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  1. My trophies just synced so looks like the issue us resolved😀
  2. At 9 years old he almost certainly doesn't have any real idea about mortality. So many lives ruined by the casualness with which guns are treated. A daughter gone, parents likely facing criminal charges and a young boy who will spend the rest of his life knowing he did such a terrible thing. All of this was probably because of some irrational fear that they needed a gun to protect themselves. Like I said earlier in this thread I believe most gun owners are responsible people but you have to legislate for the mad, bad and stupid.There will be people saying that the gun didn't cause this but people did. The fact is if my daughter hit somebody with a big stick I'd take it off her and not let her play with big sticks again.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43455550 Another child needlessly killed. The fact that the argument was over a video game will probably be used to detract from the real question. What the fuck is a loaded gun doing where a 9 year old can get hold of it?
  4. All the upgrades will come easily except diamond knack. Diamonds are pretty rare and don't appear where your friends find them. You can keep playing multiple playthroughs or farm boxes near the start of a chapter. You must press continue after completing the game as starting a new game will reset your gadgets and crystals.
  5. I was reading today that many people are handinh in
  6. I fear that an unwillingness to debate gun control sensibly is just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously I'm not American but looking in from the outside in seems that a sensible political debate is becoming harder to have in your country. The rise of Trump and his quite often meaningless and never original populist sound bites has led to an intolerance of any opposing view. People driving cars into peaceful demonstrators because they don't agree with them. Where it's legal people turn up to demonstrations with assault rifles over their shoulders. It seems that anybody who doesn't agree is unamerican and those that do are good people whether they be white supremacists the NRA or those GOOD hispanics who inexplicably support Trump. Oh how he loves to get a picture with them and women in an attempt to show he's not a misogynistic racist. Anything positive about Trump is good everything else is fake news. Once this ability to disagree with each other but have a sensible debate is eroded then you are walking a very dangerous path. Scapegoating video games and movies is nothing new. But in the current climate is just another symptom of a greater problem of intolerence.
  7. Trolling and other bad behaviour is a problem but in my experience there are way more good people gaming than bad. Unfortunately it's the bad ones that tend to stand out. Personally I way prefer online co.op to pvp. On the odd occasion I do come across idiots I just block then and move on. I had a phase when people were pestering me to share play to earn them trophies which is something I disapprove of. These people are no longer on my friends list.
  8. This is possibly the most ridiculous post yet. The founding fathers could not possibly envision a world of assault rifles and bump stocks. I doubt very much that they would have wanted to see 30000 Americans dead each year of gun shots. Washington was also a slave owner but you have the 13th amendment. Times change and people and policies have to change with them. As for lumping Obama in with Hitler and Stalin that's just plain crazy. He also never asked for a ban on guns just more control the two things are different. I personally think that normal people have little need for firearms but am realistic enough to realise guns will always be part of your society. Most gun owners are sensible law abiding people but you have to legislate for the others otherwise mass shootings will keep on happening.
  9. At last back to the main topic. Trump is in my opinion an idiot but he is not the first nor will he be the last person to blame video games for terrible events. He is however the president of the United States and should be more informed before he speaks. Many people do support him and listen to what he says. He therefore has a massive responsibility to his people to tell the truth.Using video games and movies as a scapegoat in an interview about school security so soon after recent events is not only foolish but helps prevent serious discussion about the real issues.
  10. I started before I read your reply the notification popped before I finished typing. I'm not the most tech savvy so it takes a while. There was no intention of anything underhand. Another edit. Just to clarify the only thing I edited was the addition of the last sentence. Nothing else was changed.
  11. If you want to quote me please use the whole quote so that people can have some context not selected sentences. We can disagree with each other that's fine. But lets keep it honest.
  12. Wtf is that? Black people are more prone to violence and are less rational than white people because of a warrior gene? How many of these mass shootings were done by black people? I made several points about prison but the one you chose to pick up on was the one about black people that says a lot about you character.
  13. This thread is about video games being responsible for shootings so to pick apart your points would be going off at a tangent. Let's just say we have different points of view. The Vegas shooter and apparently his family were all disturbed? So how was he allowed to own so many guns and rounds of ammo? I didn't compare countries I compared reactions to atrocities. It is also very hard to end up in prison here, unlike the States where 1 in 20 people go to prison at some point, the ratio is much higher if you're black. USA has 5% of the worlds population but 75% of the worlds prisoners. Around 20000 Americans shoot themselves every year.
  14. How old was the Vegas shooter? It's not just kids. I'm not sure I agree with much of what you're saying but you are right that it's a problem with society. It does seem to be a particularly American problem. These things don't happen in such numbers elsewhere. When they do happen measures are taken to prevent them happening again. Such as happened in Australia and Britain after shootings. Contrary to popular belief guns are not banned here in Britain but are very strictly controlled as to what type of gun is legal and who can have them. A ban is not the answer but some kind of control is necessary. The idea that in some states you can buy shotguns with no need for a licence but sparklers are banned because they're dangerous it crazy.
  15. I started this thread because once again games are used as a scape goat for terrible events, but its turned into a debate about arming teachers. So here are my general opinions on the matter. Firstly, no it's just morally wrong to expect teachers to kill. But if you go down that road there are other things to consider. What if the teacher snaps.and starts to shoot? What if they leave their gun where a small child or potential killer can access it? If there is a shooter in the school and the police turn up they would almost certainly shoot at anybody with a gun regardless of who they were. That equals one dead teacher. The shooter if they knew a teacher had a gun would probably shoot that teacher first. Then you'd have a shooter with one more gun. Apart from the above it's a great idea.