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  1. I second that. Well put. After reading some of the posts here I’m guessing I’m a “cheater accomplice” as well? Cuz I’ve helped close friends/family with trophies via SharePlay many times.
  2. Independent Study popped for me after doing all character specific tutorials. I had done everything else besides the Mrs Victoria basic tutorial. Requirements sure are random since the character tutorials aren’t trophy related at all 🤔
  3. I got supreme chills first time I heard this one.
  4. Street Fighter V, just need the Priceless trophy. But it’s gonna take ages to get it🙄
  5. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: This game is a joke. Plain and simple. If anyone is considering getting this then I advise you from the bottom of my heart to buy the PS4 version of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 instead. Much better game with a LOT more content and it looks amazing compared to Infinite. SFV: Compared to the above game, it’s decent. At best. Comparing SFV with my favorite, USFIV, it’s a huge disappointment (imo). Not a game I would put as much time and effort as I did with IV. And don’t get me started on how you unlock colors...
  6. SFV, only need the Priceless trophy (1mill Fight Money earned) then I’m done. But since Capcom removed the extra FM you could earn from Survival Mode + other modes there’s really nothing I can do besides keep playing Ranked/Casual Matches! And they only give 50FM per win 🤦‍♂️
  7. I don’t care what people think. If I’m going to protest it will be because of something related to my work. Anything gaming related subject where the devs are acting hungry for more money, well, I’ll let Angry Joe or Francis lead the charge. Thank you for your advice and for finally uttering the sentence I was longing for...: “In the end, what you do is up to you.” 👍
  8. You honestly think devs are gonna end the horde of transactions because I “think a little bit more long term”? Transactions are gonna be added to games no matter what the fans/gamers think or want. I mean, I wish you the best if you wanna start a crusade against devs and their sneaky ideas of earning more money from their games. Good luck with that. But to answer your question if I’m okay about it spreading and becoming the norm? Actually, I couldn’t care less. They can add as many money grubbing add-on content as they want. The choice is still yours if you wanna buy them or not. No one is forcing you. And for the record, I have never in my gaming life bought any micro transactions. But I would for this trophy grind IF I had the game AND the option to do it. In a heartbeat.
  9. I hope you don’t misunderstand me, cuz I sure as hell don’t encourage micro transactions either 🤭 But it would be such an easy way to get rid of it 🤤 Indeed. Trophies/Achievements/Badges are just digital tokens. But I care about my completion, maxing games out etc. So yeah, I would succumb to get such a trophy out of the way, ASAP. Specially hearing from my friend how atrocious this 20 mill trophy is... and he’s a hardcore grinder so when he says that, it’s a pain. And at the end of the day... it’s just money 🤷‍♂️ Im 110% with you on that boat. And yes, it would’ve been more logical to make everything in the shop cost the total amount of those 20 mill. It would still be horrible, but in a more legit way 😂 My buddy who has the game is only getting titles every time he buys those capsules... There must be a HUGE amount of titles in that game 🧐
  10. Fallout 4 because I’m to lazy to play it but I wanna roam the wastelands listening to that ost ☺️
  11. I cant really disagree with you on that matter 🤔 But I value my spare time more than money so I would still support the greed that is micro transactions if it could save me all those hours of mindless grinding.
  12. Lets all pray that they add microtransactions so we all can buy our way out of this trophy. I would definitely do it if i had the game. That 20 mill trophy is absurd despite being taken from the anime.
  13. As long as the almost endless dlc trophies come to an end, I’m happy. I don’t wanna play Minecraft anymore, I’m so fed up 🤢 After me and the Mrs played Terraria, we never looked back. Minecraft is just... Well, I had enough. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for ending support on last gen consoles 🙏
  14. Imo no, boosting online trophies is not cheating. Why torture yourself with a MP mode that you might despise when you can gather up some buddies to help you wrap them up? Or it might be an online mode thats pretty much close to being a ghost town, would you be willing to let such a trivial matter stop you in getting those MP trophies? Hell no. But if you keep boosting just to rank up on the leaderboards (not trophy related) then thats a different matter and a discussion for another day.
  15. The base game is an easy plat but the dlc challenge trophies can be the showstopper of ones quest to 100%.