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  1. This is a no-brainer buy for me, but like others, I'm disappointed in the lack of a plat. But...CRYSTALIS!!!!
  2. ...and Koei can suck it for that. Developers should have known better. There's no good excuse to me to have trophies that require ad hoc play. Ad hoc together with online? Sure. But ad hoc alone? It's like we went back to the days of connecting Game Boys with cables.
  3. I'm not going to lie - I'm getting pretty bored of this game. So I thought I might be more motivated if people posted their progress here. I'll post mine when I get home from work, but the basics are that I just hit level 800, and just collected 10,000 treasure chests yesterday.
  4. It happens a lot. It's just the nature of the beast. For smaller games, it sometimes is due to some Cheaty McCheat who hacks in trophies and changes time stamps (I've seen it hundreds of times, literally, for Power Gig). Other times, it's just that people waited to sync up their trophies. Congrats on the list, and I hope it stabilizes in the top 50!
  5. James Watt invented the steam engine!
  6. I know I have. On to Jussie Smollett. What a crazy story!
  7. I just hear this tune in my head: Welcome to the site!
  8. God of War (PS4) is next up. Should be about a day or two out, if I can be bothered to hunt the stupid ravens.
  9. Normally, I would say, "Don't be pedantic" for your first statement, but the second statement saves it. The Vita run sucked. But much of the suckage was of Sony's own making. My favorite statement regarding the horribly overpriced memory cards came from an Amazon reviewer, who opined that they must be carved from the backs of rare jewel beasts.
  10. I've never even heard of this game, but man - it looks awesome.
  11. So, I finished God of War, including all of the main battle-y stuff. Just some odds and ends (ravens and artifacts), and I'll have the plat.


    The best part of the game is definitely the story. The simple task really lends itself to poignant moments, and allows the more boisterous cut scenes to shine.


    The worst part is definitely the rune chests. Man, did I get sick of those.


    The best battle is obviously Sigrun. I only played on the default difficulty, and I still found her challenging. The battle is fast and confused; she wrong-footed me so many times that I was gnashing my teeth, which made victory all the more rewarding.


    The worst battle was the last one. In fact, every battle against, well, the final boss, sucked. But the final was the worst. I hated the way boss battles were broken by non-interactive cut-scenes, and that one seemed to have 100 of them.


    All in all, I give this game a 9 out of 10. I can see why people said it was game of the year. But I can also see a lot of room for improvement (especially in combat - the combat system is excellent, but the enemies are pretty stock and lame).

    1. Sir_Bee


      I am glad you enjoyed your time with the game :).  Good luck cleaning up your odds and ends.

  12. Rare Replay and Cuphead. There might be a couple more things, but most of the XBox exclusive stuff either comes from genres I'm not interested in (Halo), or just seems kind uninteresting in general (Fable).
  13. So, how is the hardcore quest going? Did you try any of the games here?
  14. Well played!
  15. Man - talk about numerically challenged.. Apparently, the Legend of Sword and Fairy 5 is the 6th game of the series, and the sequel to the 2nd game. So, is this like the 10th game of the series, and the sequel to the 4th one? 😀
  16. Fallout 4 man - that game was boring as shit.
  17. If you've waited so many months to play the DLC, you should wait longer. It might not be on sale now, but it will assuredly be on sale later.
  18. Adding to @Banana_Sausage47's reply, you can usually find something online to help if you can't figure it out. I bought a Hori turbo controller, with instructions in Japanese, and easily figured out what I needed online. One thing I will mention is that (at least for the Hori controller), the weight is much lighter, since the controllers are often wired. Also, I find the d-pad on my Hori controller to be vastly superior to the one on the DS4 (and even the DS3).
  19. I was reading 60-80 million for Kaepernick initially, but then I read just this morning that it might not be that much (it was Mike Florio who wrote it, and he has legal background).
  20. OK - God of War is pretty damn awesome. I look forward to playing Spider-Man soon, and then I'll have a pretty good idea of the caliber of game from 2018 (which seems to have been very high).

  21. To my knowledge, yes. Given the ending of I Am Setsuna, I can't imagine that Lost Sphear has anything but the most tangential links to it.
  22. Did you ever fix this issue? Also, your signature looks like the opening of a porn movie.
  23. Still down. Agreed. And that progress isn't limited to technical issues. But oh well. Things change. It's still worth checking there for the occasional guide.
  24. $14.99 is the cheapest I've ever seen The Witcher 3: Complete Edition, personally, so that's a,
  25. God of War continues. It remains a solid game. I enjoy the (very few) pitch battles (the fight in the Hive was a fun one), and I enjoy solving the light puzzles. I'm getting a little sick of the run chests, but they're spaced out enough that it never really infuriates.


    Also, at least one of the developers read their Kevin Crossley-Holland. While the story certainly follows no myth, I was particularly impressed when Mimir said that Odin had trapped his body, but held no claim on his head. In the mythology, Loki said much the same thing to Brokkr and Eidri (who later became Sindri) after losing a contest to them.