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  1. Definitely have to agree with you on Tim Schafer. That Man's games are the very definition of over rated. I've only played Grim Famdingo and Broken Age but those games were the very definition of mediocre to me. I didn't see anything that made special. Grim might be a case of having to play it when it was new but Broken Age was "meh"

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    2. pot1414


      Brutal Legend is awesome though.The most underrated game of 2009.

      Just my opinion brochachos and I know a lot of people who agree so don't be so absolute.

    3. starcrunch061


      Everyone’s so weird. You don’t have to tell me that your opinion is your opinion. Of course I already know that it is.


      The statement, “Brutal Legend is awful” is opinion as well. I shouldn’t have to say that, though.

    4. pot1414


      I'm just making sure.I'm sure you know how many people on the internet don't get the concept of an opinion.We are cool brah.Keep gaming brother.