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  1. BOOYAH!


    My library put their game collection out (finally), and I managed to snag RE: Village!

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    2. starcrunch061


      @AJ_Radio Yeah. It’s this weird invention in Iowa where you can enter a building and borrow books and other media.

      I don’t think it’s caught on anywhere else, though. 😉

    3. AJ_Radio


      I don't think I've used a library in over a decade. I thought you meant something else. The most I do to get games in person is either stop at my local GameStop or Best Buy.


      If I want to rent games I can just resubscribe to GameFly.

    4. starcrunch061


      Nope. I love my library, and over the course of the pandemic, they’ve bought some more games. The ones of interest to me are Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.