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  1. Still no plat? 😁
  2. This blood brother (play with the same friend 250 times) is my last trophy before platinum and its taking so long. Do you guys know If you have to get points or does it count If we die straight away and get negative points? Would save a bit of time. Thanks in advance
  3. Thats a shame.. Thank you for the reply though 👍
  4. Hey guys! I was wondering if you could transfer data to ps3 from ps4 as well? I have got all but 2 trophies from the PS4 version, so is it possible that way or is it ps4 only privilege?
  5. Does anyone know if there are any master sets left in the game? Are the hero sets (for Minnesota for instance) a master set? I have a carbon collectible but I don't wanna waste it if hero sets don't pop the trophy
  6. Ookay.. Well not gonna do that for sure. What are master sets then? Is the team of the week one a master set? Where you need 4 team of the week collectibles. How can you get a master collectible for the sunset one?