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  1. I have been rocking out, on repeat, to possibly the greatest metal song of all time:
  2. So, adding to this thread unnecessarily, AC bundles are cheap a lot on psn. I think recently they had all the game material of Odyssey, as well as a random pack-in of AC3, for $30. That seems pretty solid.
  3. I’m watching Hell’s Kitchen, and the chef from Texas sounds like that annoying cook from Danganronpa 2.

  4. So anyway, getting back to the OP, I will mention that, unlike other forums, where necro-ing an old thread will usually get you scorned by regulars, here, people tend not to notice its a years-old thread (at least for something like "Most embarrassing plat"), and the thread will get going again, at least for a while. However, if you bring up something like a gamergate thread with some new outrage for/against, people might bitch about that.
  5. A thread that uses science AND quotes the Simpsons? Greatest thread ever.
  6. Another big plat drop. Here we go! Plat #442 - Steam Tactics Steam Tactics Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Ratalaika games generally publishes pretty good stuff, with terrible trophies. With Sometimes You, though, you never know what you'll get. Some games are ridiculously bad, some are quite good, and the trophies are all over the place (don't believe me? Just look at the number of legit plats for Where Are My Friends?). With their new $0.99 price on the Vita, I decided to try out a few more of the latter. And this one...was quite good. Steam Tactics ain't Final Fantasy Tactics, but it's a fun, involved game with a decent amount of content, a nice battle system, a tried-but-true story (with a decent localization), and...animals as characters. Yeah - I don't know why they chose this model, but it's still pretty fun. Plat #443 - Swordbreaker The Game Swordbreaker The Game Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Another Sometimes You game, I platted this one on PS4 a while ago. It's just a Choose Your Own Adventure Novel in game form. You are a random warrior who wields the Swordbreaker, which seems like any other sword, except it...breaks swords? I don't know. But I found this just as fun the second time around as the first time. I even went through and found all the death screens for the hell of it. Plat #444 - Remnant: From The Ashes From the Ashes Acquire all trophies I really hate the adjective "soulslike". It seems to be applied to everything. Apparently, this was a "soulslike game with guns". Remnant certainly takes some inspiration from Souls games. For example, you walk through fog gates in order to meet a boss. That's...all I remember. For the most part, this is a shooter. Sometimes you're in a very open space, sometimes you're in a corridor, but you're shooting at enemies. And during the best sequences, it's pretty fun. But the bosses ruin all of that. I hated them, each and every one. The game has this weird "generate a random world" design that weakens it a bit in my eyes. Prior to patches, you had to play the whole game, hope you got events that you wanted, but if you didn' it again. Happily, they introduced a new "adventure" mode that allows you to reroll single areas, rather than the entire campaign. It makes it more palatable for an SP player. But this game has a devoted following among MP fans. I don't really get it, but whatever. I like the trophy tiles, though. Plat #445 - Metagal Platinum GAL Get all other trophies. Lots of people hate Ratalaika games. This title goes a long ways towards demonstrating this. Metagal is a blatant ripoff of Megaman (some of the enemies are identical), but it's a pretty fun ripoff. Control is good, levels are interesting - I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this one... ... ...which is good, because you can have the plat when you finish the first stage. In fact, you can get all but three of the trophies in the tutorial (which lasts about 60 seconds). A game like this might have stood on its own feet. Instead, I would guess that the vast majority of purchasers played the first level, and ditched it. I'll do that myself for the Vita version (it's a cross-buy). But if you do get it, finish it up. It's a solid game. Plat #446 - Metropolis: Lux Obscura Metropolis: Lux Obscura Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Well, if the plat name and description didn't already tell you, this is yet another Sometimes You game. This time, we're going with visual novel. Two things stand out here: the art work is superb, and the match-3 gameplay is solid. The censors at Sony apparently didn't care much about this one, which is amazing given some of the art and content here. The overall atmosphere is all Sin City. This would be a good game, were it not for the structure of the VN. Choices are rare, and often have random consequences. The story endings (there are 4 of them) are very lame. But it was certainly worth the dollar I put down for it, despite being a fairly mediocre title. Oh, and I think my next plat will also coincide with the worst game I've ever played. Stay tuned!
  7. Definitely Metagal. Ratalaika game that's pretty good, but with their signature trash trophies. The plat popped after beating the first boss.
  8. Definitely a bad list. PS3 JRPGs loved this kind of crap. I don’t mind the weapon grind, because at least there are the weapon stories. But trophies like holding 1,000,000 gold at the same time is just stupid, and the speed run here is just ill-conceived.
  9. Adding to this, don’t bother with hard mode. It might (MIGHT) increase drop rates (doubtful), but I am fully convinced that it does not help to raise RARE drop rates. I tested this with the robots (because they always drop items). I used no words to raise drop rates (no point). I fought 300 robots in easy mode and 300 in hard mode, noting when I received a yellow orb, Easy mode: 16 yellow orbs Hard Mode: 15 yellow orbs Statistically insignificant. Hard mode also did nothing to improve drops from the boxes in B2 of Junk Heap. Does hard mode change drop rates from shades? No idea, but it’s much easier for my level 34 Nier to blast easy shades into oblivion, than to fight on hard mode. If anyone has info on overall drop rates for shades, I’d love to see/hear it, but my experience with rare drop rates is identical to the PS3 version: hard mode doesn’t help at all. Where are you finding them exactly? And is the DLC to which you refer the diary, or something else? I didn’t get much of anything from the diary enemies or boxes.
  10. So, this seems to have been settled, but my two cents: You have time to screw around a bit before the time skip. Do some quests and whatnot. In the second half, go ahead and skip some stuff. After all, you have to repeat it anyway, and ending B adds more stuff. I know people might say that the impact of the extra stuff is lessened, but I didn’t see it that way. When I played this time, I did 15 side quests before the time skip, and also got the Sheep Whisperer. I was at about 7:30. In the second half, I watched a few cut scenes, but didn’t bother with quests or anything (and only used the spear that’s a freebie), and finished at 12:21. I think I could have watched more if I wanted, but again, you’ll see all of this and then some when you replay the second half.
  11. Yeah, I noticed this too. Both guides say this unlocks when you first see Emil, but it actually unlocks after the time skip.
  12. Going to be a broken record, but the proprietary nonsense was infuriating.
  13. If you don’t mind a heady retro feel, you could try the first one. It’s much shorter, both to play and to plat, than the others. Anyway, for me, it’s time to get .hack. 90% off!
  14. Late to answer, but…kind of? I found it interesting enough to play and plat. Games are short, and events are kind of interesting. But it’s not for everyone.
  15. Because I got negative answers from both sides of this (ha!), let me clarify: I couldn’t care less about either side. I certainly don’t feel one iota of sympathy for a company that releases a horribly broken product, no matter how many patches they provide in the future. But neither do I care about a freelance programmer who claims to be able to fix the issues. I just can’t understand how people care either way at this point in the game. It’s been years since this game was released. It pops up for pennies on the dollar all the time, but there’s no real rush to buy it. I don’t think anyone is shouting, “Shut up and take my money!” here. But neither is anyone really “harassing” the devs at this point.
  16. Won’t someone please think of the developers?!?
  17. Probably well known, but a lot of games seem to have disappeared from the Vita store. I was going to pick up Danganronpa, but no dice. There were a lot of others as well.


    Is it just my crazy Vita?

    1. Xylobe


      IIRC the Danganronpa games got delisted last year when Spike Chunsoft took over as publisher from NIS. I think they relisted the PS4 versions, but didn't think the Vita was worth the effort. Not sure what else is missing, but that's the story for those.

    2. starcrunch061


      Thanks for the info. Another game that has an empty slot is soemthing called “Bunny Must Die!” It’s weird that there’s still a placeholder in the store, but no game to fill it.

  18. Jeez - Yakuza games have always been a bit slow, but Like a Dragon takes the cake. It’s just one long cutscene for the first 1.5-2 hours.

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    2. UnexpectedWhale


      It will get better honestly when the game gains traction it just keeps going! Both me and my partner said the same thing as you and we are glad we stuck with it 

    3. starcrunch061


      Glad I stuck with this. Chapter 4 really picked up. I thoroughly enjoy this now. In fact, this game has the chance to move in the upper echelon of turn-based RPGs that I’ve played (and I’ve played a bunch).

    4. UnexpectedWhale


      Glad you stuck with it, Its just upwards from now on :) You did the hard part

  19. Great. I just got this game, and this thread already revisits nightmares from Dragon Quest Heroes 2.
  20. I don't see a ton of info about this, but it has a whiff of a Kemco RPG.
  21. The most amazing thing I learned in this thread is that…one million people actually paid for Greedfall. The lure of Eurojank! LOL. I was thinking the same thing.
  22. Playing Remnant. It’s…OK, but honestly, not much fun. Having bosses just summon more enemies, over and over, is kind of lame. Giving those same bosses insta-kill attacks (such as The Harrow) is the epitome of cheap.


    But anyway, if anyone wants to trade online traits (for killing and reviving teammates), send me a message and I’ll be down for it.

  23. Haven't posted here recently, so here goes: PLAT #438: Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Melody of Memory Complete Master Obtain all trophies Games like this infuriate me. KH:MoM is so lazy in so many places. The cut scenes here...are just cut scenes from previous games. The narration is flat and bland. There is a story, but I imagine most people won't care. And yet...I still like it. Rhythm games have been much more sparse on the PS4 than the PS3 (where I was positively spoiled for choice). I enjoyed Metronomicon, but the DS4 just isn't really great to use for it. That's...about all I've played. KH:MoM works well with the controller. At no point did I feel that anything was out of synch. The tracks are solid, spanning the KH universe. However, the devs did a disservice here by including many tracks that really don't belong in a rhythm game. Piano tracks sound nice enough, but they are hell to play, as they speed up and slow down at will. But I won't fault the devs for including more stuff, even if it wasn't fun to play. I WILL fault them, however, for the atrocious (and lazy) "plot" to the game. But at least you really get to see the meaning of this meme: PLAT #439: Saga Frontier Remastered Trophy Collector Collected all trophies. People's views can differ on Saga Frontier, a somewhat polarizing Square RPG from the late 90s. I won't talk about that game much here. This remaster, however, is excellent. The main game is left intact, and can be played in its original form if you so desire. The graphics have been cleaned up, and you have immediate access to a jukebox (which is excellent). However, in addition, new content was added to one scenario, and a completely new scenario itself was added. An NG+ mode is also in place; I would guess that most people who played the original (like me) were delighted by its addition. Boss rushes are added smartly in the final scenario, and all in all, this remaster screams care and competence. PLAT #440: Demetrios Cynical Master Unlock all trophies in Demetrios Not much to say about this stinker. It's a point-and-click which attempts irreverent humor. I don't think it made me laugh once. The trophies are really annoying, basically requiring a guide to find all the cookies (a collectible that also serves as a hint generator - the hints suck, by the way) and all the game overs (which, again, are never really that funny). I really like Cowcat as a publisher, but as a developer, they need some work. PLAT #441: The Surge The Surge Unlock all trophies At its best, The Surge plays much like its predecessor, Lords of a Fallen: a passable, if uninspired, Dark Souls-like experience. At its worse, I found it horrible. Let's talk about the best aspects. The Surge has the same slippery control, easily mastered enemy patterns, and incomprehensible maps that Lords of the Fallen had. Until the very end, you have basically two enemy types, a human enemy that can carry different weapons, but strangely behaves much the same way regardless of how he's equipped (and yes - every enemy in the game is male). They can lunge at you, they can swing at you, they can kick you...that's about it. They're pretty easy to deal with...usually. Then, there are drone enemies. These range from completely innocuous (flying drones and trash collectors) to deadly (a sort of mantis-like enemy that provided the best fights in the game). Strangely, in the last dungeon, you are introduced to two very different enemy types, one of which was highly annoying, but neither of which I will describle. Most of the time, enemies follow very basic patterns, and then you can smack them. Depending on where you smack them, you can get varying finishing moves that saw off their limbs or cut them in half. This allows you to get armor schematics. It makes zero sense; why can't I just take the armor from a dead enemy? Apparently, because they spontaneously combust upon death. Occasionally, however, enemies will simply do whatever they want. You think you've got the enemy locked down in your basic 3-hit combo? Nah - he just kicked out, and kicked your ass. This is likely how you'll die most often (assuming you don't Peter Pan off of a bridge while stuck in an attack animation). Bosses are a very bad joke. There are only 5 of them in the game, and they are ridiculously easy. Apparently, if you beat them in stylish ways, you can get better stuff from them, but I didn't care, as I literally never changed out of my original armor (I did change weapons from a piston to a chainsaw, which was carried by the first human enemy I encountered). The trophies in this game are a nightmare. Many are missable, and one of them is INCREDIBLY annoying (getting a full set of Black Cerberus armor). But the game itself is really easy. Oh, and the best part of this game? Enemies only armor portions of their body. They might have armor on their body, but not their head. They might have armor on their right foot, but not their left hand. It's very strange when you consider that armor is nothing more than their work attire. Apparently, at the biggest company in the world, people only show up half dressed. You can see why, though: at the beginning of the game, you are given a voucher for armor. When I turned mine in, I got armor for one leg and one arm. The game crashes infrequently, and the final dungeon is one of the most annoying mazes I've seen in a game. All in all, it's all right, but I can't understand anyone who says that Lords of the Fallen sucks, but The Surge is great.
  24. I rather like this theme, though it says LSD to me more than pride.
  25. In one of my favorite recent shows (The Good Place), frozen yogurt is described as something that people think they like, but it actually kind of a bummer. This is also an apt description of The Surge.

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      The wife and I loved that show 🤣 Never heard of that game before today tho, so I can't comment any further! 

    2. Gommes_


      I loved that show