before completing the mission. I couldn't understand it; I was doing just fine shooting down the drivers of cars attacking me, but my own car would just...KABOOM! As it turns out, even if you shoot the drivers, the game won't recognize that you beat them; you have to blow up the cars. That's pretty tough with a pistol that's handed to you by default. I didn't even know I could switch weapons. But after 4 fails, we got moving.


    This game has a 102 gig install, BTW. Actually, it's bigger than that, but I can't seem to download patch 1.31 (which probably fixes my car glitch above). Ridiculous.

  6. So, I am entering my 2nd week of playing CyPunk on the PS4. I've managed to play for about 5 hours or so (that's a bad sign).


    The (all too) early verdict? It sucks. Honestly, it's one of the most boring games I've played. I had hoped for crazy glitches and the like, but technically, the game has run fine (long load screens are really the only issue, and they feel no longer than The Witcher 3). 


    The game is just boring. Maybe it really shows its ambition later, but at the moment, I don't see it. The city environments are somewhat colorful, but they lack detail. The NPCs have zero interaction; most of them just walk by you with their heads hung low. I guess they're embarrassed to be there, too.


    I've never liked Keanu Reeves, but my lord - could he deliver his lines with less enthusiasm? He's wooden even for Keanu standards. The first 5 hours plays like an interactive movie. There were clear opportunities for cool game delivery; running your little stealth bot in the hotel could have been a blast. But no - you scan for a vent, and the game does the rest. The escape was even worse. Without spoiling anything, there was zero tension in the whole scene. Honestly, when my early death occurred and the Cyberpunk logo appeared on the screen, a part of me really hoped the game was over.


    Let's hope that things get a lot better, but as it stands, the technical issues of this game might have been the least of its worries. Technical issues can be fixed with patches, after all. Story concept and telling, on the other hand...

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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Right how cool, I was thinking the exact same!! 


      The library near where I grew up used to have a very bare bones selection of Nintendo games way back in the day, but IIRC they never had anything good! Your spot sounds like they stock up on some really great options 💪

    3. starcrunch061


      HA! CyPunk was on the ropes, holding on for dear life, but like sone strange, glitchy phoenix, it is beginning to…well, hover at the moment.


      The game is starting to get interesting, I’ll grant. V is taking out the trash all over Night City, and the glitches are coming in fast! The worst is when a destination just won’t let you interact. I needed to speak to a Delamain rep, and the game…just did nothing. The same happened for a gig I was doing.


      Oh, and is there any point in non-lethal takedowns? One of my gigs asked me to deal with an honest cop without killing her, if possible. So, I took her out with non-lethal damage. But the game just acted like I had killed her anyway.


      Still got paid, though…

    4. starcrunch061


      Well, I am nearly converted. I still have had no serious technical issues, and this game has turned quite fun.


      It does lead me to ask: why would you put so much of the beginning of the game on rails, only to open it up later? I wouldn't blame someone if after 5 hours, they said, "This isn't for me". I'm glad I didn't, however; this game is already fun, and I've just started main missions. The gigs are a blast; I particularly like the ones that ask me not to get detected. I like the fact that the gig provider (the "fixer") will grade me a bit on them. 


      "That was expert work, V"

      "We both know that was pretty shoddy, V."


      I am starting to get into the character development (a pox on the trophies, which require you to get one of your attributes to level 20; very lame). The NPCS are...well, embarrassing. But the game is fun.


      However, this game could really use a faction system.

  7. Huzzah! I’ve been waiting for weeks (maybe months) for DQ XI definitive Edition to hit a $19.99 price point. Finally, today on Amazon, it happened. 

    I’m interested to see the 2-D version here.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I have the regular version, worth to buy this version too?

    2. starcrunch061


      @NERVergoproxy: Well, I'll let you know in a couple of months or so. I too bought and platted the original version.

  8. Plat #453: Spongebob Squarepants


    Solid title. I liked the video at the end where everyone sings the theme song, too.

  9. Took a break in my CyPunk excursion yesterday to go back to a couple of other games I was playing:


    Almost There - I still don't love this game, but I no longer hate it. While I respect trying something different for controls, sometimes, it's better just to stick with the classics. I think this game would be very easy if, e.g., wall jumps and speeding up were done as in SMB. Still, it's not terrible in small doses.


    SpongeBob Battle <blah blah blah> - I have never been a fan of 3-d platformers from the PS2 era, but this game is pretty fun. I don't know how similar it is to the original PS2 version, but it (mostly) dodges the general camera and control problems found on that system. In fact, control is remarkably tight here, particularly on the slide sequences. Only a couple of times have I said, "Ugh - why did you do that?". Fun game.

    1. MidnightDragon


      To my understanding, they toned down the difficulty of the slide portions. Still, they were all a bit frustrating.

    2. starcrunch061


      @MidnightDragon: I had to look up how to do the third one in Sand Mountain. There's a lot of jumping tracks there.

  10. Well, I’m taking the plunge on PS4 CyPunk. Did I buy it? Of course not. But I will play it.


    Details to follow.

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    2. starcrunch061


      Well, after waiting over an hour for all of the installs to resolve, I got to play last night! The world didn't end, and the game even moved relatively well...with a lot more sitting through cutscenes and the like. 


      Overall, my first impression The world needs to open up, like I know it will. The stealth reminded me of TES quite a bit (I tend to play stealthy in 1st person games if possible). There was this weird montage scene that (I think) showed my character partying for days with his new best bud. It was kind of embarrassing, honestly; it looked like something from one of those low-rent action flicks from the 2000s (like Gamer). It's the first Poochie the Dog moment.


      But all in all, it was playable, if slow. Apparently, everyone in Night City and on the outskirts loves playing cards and vinyl records; I've found three of each so far in my short time with the game.

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Poochie | Simpsons Wiki | Fandom

      I'm just over here cracking up at your Poochie analogy! I have been considering getting this at some point tho, so I'll be curious to hear you elaborate more on it.


      Boo, and of course my Poochie pic didn't stick! 😝🖕

    4. starcrunch061


      Ah - now we’re seeing some CyPunk craziness.


      Sometimes, NPCs on the street don’t fully form. They are literally pixelated blobs. I thought at first it was some weirdness in the game, but nope - it’s just glitchiness. And it’s surprising - it’s not like the character models are all that exciting.


      I’ve died twice. I checked difficulty, and apparently, the game defaults to Hard. I lowered it to Normal (2nd from easiest). It is better. Gun play is annoying - I can rarely see where I’m firing. You really use sights in this game. I’ve moved to an SMG and just spray and pray.


      People don’t seem to mind when you steal right under their nose. Odd.


      About to steal a relic; we’ll see how this goes.

  11. I have two major (current) pet peeves in gaming.

    • It is absolutely lame to tie game over in a turn-based RPG to the death of a single character. I have had the worst luck in the millennial tower, solely because of bad dice rolls with Kasuga.
    • It is unforgivable to tie a trophy/achievement purely to RNG. If I finish all of the hunts in Enter the Gungeon before I see the black market, I am going to flip out. There are only two hunts left.
    1. SnowxSakura


      It is annoying as hell. Have 99 revival items? LOL nope, MC is immune to being revived apparently

  12. So, what the hell is “ZJ the Ball”? Have we managed to bottom out even the Sunday releases of the church RPG?

    1. imh007


      Same dev, same crap.. Breakthrough Gaming milking cool kids 24/7

    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      These devs are really capitalizing on some ppl's weakness towards the quick ez plat bursts 🤦 I mean to each their own, but sheesh!

    3. enaysoft


      We aren't even allowed to point out how shit the game is, or the mods and trophy addicts will get really upset.

      Trophy addict lives matter.

  13. Man - there have been multiple status updates about getting PS5s, yet here I sit playing my PS4 like sucker. 😢

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    2. eigen-space


      I used an app called Hotstock to get notifications. Ultimately got it through Playstation Direct because of a Hotstock notification. Playstation Direct is kind of like a lottery system... I was waiting in queue on 5 different devices and one of them "won".

    3. EverythingOnFire


      I don't think you're a sucker. It's not like you're missing out on a huge library of games, and if you wait long enough, you'll be able to get a Version 2.0 PS5 w/ improved controller thumbsticks.

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      I hear you there bud!! I am honestly not in much of a rush to get one tho, as is usually the case for me with any new gen console.


      I'd rather wait until a later version anyway, which tends to be less buggy! At least that's what I keep telling myself to make me feel better about it 😂

  14. I leave for a couple of hours, and the SR thread gets locked.


    I’m not going to let you kids play by yourself if you don’t act more responsibly. It’s as if I’m on gamefaqs.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      I've been busy doing a boring multiplayer grind and having to do some actual work outside of video games, but I took a look at the thread and saw a couple videos.


      Not a good representation of the Saints Row franchise.


      The cast looks like your typical college kid hipsters. I honestly can't stand a lot of hipsters. The Saints Row developers almost seemed deliberate to take away the sexism the old cast had.


      I can't comment on the gameplay because none of us played it. Why go soft? Rockstar Games never catered to the fucking SJWs and despite the countless lawsuits that the company has had in its storied history, they never shied away from raunchy humor and sexism.


      The transgender rights groups that are shit, the extreme political correctness and the overall separation of people from a series of events these past few years is ruining a lot of stuff. This new Saints Row looks to be a product of an era of radical political agendas and bullshit. I understand if these guys don't want to offend anybody, but if that means taking away a lot of the elements that made Saints Row special, that is a big step in the wrong direction.


      Long comment and all, but that Saints Row thread is locked, so I have nowhere else to post.

    3. XchocomanX


      @AJ_Radio It's as simple as "No ETHICAL = no buy"

    4. Gommes_


      I mean the trailer was so meaningless but I missed the chance to be part of that thread :)

  15. I enjoy .hack, and recently bought the GU collection for $4.99. I'm surprised how much I still like it. The cut scenes can be excruciating, but overall, it's still pretty fun to play in its repetitive way.


    I also started Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom. I've never played this one. The kids love it, and I think it's OK, too. Load screens are severe, though.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I enjoyed it, though some of the slide races (where you have to finish under a certain time) are annoying, but I understand they did tone it down a bit from the original.

  16. Plat #449 and 100% #535: Assassin's Creed: Origins


    Solid title. I get why people bitch about Ubisoft, but if you play their games only every few years, and get them on the cheap, it's not a bad way to spend 60 hours or so.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      The games are formulaic and follow the same pattern again and again. It's best to play Assassin's Creed once a year, that way they don't feel tedious.

    3. starcrunch061


      @AJ_Radio Once a year? More like once a decade for me. 😄

    4. AJ_Radio


      They’re not that horrible. 😁

  17. So, a completely random update based on my current thoughts:

    1. Assassin's Creed Origins is a pretty fun game. I get why people bitch about the Ubisoft "game loop", but it's pretty addicting, despite the mediocre rewards. Bayek is a good lead character. There doesn't seem to be any stupid sex scene. And the immersion! From the priests mummifying bodies, to the detailed layouts of the cities, some care was taken. But nothing screams Roman-era Egypt more than mounting your yellow bird-steed.


    2. Wow - no one bought Legend of Mana, huh? Four stacks, and currently, none of them have even 500 owners here. If you add all the stacks together, it pretty much equals Saga Frontier. Memo to Squeenix - stop overcharging for decades-old games. You might generate more interest.


    3. I still owe a review for the worst game I played. I promised it in my last plat update, but the game is so flippin' bad, I haven't been able to bother getting the plat, despite the fact that it will take about an hour or so. Yeah - it's that bad.

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    2. visighost



      I loved Almost There, I'm a sucker for those super-quick-level, super-hard games. Glad to see someone else playing it. And it's not so difficult - I'm hardly a great gamer and I managed the platinum...

    3. starcrunch061


      @visighost: Ah - then maybe you can help me! I don't understand the controls. Like, at all. I get that you move in a direction for a time and get a speed boost, but the double jump completely eludes me. Any pointers?

    4. visighost


      Aaah, it’s been almost two years, I can’t say I recall much about the controls… but I seem to remember there was very little leeway in timing. I think someone posted videos of all levels on youtube? 

      I’ll let you know if I ever get a chance to reinstall it (there’s a waiting list on my hard drive…).

  18. Wow - I did NOT expect to get my ass kicked on the True Final Millennial Tower. Gotta re-evaluate the situation…

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    2. starcrunch061


      Obliged! Your four are exactly the 4 I had in mind, with the same job classes (I had Eri in her unique class first time, which was a mistake). Thankfully, I’ve done a good bit of grinding already (all job classes for the guys are at 50+, and the girls are maxed out except for Night Queen), so it’s really just a matter of getting it done.

    3. AK-1138


      Which is worse: the Millennial Tower, or the Boomer Minaret?

    4. starcrunch061


      @AK-1138: You are correct, sir! HI-YOOOOO!

  19. Man - Yakuza Dragon Kart is a bunch of bullshit. I love that a racer just sacrifices himself to drive you into the wall at the start of the race. I can’t wait to see the cheating challenger when I beat this Grand Prix.

  20. Plat #447: Nier Replicant (PS4)


    Played and enjoyed this on PS3, but I gotta be honest - some things should remain in the past.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. starcrunch061


      @MidnightDragon: back in the day, the PS3 was starved for JRPGs, so this one really hit the spot. Further, many of those JRPGs were of the Idea Factory variety, so a story that hit you in the feels was welcome.


      But that’s not a problem anymore. We are spoiled for choice with JRPGs, and many have solid tales to boot. And when you take away the emotional aspect of the story, Nier’s tale makes Kingdom Hearts look pretty strong. I mean, a lot of it just makes zero sense (and I don’t want to hear about the story in the series 3 Nier prequel manga or whatever - if it ain’t in the game, it ain’t in the mind).


      I still enjoyed playing it, but I wondered why I loved the PS3 version so much. However, I’m afraid to replay it, because I’d hate to have it spoiled.

    4. The Arizona Ranger
  21. So, July 30th marked the 6th consecutive year for my trophy streak. I have gotten at least one trophy a day since July 31st, 2015.


    That feels like a very long time…

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    2. MidnightDragon



    3. starcrunch061


      I fear the streak might end when the Vita store goes down. It’s what saves me on trips.

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      That's extremely impressive man, bravo 👏


      Maybe you can just stock up on Vita games before that happens!

  22. I’m watching Hell’s Kitchen, and the chef from Texas sounds like that annoying cook from Danganronpa 2.

  23. Probably well known, but a lot of games seem to have disappeared from the Vita store. I was going to pick up Danganronpa, but no dice. There were a lot of others as well.


    Is it just my crazy Vita?

    1. Xylobe


      IIRC the Danganronpa games got delisted last year when Spike Chunsoft took over as publisher from NIS. I think they relisted the PS4 versions, but didn't think the Vita was worth the effort. Not sure what else is missing, but that's the story for those.

    2. starcrunch061


      Thanks for the info. Another game that has an empty slot is soemthing called “Bunny Must Die!” It’s weird that there’s still a placeholder in the store, but no game to fill it.

  24. Jeez - Yakuza games have always been a bit slow, but Like a Dragon takes the cake. It’s just one long cutscene for the first 1.5-2 hours.

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    2. UnexpectedWhale


      It will get better honestly when the game gains traction it just keeps going! Both me and my partner said the same thing as you and we are glad we stuck with it 

    3. starcrunch061


      Glad I stuck with this. Chapter 4 really picked up. I thoroughly enjoy this now. In fact, this game has the chance to move in the upper echelon of turn-based RPGs that I’ve played (and I’ve played a bunch).

    4. UnexpectedWhale


      Glad you stuck with it, Its just upwards from now on :) You did the hard part

  25. Playing Remnant. It’s…OK, but honestly, not much fun. Having bosses just summon more enemies, over and over, is kind of lame. Giving those same bosses insta-kill attacks (such as The Harrow) is the epitome of cheap.


    But anyway, if anyone wants to trade online traits (for killing and reviving teammates), send me a message and I’ll be down for it.