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  1. Definitely have to agree with you on Tim Schafer. That Man's games are the very definition of over rated. I've only played Grim Famdingo and Broken Age but those games were the very definition of mediocre to me. I didn't see anything that made special. Grim might be a case of having to play it when it was new but Broken Age was "meh"

    1. starcrunch061


      He just feels like a relic. I don't know how good his games were in the 90s; I didn't play them then. But I did play Brutal Legend (awful), Costume Quest (OK, but so basic that a child could have made it), Grim Fandango (mediocre), and Broken Age (awful). I think he made Day of the Tentacle, too, which might have knocked PC gamers socks off back in the day, but was pretty pedestrian (even when comparing to console offerings from the SNES era).

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