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  1. I daresay it's easy, and gets easier as you go.
  2. I'm not sure what this means. At least within the comics, the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker was exactly as a father-son relationship, up until the (original) Civil War/ Skrull Invasion. I'm not saying it makes a good movie (I haven't even seen any of the Spider-Man movies since the garfield debacles), but it's certainly "true" in a canonical sense. Further, it looks like they keep trying to retcon the comics to fit the movies (BTW, bad move, Marvel).
  3. Oh, yeah, one other thing: I hope they don't change the localization much (if at all). The best part about the the Obel Lake quest was the little shit who actually says, "your momma wears combat boots!"
  4. All my life? Nah. But I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Locke from Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan). "Say 'treasure hunter' or I'll rip your lungs out!"
  5. I'm having trouble with this thread (which is old, but here we are). The first question is: do you want a ribbon? I said no. It seems wrong that my vote should also count for what the max percentage is, but I can't submit without filling in those fields as well.
  6. Sorry, I lost my mind for a minute. Here you go:
  7. You should use the boosting system, or your status updates... ... ...but honestly, you could probably just farm these solo in the time it takes to find someone.
  8. Man - this exchange was a fascinating return for this thread!
  9. No. No. GOD NO.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Like I said, I don't really care about the pocketstation game itself, but I've always wanted to see a Moomba summon (at least, my old strategy guide tells me there's such a thing).
  11. Yeah. That's why I'm hoping this is only a partial list (although the article writer is crazy if he thinks there will be a low-level game trophy - no one ever does that, though Square did come close with their KH "Keep the same equipment" trophy).
  12. So, I perused (but did not scour) this thread, and am wondering: does anyone know if they are going to find a way to add the material that was previously only available via PocketStation? I don't so much care for the PocketStation, but I would like to see some of the additional summon items; I've never seen them before.
  13. Well, as Roxas once said, it looks like my summer vacation is over. on a positive note, I'll be posting here more often...


    ...oh wait, you guys DON'T want me here? <sniffle>


    But seriously, for whatever reason, I can't log into the site at home, and I don't come to work when I don't have to. But beginning August 26th, I have to. It will be nice to converse, and with normal people. I've been slumming at gamefaqs for a few weeks now.

  14. The ASM movies suck. We can find agreement there. But I think Sony tried out working with Disney, and it wasn't to their liking. And I think Sony will just reboot it all again, and see where it leads them. And honestly, with some of Disney's practices, I can see it. Yeah, I'm sure that other big studios do the same shit, but the shit I know about it from Disney.
  15. Yeah, but...they have to work with Disney. I don't know - I think it does fine without Disney or the MCU, and I think Sony and Disney know that.
  16. Plat #350: Kingdom Hearts II (PS3) Why I didn't get this plat before, I have no idea. I think it was because I did all of the heavy lifting in Critical, and was just tired. KH2 is one of my favorite games of all time. It's remarkable that Square could have done such a makeover on combat, and yet have it feel like a natural extension of the first game (I ignore any of the handheld games, because they stink). Sora really felt like he gained power throughout the game. When you had fully leveled high jump, double jump, and gliding, it just felt so...great. Of course, the new Squeenix also reared its ugly head in the "Final Mix" version. While I enjoyed the extra battles with O13, the added music was lackluster. But the worst offender was the inclusion of additional cutscenes. It's not so much that the scenes were there (although many are head-scratchingly boring - look! Xemnas is walking down stairs! LOTS OF STAIRS!). But the times in which they appeared made no sense at all. I'm getting ready for what is arguably the hardest battle in the main game (against Demyx), and...I'm sitting through some new 10 minute scene which is a flashback. Square REALLY needs to start hiring an art director worth his/her salt for their future productions. But quibbles aside (and, after all, I can always skip those scenes), KH2 remains fun as hell to play. Plat #351: Asdivine Dios Probably the best Kemco game I've played (which may be damning with faint praise), I enjoyed AD from start to finish. Playing on Normal/Hard gave the game a good challenge level (I don't know how anyone could beat the bosses on Expert in the main playthrough). The story was easily the best I've had from any Kemco game. The graphics are nice, though the strange motion of the characters was unnerving (why did Izayoi's hair move while he stood still in a house?). Combat was fun and fast, and the plat doesn't overstay its welcome (18 hours, with no guides, pretty much like every other Kemco game ever).
  17. Apparently, I didn't play far enough into the series. What the hell is Disco Broccoli? Anyway, I'll get this on the cheap. Every Telltale ever has been on the cheap at some point. Tee hee hee. "Fair and balanced" has no place in the world of trophies!
  18. I don't really like taking sides in a corporate war, but I'll always side with a company that stands up to Disney in entertainment (just like I'll side with a company that stands up to Sony in gaming).
  19. So, if I'm not mistaken, Square Enix isn't actually developing this game (thank God). This is from Crystal Dynamics, right? I really hope for the best on this one. I used to love Crystal Dynamics.
  20. Maybe, but I remain of the opinion that neither side is all that serious about these negotiations. And honestly, neither side has much to lose. Disney's MCU will more than survive without Spider-Man. And Sony? Well, hell - people went to see Venom in droves. They'll watch whatever slop Sony puts out, apparently. Why wouldn't they? Even if it didn't make back its budget domestically, it still made a ton of money for them globally. If all else fails, reboot. Of course, United Airlines will have to rethink their whole safety video then.
  21. I don't know (haven't played the PS4 version) but it can't be as bad as playing the game on the PS3.
  22. Sony will just reboot. Disney will probably pretend he doesn't exist again. LOL. Of course Sony isn't getting rid of a cash cow. The last Spider-man movie was the highest grossing film in their history. I don't think Sony and Disney ever really wanted to work together. I think they tried with this experiment, but it's clear from their "negotiations" that neither side really wanted to work together.
  23. I still hold out this irrational hope that FFs VII, VIII and IX will be put on a single physical release in the future, as a final capitalization on the PS4.
  24. Ahhh...Kingdom Hearts II is the perfect dichotomy of what I loved about Square then, and what I hate about them now. 

  25. So, for this month, I submit Kingdom Hearts II (PS3). It also satisfies the hardcore requirement (Goofy and Donald are animals), and I got my first trophy more than one year ago. Current stats: Plat count: 351 Completed games: 431 Completion %: 83.07