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  1. I snickered at both of these posts.
  2. So, I finished up the main story of Nexomon: Extinction yesterday. I was surprised at how good the story was, honestly. 


    Now, in the postgame I'm sure I'll catch 'em all at some point, but it's hard to get excited about it. I wish there was some sort of arena. It doesn't even have to be an MP arena; something like the leveled battles in Pokemon Revolution would be fine.


    A final dungeon would also be good, particularly one that required you to finish it without visiting a healing center (let's face it - the easy way to do things in this game is fight a trainer, go to a center, fight a trainer, go to a center, etc.).


    Also, the tyrants seem especially rare to me. I've never seen one. It's strange, because that Ziegfried guy and his cronies couldn't wait to fight me; I actually got two of them to appear back-to-back. No such luck for Mulcimer and his buds.


    Good game for $10 (on sale).

    1. IntroPhenom


      I'm surprisingly pleased with Nexomon's story as well.  The experience has far more to offer than just a simple Pokémon knock off.  

  3. I wrote this thread a long time ago, before I knew about save scumming. Now that I do, I completely agree. It's still a hard plat, but it's not the sheer madness that I thought it would be back then.
  4. So, I started with Flashback 2 instead of Flashback. The trophies are real killers. 50,000 points on Asteroids Deluxe without losing a single life? Ridiculous. Level 19 of Missile Command? According to PSN, as of this morning (9:00 AM CST January 11th, 2017), no one in the world had gotten this trophy. I was proud of getting to level 5. Some of them are pretty fun (beating the full castle of Adventure without slaying a single dragon should be a blast), a couple of them are pretty easy (although I had fits figuring out why the system wouldn't accept my rousing rendition of Happy Birthday), but for the most part, this is one of those games with ridiculous challenge. Is anyone else playing?
  5. All these Kemco games keep begging me to play them. I'm just one man!! I don't accept that. You may think turn-based combat sucks, but no one sucks at turn-based combat.
  6. I hope your kid didn't in fact get cancer? But only decent. Anything more is just being greedy. But anyway, I've messed around enough. I've gotten a few messages, though none so nasty as these. Probably the funniest one was when I was invaded in Dark Souls 2. I won the battle (which happens more often than not, though I'm not great), and I got a message from the vanquished saying, "What - did you get your dad to help you?"
  7. I know absolutely jack about these games, but the menu theme to Crysis 2 is awesome.
  8. Way (too) late to this thread, but one thing I would mention: you can get Evil_Joker's setup pretty early. If you catch those nexomon a bit early (say, when you are reviving the tyrants for the main story), you can catch them at level 40-45. It still takes only two levels to level them completely, but it's even quicker (level 70 takes a few battles to get where you're going). It even helps a bit more, since at this point, it's convenient to level your main for the final story battles.
  9. He always has been, he always will be. But anyway, I don't care whether they remove old games or not (and I certainly wasn't going to buy these), but I often muse on the following: did you think that purchases of the old version would cannibalize purchases of the new ones? That seems weird; surely the newfangled version offers a significantly improved experience. If not, do you think gamers are just too stupid to realize the difference between the old version and the new, and purchase the old by mistake? That too seems weird (though, with my recent excursions on gamefaqs, maybe not as weird as you'd think).
  10. Red Dead Redemption probably tops the list for me. I barely finished that game. It felt almost like the game played itself most of the time. I guess it had a good story. Honestly, I don't remember most of it. More recently, Control climbs the list. Control is plagued with bugs and lackluster, uhh, control. The story is all over the place. I get that people want an independent game to elbow in with the big boys. I do, too. But this isn't the game. Despite downloading the free DLC from the recent PS+ offering, I still haven't been able to force myself to play it again.
  11. Well, as for me, gimme more Ichiban and more RPG! Yakuza: Like a Dragon was one of the best turn-based RPGs I've ever played. I want more of the same, but expanded. In particular, I want the minigames to yield more reward (particularly the darts game, which was a favorite). Gimme, gimme, GIMME!!!
  12. Did I really say this? <Checks trophy log> Ah, I made an assumption that RotN was great before I played it. <phew> I thought I had gone mad, because I hate RotN.
  13. Plat #455 - Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey


    exe.create tries its hand at an action RPG. Stick with the turn-based version, please. This game is quite amateurish.

  14. I think it's time to kick back with... Resident...eeeevil.
  15. Plat #454: Dragon Lapis Millennial Story of Bonds Obtained all the trophies. So, this is my first Kemco RPG plat in a while (I was sulking at the shittiness of the tower in Monster Viator that I still haven't completed). And a pretty solid game. Like almost every Kemco plat, this is a breezy, easy 15-20 RPG where you can really overpower yourself. The story is...completely forgettable (there's some stuff about dragons and descendents of some great knight, blah blah blah), but it goes by quickly. Battle is very efficient, and once you understand the leveling system, you will win every battle (including superboss battles) in one turn, just like many other Kemco RPGs. That being said, if you know what "Kemco RPG" means, you already know what you're getting into. Hell, you might already have played this one. If not, I find this to be one of the better Kemco RPGs out there. exe.create doesn't much diverge from its formula, so it will feel familiar. On my scale, I put it below Dragon Sinker (this is Dragon Sinker's sequel), Alvastia Chronicles, and Monochrome Order, but ahead of most other offerings I've played (and solidly ahead of dreck like Sephirotic Stories). The name of the platinum trophy is particularly odd. I don't recall anything having to do with 1000 years. Maybe the characters are supposed to be millennials, and this is the story of their bonds. Whatever.
  16. I think it's been answered a couple of times, but I'm kind of stupid, so let me ask again: if I put funds in my wallet on the PS4, can I buy stuff on the PS3/PSVita? I don't really care to go between systems like that (honestly, it's what I do most of the time anyway).
  17. Being a huge fan of video game music, I love when I find about a new track I've never heard before. Here (thanks to AVGN) is a great one. I wish we could get more games with this sound on PS4:



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    2. Troz


      Best song I heard while playing Cyberpunk! It's so good!



    3. starcrunch061


      Good tune in CyPunk.

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Eh fekkit, I'll join the fun here too lol. My fave from Rabi-Ribi:


  18. I see no reason to hide trop… Oh, damn. But anyway, while I have no hidden trophies, I did delete a couple of 0% games, and I certainly would have hidden trophies from them. One in particular is Dragon Fin Soup. Screw that game.
  19. What a bunch of bullshit from the mods. What - people aren’t allowed to express disapproval about Sony games?


    You sit there and let one or two antagonizers go on and on. But God forbid anyone try to reason with these people. And then, you do your standard, “If no one can play nice, I’m taking away your toys!”


    Here’s an idea: how about distinguishing between people complaining about a service, and people antagonizing other users? Or is the appropriate answer, “Hey, if you don’t like it, don’t post here!” 

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    2. starcrunch061


      The thread would not have gone off-topic had you stopped the antagonizers. Posts were about the suckiness of a golf game, or the suckiness of a base MKX, until one or two people decided to swoop in bitching about entitlement, and what your ps+ subscription actually buys. Where were the mornings then? Where was the cleaning up of the thread?


      Month after month, you let this antagonizing go. 

    3. Stevieboy


      I got lazy and decided I couldn't be bothered cleaning the thread up again, and decided just to lock it this time. Pretty sure all the people who wanted to complain about the games already did so.

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      No, i didn't get chance to complain. Would you kindly unlock thread so i can add my post?

  20. You have no idea what I think, so quit with the bullshit. And you still haven’t answered my question: who cares whether people are happy or not with the games? Why does it matter? There are months I don’t like games, and there are months I do. But each and every month, the only people that get attacked for their view are the ones who don’t like the offered games. Why can’t people blow off steam about shit they don’t like? Why are these strawmans of “entitlement” and “free games” trotted out every month that people express dislike for the current offerings? My God - you’d think someone slapped your infirm mother out of a wheelchair or something.
  21. I did indeed laugh out loud at this.
  22. What exactly are you doing, then? You're certainly not exuding positivity or anything like that. Some people like this month. Some people don't. What's the problem?
  23. I noticed that there are a few threads about various trophies not unlocking, and I wanted to post this for anyone who might come to CyPunk later (on PS5, e.g.). First, as far as I can tell, Cyberpsychos...maybe don't count? The thing is, some of them come up as gigs on the map, but others come up as stock "side jobs". I failed to do one in the badlands, but the badlands trophy still popped. Sometimes the assault events just don't appear. This seems to happen quite often in Pacifica (it happened there for me last night); there is one assault near the stadium which just didn't pop up on the map. It seems that a fix for this is simply to go to your apartment and sleep. Abracadabra, alakazam, presto change-o...and it appeared. In fact, this weird, "Now you don't see it, now you do" happened for a TON of events during my playthrough. Be patient; it tends to resolve when it feels like it. Kerry Eurodyne seems to come up a lot. His quests are annoying, because they seem to trigger randomly. People have all kinds of theories as to how to get them, but for me, if they didn't appear in 24 hours (as two of them didn't), driving around the area that they should appear in seemed to fix the issue. Maybe I just wasn't patient enough. Also, completely on a different topic, but while money is always tight, if you breach a lot, you can make a pretty penny. You often pick up legendary hacking components, and they sell for big bucks. It is unlikely that you'll EVER need these things. I sold my legendary and epic components for (no fooling) 400,000 eddies, over many shop visits, and still had plenty to spare. If only the game gave you legendary crafting components so freely. I might add to this thread if I figure out anything else.
  24. Let’s not rehash the old “free/not free” nonsense again. Nothing good comes out of it, and honestly, some of the posts make me question our place atop the animal kingdom.
  25. Rough Landing (CyPunk77) While Berserk cyberware is active, perform a Superhero Landing to kill or incapacitate two enemies. Currently, this is the rarest non-plat trophy in CyPunk77. It takes like 5 minutes to set up.