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  1. Much better day today. Got my early morning workout done, push day, along with cardio and sauna. Then work and now relaxing at the crib.
  2. Monday done. Was sick all weekend. Much better now, went to work, but no gym today for me. Plan on resuming lifting tomorrow. Last week till vacation! Grabbed some of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas, so damn good!
  3. The OG. Only one that matters IMO. Granted I haven't watched the remake yet.
  4. Working my way through Roswell TV Show.
  5. #DrinkInHand
  6. Are the forums loading slow for anyone else. I don't seem to be having any issues whatsoever on any other site, but they seem to be sluggish here.
  7. Elden Ring on Xbox Series X.
  8. Vampire house?! Oh I can't wait.
  9. Went ahead and purchased it considering it was the only Anniversary Edition Upgrade on the PS Store. Even though it said PS4, it still acknowledges the upgrade on the PS5 edition.
  10. I purchased the Skyrim PS4 Special Edition many years ago digitally on the PS Store. So naturally when I got my PS5 I got the upgraded game. That being said, when I go to the PS Store it shows an Anniversary Upgrade but listed as PS4. Do I have the Anniversary Edition for the PS5? When I started a new game earlier today and earned the Unbound trophy it offered for me to start in "Survival Mode". Just don't want to spend money if I don't have to, especially considering what is listed in the store to purchase says PS4, and not PS4/PS5.
  11. And just like that. DONE
  12. Yep, just now realizing this. Looks like I got some work to do.
  13. I have successfully transferred over my save, but I had three trophies not unlock with the DLC Trophy Pack 5 Master's Education So Many Hits... The Untouchable Spider-Man Any ideas why this is happening?
  14. Checking into Office Christmas Party
  15. Checking into Breaking Bad S4E4 - Bullet Points